Friday, September 8, 2017

My goodbye to Blogland

To the friends I've made here, I just want to say thank you..  Love you all...  And I will miss you.

I have been frustrated since now seeing warning labels all over my blog claiming I have to upgrade, and now pay for service.  I can't see making the investment, when really I find it very difficult to post more than I do as it is.  In turn, my blog traffic is low, and it is my belief that more and more people are turning to other venues of social media anyways...   And where I can post my photos for FREE.  (at least so far we can! Let's hope that stays that way!)

I've enjoyed sharing patterns here, and recipes, and all kinds of crafty fun, hobbies, collections, the holidays.  So with no frills or photos today, it is a sad thing for me to consider shutting this site down, but I think it may be time to do so.

Wishing my followers and friends
all the best , and one more time, I sincerely
thank you so much for stopping by...


(aka, tina)