Monday, October 22, 2012

Fearless Shades of Brown

Here is a most recent mixed-media art journal spread I made, focusing on a color I reach for the least.  I don't know why, but brown just doesn't seem as bright, or pretty, or girly, as other colors I choose, I don't suppose;  but having worked with it, I find it an absolutely rich and gorgeous color when it depicts the colors of Autumn!  Here, I loved working with various shades of brown!

I used shades of orange for the first background layer, then I painted and scrapped various browns I could think of, such as coffee and coffee beans, the earth's soil, the autumn leaves...   and of course, I couldn't forget my all time favorite, CHOCOLATE!  I saved the candy bar wrapper to use as a pocket for tags I am journaling on for the week.  I added a quote by Rumi, and one by The Mamas and The Papas, California Dreaming.  Then I added some homemade paper flowers, inspired by Jennibellie, and a couple of Martha Stewart butterflies.....   I just plain had fun with this!

Oh, and here's one more art spread I had fun putting together, as a facebook art challenge from Tee Thompson!  The prompt was to make a foot, any foot, any way we wanted.  So I actually traced my own foot, and added it to a leg, and then a quote which I thought was perfect!...   Anyone up for a game of kickball?!

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Cuckoo for Cardboard

I don't know why, but I've been on a real roll, recycling and crafting with cardboard.  I cut up any unneeded boxes of all sizes, as Heaven knows I just can't throw them AWAY!..  And then I save the pieces for whatever artistic purpose or project I might come up with next.  And inspiration for such projects can be found 'round Blogland all the time!

For example Chan, from HERE on her blog, or from HERE on her YouTube channel, shows how to make cardboard dolls.  Well, I LOVE dolls of ALL sorts, and Chan's dolls were so cute that I couldn't resist trying to make a few of my own.  The first doll I used in an art journal page.

The second doll, a good little witch, I made to hang up on all wall for a Halloween decoration.

The third doll I made... hang on another cardboard project I made.

It's a visual board...  A homemade bulletin board of sorts, made of cardboard, to display personal reminders, little notes of spiritual up-lifters, and photos/pictures representing any goals, dreams, etc., etc...  Jennibellie shows you how to make one HERE.

Jenni also shares how to make your own handmade stamps, HERE, and HERE, so I had fun using up some cardboard scraps for these too! (and you all know I've got plenty of scrap yarn for a project like this!)

These will be fun to use in my art journal-mixed media pages!  The trouble is, of course I couldn't just stop there, so I got out my fun foam and made MORE homemade stamps!

(Note:  I'm showing you the word stamps before I glued the letters down, because then I'll have to glue them backwards...   so that they'll print right-wards!  Got that???)

Next I decided to make another little cardboard guitar, like the one I made in my previous post...

But this time I added a little more detail, just for fun!  With some bling and some Stickles, I think it will look perfect on the bottom right corner of my visual board...   You know...  To remind me to practice my guitar, instead of thinking "woulda, shoulda, coulda", right?  In fact, I think I'm going to put it on there right now!

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Before The Clock Strikes 12...

I'm going to get one more entry posted for Scrapping The Music!  This will be my second entry for this round, Challenge #207B, which currently prompts all participants to scrap about a favorite instrument.  Another option was to scrap about either an instrument you play, or about one you WISH you could play.

Immediately, I was inspired to scrap about my guitar...  But wait.  How long has it been since I purchased it?...  Maybe a little over a year?  I went to find my receipt, which was hidden away, with my guitar, in a case which was stored in my bedroom closet.  The receipt was my little reality check, stating I had bought it over TWO years ago!  (gasp!)  Has it been that long ago?  Is that possible?!...  Well, I guess the receipt doesn't lie.

You can imagine, from how I stored it away like this, how much progress I made learning to play it.  Stuffed in a closet, it was like they say, "out of sight, out of mind".  What a shame.  My guitar does indeed "gently weep" from neglect.

So I was compelled to scrap and journal about it.

(I made the guitar out of recycled cardboard; inspired by SaCrafters)

This may be the kick in the pants I needed, and I am re-inspired to resume practice!  I have placed my guitar in a more easily seen and accessible place, and hope to practice at least 15 minutes each day, for at least 5 days a week...   

I'll let you know my progress in another two years!
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

October Challenges

My gosh...  October is certainly challenging me in more ways than I can even discuss in one post.  But at the end of a day, I set myself down with a pot of tea, and maybe something on t.v., I exhale, and wind down.  I try not to let life's challenges get me down, and so I count my blessings, and thank God for them.  Today, I just want to share a couple of challenges that come in a more calm, creative, and friendly kind of way!  First, I joined a new social network of crocheters and knitters called Yarn Challenge!..   And this month's challenge was to crochet the given pattern, Pineapple Pumpkin Lace!

I used a slightly larger hook than was called for, and I crochet loosely as it is, but I really love how pretty it came out!

The directions were easy to follow, and it only took me a couple of nights...  hmmm..  maybe three, actually, to finish it...  If you would like to try to make one yourself, you can find the pattern HERE, at Bella Crochet.  Just think how pretty this would be on a white pumpkin too!

Next, Scrapping The Music's current challenge is set to a song by Chrystal Bowersox, called "Ridin' With The Radio".  (Remember her from American Idol?)...

The words in the song are an inspiration to me, and remind me not to be too hard on myself...  To love myself and others better than that.  "Drop the hate", and "Let your love light shine."

Well, along with another 7-day challenge, by Terri Cole, I found at Positively Positive, both challenges seemed to coincide very nicely, I thought; so then I made them into one entire spread in my junque/art journal.  The left side page is the article I saved, and then that opens like a flap to reveal seven days of journaling, some "introspection", on how I treated myself during those specific days.

Some of the days were wonderful, and some were o.k., while one seemed not so very good at all...  But what can I do about that?  We all just have to take the good, the bad, and the downright ugly, as best we can or know how.   And like Ol' Blue Eyes Frank sings it, "I just can't let it get me down, 'cause this big old world keeps spinnin' around."....   "That's life"!  It's important to just hang in there, stay strong, be kind to ourselves in the process....  And don't forget to keep that love light shining!

Here's wishing that life, 
and this week has been kind to you...
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