Friday, May 31, 2013

Latest 'Round Here

May 31st..  How is that possible, I ask you.  We've had a fair share of rain here; more than all the showers you'd typically expect in April.  We even had a big tornado scare, but thankfully we never experienced any!  Still, I'm not complaining.  Flowers are blooming everywhere, and I particularly love the scent of lilacs, fresh cut lawns, and even barbecues, as we enjoy our walks with the dog these days!..

'Round the house,  I'm gradually adding some of my summer/patriotic decorations.  Seasonal/holiday decorating is always fun, I think!  Never the same ol'-same ol' to stare at day in and day out.  Instead, I'm changing things up a bit; and immediately, no matter what problems or worries life may be dishing out at any given time, I see and feel something to celebrate!  Life is good, and I thank God for every day!

So, let's see...  tracking back just a bit on what I've been up to, arts-and-crafts-wise...  Here's a dishcloth I crocheted, following the pattern at MoCrochet, called Alwine's Dishcloth.

Soon after, I wanted to try my hand at the Bobble Kitchen Sponge pattern, found HERE.  I want to make another one or two in navy, or maybe in some variegated colors, but I'll have to order those online, when I get around to it...

Next, I tried to improve upon a cheap, tarnished old pair of hoop earrings, by crocheting over them.

I think these will be cute for the summer.  They are a little heavy on the earlobes, so I don't wear them for too long..  just the day, and then I switch to a lighter pair. 

So-ooo, I'm wondering how many of my blogging friends have been bitten by the Pinterest bug!  I must confess, I am HOOKED!  Somebody save me..  I'm pinning, and I can't STOP!  If you'd like to see the boards I've put together ("so far", she says with a grin), then just look to my right side bar, to direct you there.  While perusing other peoples' boards, I've been seeing a number of patriotic Christmas trees, I LIKE that they're not just for Christmas anymore...  Well...  I mean I still keep my big tree special, just for Christmas;  but I have a 3-foot table-top tree that I keep out now, year-round.  Below are some crochet stars I made, as I start to decorate it for the summer season.  You can find how to make these by watching the Crochet Geek tutorial-video, HERE.

With garland and lights, my patriotic little tree was still looking bare; so I recycled some juice can lids, and with some decorative papers and trims, I made them into ornaments!

Here's how the tree looks so far...  It sits atop my t.v. entertainment center, so I always have to climb, to get a half-way decent picture of it.  (sigh..  The things we do for our blogs!)


I'm happy with it, but it still needs a little somethin'-somethin'.  I'm not done with it yet.  I don't know..  a little glitter?  I'm thinking maybe a couple of little birds?...   A patriotic-type of tree skirt would be nice!..  Any suggestions?...   Well, if you want to see a tree on a far more grander level than mine, HERE'S where I always find inspiration, at Debbie-Dabble!  She always decorates the most beautiful trees!!

So-ooooo...  Just last night, I adopted (sounds so much nicer than "purchased") a new little addition to my family.  O.K...  Now don't laugh.  He's only a fish, I know, but I still love him!  I've been wanting a pretty little betta for sometime now, and I finally bought myself the glass container, some food and stones, and finally this little guy right here!...

As clear a picture as I could get at the time, but when he fans-out, he's absolutely beautiful!  All-in-all, I think he's happy here!  He's quiet..  doesn't say much, or eat much. (ha! ha!)...  I named him Elijah Blue (after singer/actress Cher's son's name!)

That night, I did a quick art-journal page about him.  

I say quick, in terms of the painting, but the part that took the most time was cutting out little pieces of an old CD, to look like shiny, shimmery stones.  With those, and some stickles on the bubbles, I TRIED to create that kind of a look on my page, in the hour-or-so time slot I had while watching t.v. before bed!

Well, that's it for now!
Thanks so much for stopping by,
and till next time...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Just kinda stumbled upon a new weekly event, at From This Side of the Pond, so I thought I'd give it a quick try.  Please join in with Joyce and everybody, if you like!...  Here are my answers to the questions presented this time around:

1)  May is National Blood Pressure Month.  What sends yours soaring, either literally or figuratively?  What calms you down?   When did you last have your BP checked?

Answer:  Well, I take it that this issue is one of the perks of turning 50?  I have always had low blood pressure, but now it seems to be taking new direction, and wandering a bit, so I have to keep my eye on it.  The last time I had it checked by a doctor was about 6 months ago...  I think?  My father gave me a BP kit, but I admit I don't exactly pull it out on a regular basis to check on it.  I would say trying to do too many things at once (thus, of course, leading to frustration) would be the frontrunner for pushing my BP up;  so I just try to take things a little easier, and  for now, I just try to watch my salt.  I exercise.  I take my potassium pills...   and just hope that all helps.  Sometimes my son will say, "Mom, remember your blood pressure.  You want me to help you?"...   Right away, no problem seems so big anymore, and I just have to smile. 

2)  You found $1.  What do you spend it on?  $10?  $100?

Answer:  I imagine I'd just throw the dollar towards either my next quick run to the market, or towards my next bank deposit...   A dollar isn't much, but every little bit helps, right?!...   If I found $10, I'd treat me and my kids to ice cream!....    And if I found $100, I honestly think I'd be torn between feeling elated and guilt-ridden, worrying who might have lost it in the first place.  But I guess if I was to spend it, maybe I'd spend half, and donate half to a good cause...  like St. Jude's Children's Hospital, I think.

3)  Mandatory labeling of genetically engineered (GE) food  has been proposed, but not yet enacted in the U.S...   How much attention do you give food labels before you buy?  Is this an issue I feel strongly about?

Answer:  I do pay attention to labels sometimes, but admittedly not all the time.  However, I like the idea that every company, farmer, or producer of whatever kind put a fully-detailed label on what we are INGESTING!  I think that's definitely the right and proper thing to do.  I fail to see why that should raise the prices, though, when labels are pretty much mandatory on most everything we buy now anyways, right?  What would be the horrific additional effort producers have to put out, just to type a few more words onto a label?...  I don't know.  Is it that hard?!...   Cry me a river!

4)  May 15th marks the birthdate of L. Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz.  At this point and time, are you in more need of brains, courage, heart, or a trip back home?  Explain.

Answer:  I'd say brains!  I often call myself the national poster child for the saying, "Haste makes waste."  I tend to rush too much during the course of a day, which just causes more confusion, mistakes, and frustration.  I feel like a chicken with her head cut off; or like they say, I'd constantly be losing my head if it wasn't attached.  Typically, I can think, and remember things, much more clearly and reasonably, if I just slow down and focus on ONE thing at a time!

5)  "There's no place like home" is an oft repeated line from Baum's book.  When was the last time you felt the truth of that statement?

Answer:  When Dear Son and I got caught in the pouring rain, recently, while walking the dog 'round the neighborhood!  Thank goodness we weren't too far from home, but we were soaking wet just the same.  We were glad to get back, to change into some warm, dry clothes!...  And I remember hot tomato soup sounding good for lunch that day!

6)  Steak...   Yes, please?...  or No, thank you?

I like steak, but on my budget, we don't eat it very often!  I'd also place my trust in cooking it in almost anyone else's hands but mine!  I've gotten better with it now, but I remember a time or two, when a steak I'd cook resulted in a texture comparable to that of shoe leather!..  I'd then be so totally disgusted with my culinary failure!  Dinner would be a very quiet one that night...   peanut butter and jelly sandwiches it was, and, like Shania Twain used to sing, you'd all "better say, mmmmm, I like it that way."!!

7)  When was the last time you were in a genuine hurry?

Answer:  Well, I think I just answered that in question 4, expressing this might be most of the time;  but I'd say specifically, the day before Mother's Day.  I tend to bite off more than I can chew, in the way of projects, goals, and/or responsibilities, sometimes.  On Saturday, I baked three different batches of assorted homemade muffins; and THEN, I had the crazy notion to still try my hand at making a jello-shot cake!!..  (aka:  Spiked Rainbow Jello Mold)...  Well, ya know..   We thought...    Just for fun, right?!

The fact is, it took me HOURS and HOURS to make this one fun little dessert, no matter how fast I tried to rush it.  In between each layer, I'd wash a few dishes, or work on other preparations for Sunday. My suggestion to anyone thinking of trying to make it?...  Clear your schedule for the day!

I do think it came out kinda pretty; but the thing is, after only about 3 small slices of it on Mother's Day, the sweet fruity jello taste was just not doing anything for me.  Honestly, I felt like I was getting a little nauseous on it!  We, in fact, still have leftovers.....    BUT...   I guess I'm glad we can say "At least we tried it!   It's a fun memory to look back on!

8)  Insert random thought?

Answer:   Hmmm...   (0;  "You'll always miss 100% of the "shots" you don't take"?!  (Wayne Gretzky)

Thanks to Joyce for hosting Wednesday Hodgepodge,
and thanks to all for stopping by today!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day 2013

It's not easy capturing my mother in a picture.  In fact, sometimes we both can be quite the artful dodgers when the cameras start snapping.  Speaking just for myself, I might not have my makeup on at the moment, or my hair isn't just right that day, or whatever other excuse I might come up with...

But this photo was taken recently at
our local Tractor Supply Company.... 

Mom and I came across these stuffed chickens in a clearance bin, and just couldn't resist!  In fact, we were kinda silly with them all through the store, and I'm not entirely sure my father will ever bring either one of us with him again!  (0;  But now, we didn't care what makeup we had on, or how our hair looked...  This was just a simple little trip to the store, that turned into one of those fun and most special memories I'll never forget...

Wishing all the Moms and Grandmothers
a very Happy Mother's Day!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

No Rhyme Nor Reason

Just a little playtime, while watching t.v. recently...

My art-journaling/scrapbooking tidbits and leftovers were piling up, but I had trouble convincing myself that I should throw just them away....   So, I decided to collage the whole kit and caboodle!...   Smithsonian material?  I think NOT; but it was fun just the same!

Well, where have I BEEN for an entire month, you might ask?..   Honestly, I've just been so busy with the usual stuff, but throw in a few birthdays, a baptism...   and just enjoying the outdoors, now that Spring is finally here!!  I will share with you one most recent event, though.  Dear Daughter and I went to see the live performance of Les Miserables!!!

We both LOVED it!..  So much, we both felt like we would go to see it again and again, "one day more", and "one day more", if only we could!

Thanks so much for stopping by,
and hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Spring season!