Monday, January 28, 2013

Dress Up

Today I'm posting in participation with Art-Journal-Journey

The theme for January 2013 is crowns.  There's a saying that goes, "Always act like you're wearing an invisible crown." (author unknown)...  And I'm sure I don't wear mine nearly enough!  But the question is, is a crown really my style?  

Well, I've always said I'm a girl of many moods, interests, and styles.  I could never commit to one favorite color if you asked me!  I'm pretty down to earth, I think, most often feeling more like a country girl stuck in the suburbs...  But as far as fashion goes, I like everything from blue jeans and sneakers to pearls and silk.  Even at my age, despite the havoc menopause (that dirty m-word!) is wreaking on me physically, these days, I still love to play dress up; whether it's for church, a wedding, going out for coffee or shopping, or even just for hanging around the house all day.

One thing's for sure, though...  "You can dress her up", but I'm still just plain little ol' me...

I did the following art spread in acrylic paints...

The little girl is a sketched character/personality I've done ever since I was a kid.   I even embroidered/appliqued one once on a memory quilt I made! 

The words seem to fit me perfectly, coming from a song, HERE, by Robinella.  Below are both pages, bringing together the entire journal spread.

Recently I bought a wild-looking pair of denim pants...  Red with black tiger stripe.  Yup, you heard that right!  And as I first went to try them on, I wondered if it was too much...  or if others would approve.  But bottom line (no pun intended!), those pants brought me right back to my younger days, when style was FUN, and I was more fun!...   So, I went on, this particular night, to art journal;  red and black tiger stripe being a strong inspiration for creativity!
 (The quote on the left is from Marilyn Monroe.)

Dear Daughter gave me the book Stash and Smash, by Cindy Shepard. , for Christmas, this past year.  One idea I found in this art-journaling book, page 51, was to make a zebra page with a pocket, but I found my Crafter's Workshop zebra template to work double as a tiger stripe too!...  Red tiger, in this case!

Well darnit, anyway!..  The next day, I kicked all doubts and uncertainties right to the curb, and wore those pants for the day!..  And I LOVE them!  I'm thinking I should have bought more pairs in different colors!!  No matter, though.  I only hope there will be a good many days ahead when the mood to wear them will suit me just perfectly!   Oh sure, I'm the same girl...   but with a just little more bounce in her step...   AND in her spirit!

Thanks for stopping by today!



Faith said...

Lucy...I'll bet you look just wondafull in those pants...hoping all is well,
you are a busy girl....

froebelsternchen Susi said...

welcome Beansie to our

I love your spreads! Oh yes I can find me in this text a little bit particularly in the bad m-word LOL..
I am 49 .. and on the zenit of this !

I think I like the little prinzess in blue a little bit more.. I am a green/blue girl can´t help!

xxx Susi

craftattack said...

Beautiful journal pages. Love the zebra look, you go girl! Hugs, Valerie

Piarom said...

So much fun to be part of your adventures
... and your sweet journal pages are off the hook! the zebra look in red is really an eyecatcher...and I have problems with wearing those things too :) but time after time I found myself in having so much more fun in wearing my sweet body in colorful clothes, just for the fun of it, no matter what others think or say :) thank you for sharing this "crown" theme with us ;)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeee your pages!!! LOVING that little princess!!!

crochetwithtamara said...


I love all of your journals that you share with us. And I know you look terrific in your red and black zebra pants.

Love and Hugs,

Diane Mars said...

Oh my I don't think I could be that bold buying and wearing the zebra pants. I was a bold one when I was younger I think I have maybe tamed a bit. My mom worked for Clark Cables wife and I had the pleasure of visiting his home it was amazing! Hugs, Diane

Cathy L. Calamas said...

Hey there , Tina !! So glad you stopped by earlier and are going to join our Life Mantras journal challenge at Paper Traders. Awwww , new journals , don't you just love them ? I'm definitely hooked on them . I have a little figure I've drawn since childhood , too . I need to work it into a page :)) love your journal pages. Crazy about that red/black zebra page !!

Tracy said...

I love all of your pages!!!
I am hoping to work on an art journal this year.
Again love your pages :)

Donna Heber said...

Beautiful journal pages. You did such a wonderful job with the challenge. Thank you for entering my giveaway.

Leann said...

Why is it we have self doubt. I feel like you - we need to have confidence and do as we please more often - to heck with what other think! To an extent I guess:)

missy k said...

I can't imagine you every being boring!!!! Where what you want - as long as you are happy :)

Love your journal pages and the words of the song.

Thank you for visiting btw

Karen x

Kerrie said...

Love your art and love that you are YOU :)

Sandy said...

What a cute cute little poem. What type of crown would I wear....boy would have to give that some serious thought. Making blog rounds today from Sandy's Space on this cold snowy Sunday.

Carole said...

Wonderful, wonderful blog, I've so enjoyed visiting. I am still making my way through all the wonderful blogs from Grow Your Blog Party and I'm loving it, so many fabulous new friends.