Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fractured Fairytales?

Who or how many of you remember "Fractured Fairytales" on the morning cartoons?  Well, at the risk of treading anywhere near my age, I do remember them!  They were short animated segments, by A.J. Jacobs, aired and re-aired as part of the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, ever since 1959.  (..before I was born, but I watched them more around the later 60s or so.)  If you like, you can see a "fractured" version of Cinderella right HERE.  (A book about these tales, written by A.J. Jacobs, can be found HERE.)

Today, I have a couple of my own little versions of art-journaled, fractured fairytales.  This first one I did was in participation with Scrapping the Music.  The challenge I chose for their 5th Anniversary Party is #5 Frauke's Choice, "I Have A Dream", by Abba.  The line from the song which I was inspired to art journal is illustrated below...

The fairytale I chose to artistically play with was Rapunzel.  In trying my hand at a new texture, I used a joint compound (I call it molding paste, but whatever..), a Crafter's Workshop template, and recycled cereal box for the tower, and then proceeded to make a window for MY version of Rapunzel to sit in.  Hmmmm...  Anybody recognize her?  She looks very familiar, doesn't she?!....   Anyways, I used sticker stars and glitter glue to attempt a magical feel about the whole page.  I used embroidery floss to make my..  er...  Rapunzel's long braided hair.  I glimmer sprayed small silk flowers growing at the bottom of the tower, and added some tiny bling for the centers.

Now, this leads me to share another fractured-fairytale art journal page I did weeks earlier...  My own little Cinderella page.

I often save the DVD covers of my favorite movies, in hopes of maybe using them artistically someday in either my journals or my crafts.  Here you may recognize that same familiar face again!  Gee, she keeps popping up everywhere, doesn't she?!  I heard she told Cinderella to "Take a hike!  Go on..  Get steppin'! He's MINE!"...  Oh, just kidding!  I LOVE the story of Cinderella, and would NEVER do such a thing..  Honest! (sigh)  I digress...   I added the quote from Audrey Hepburn, and then had SO-ooo much fun putting this little carriage together; again, from recycled cereal boxes and corrugated cardboard scraps!  If interested, you can find the tutorial to make one too, via the YouTube video, HERE, by SaCrafters

Last up is a Wizard of Oz page I put together, back from I don't remember when, inspired by the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", and another art challenge which I just never got around to posting...

I simply used a small hodge-podge of materials to put this page together, but guess I never felt compelled to "fracture" this one.  I stayed out of it this time!

So for now, I hope you enjoyed seeing these few pages!  I look forward to hopefully, eventually, doing some more of my own fractured-fairytale-type journal pages.  They're fun, and they just make me smile!  A big "Happy Anniversary" and best wishes to Scrapping the Music!  A bigger Happy Birthday to my brother Gregg!  And a very grateful "thank you" to all for stopping by today!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Been Such A Long Time, I Know

Has it been since July FOURTH, since I posted last??!!  Oh my gosh, well, it was impossible to focus on anything but the wedding since then, but it all was a period of time I'll never forget.  Call me biased, but my little girl was the prettiest bride I've ever seen!  What a mix of emotions, as it was truly my greatest honor to walk my baby girl down the aisle...

Oh, but then, to give her away to the groom, knowing she would no longer carry the name, my last name, that she was born with...  Hoping, as she takes this new step in her life, that she'll always be happy, and that we'll still be close.  I just had to be brave, and keep my emotions in check...  and then just KNOW that I wasn't losing a daughter...  I was gaining a second son.  I like to think of it as "I am now a very proud Mom of THREE!"

Well, there's so much to go on and talk about in this post, since I'm so behind; but I've done so much in what spare time I had during the past month!  I'm gonna TRY to keep the chatter to a minimal, but at least share as many pictures as this post will allow!  First, I was in an "Itty Bitty Shaped Mini Album Swap" at Mini Album Scraps.  These albums had to be 4" inches in size or under, and had to be a specific shape.  So I decided to go with the Spellbinders-Shapeabilities dies, "Nested Tea Cups".

Measuring at about 3 x 3 1/2", this was a fun little project!  As you can see, I love to add my crochet embellishments whenever I can!  I wouldn't necessarily call the finished piece practical, but simply artistic and decorative.  I display it with my small collection of teapots and tea books...  Here is just a sample of it's tiny pages.  I'm still deciding whether to make a YouTube video of this to show the whole thing.

Here are the albums I got back from the swap.  Beautiful work from the girls at Mini Album Scraps!

Next I made my first stick pin easel card, for another swap I was in.  I loved how this came out, and look forward to making more cards like this (pins or no pins) in the future.  Here it is at first glance.

Then the cards opens up, to act/display, much like an easel, and you find the small collection of stick pins I made.

I made one card for my swap partner, and one to keep.  Here you see the beautiful card Krystal sent me, in beautiful shade of purple!

Another swap I was in was for the next in a series of Twilight tag swaps, at Mini Album Scraps; this one being for Breaking Dawn Part One.  Here are all the tags, including mine on the bottom right, with the white crocheted flower.

Here are the July Tags I made for Tag of The Month, at The Altered Paper.  I used the Greeting Farm stamp, Abbey, for these.  I have not yet brought myself to seeing the justification, or financial setback, of buying markers that cost nearly/over $5.00 a piece yet, so I simply use various brands of colored pencils.

Considering the fact that I really don't expect my little masterpieces be hanging at the Smithsonian or any place like that, and for my purposes, I just feel happy enough with my finished results.   I think these came out cute, yes?

Here are some "row house" ATC cards I made for another swap I was in through Facebook.  I made them to look like gingerbread houses, representing, I thought, my love for baking.

The upper crocheted-ruffled edging on the roof is meant to look like icing, then the little girl in front of the door is made with a Paintbox Poppets stamp, "With Love", by Christine Haworth.  I got some beautiful houses back, by way of happy mail, and will show them all when I can eventually get pictures taken of them!

When first seeing these birds at Scotty's Place, I knew I had to try them.  I found the pattern for these little cuties HERE, big thanks to Dorothy!  I definitely plan to make more into magnets and plant pokes!!

Having finished filling an art/junque journal recently, I made myself another.  Tamara (from Crochet with Tamara) might recognize the very sweet image centered on the cover!!  She saved an old bag from a local store, and thought I might like to use it for something.  The little girls are so cute, and much like the characters and faces I used to draw when I was a kid! (still do!)   Well, there was the same image on both sides of the bag, so I used one for the cover of my journal.  THANK YOU Tamara!!!...   If anyone would like to learn how to make an art journal yourself, from all/mostly recycled materials, Jennibellie shows you how right HERE.)

Here are my "introductory pages"...

Then here is a deer I painted, as realistic as I could get using the pathetic brushes I work with, and the 50-cent paints I used...   

But I'm very happy with it!  I took pictures at a State Park we went to recently, with the family; and all the photos of the deer I saw there came out blurry!  Disappointed, I just figured, "I'll PAINT MY OWN THEN!"  I think he came out kinda cute!

Next is my own little tribute to the Summer 2012 Olympics, held in London; a two page layout that unfolds into a three page layout by adding the pocket page which holds newspaper articles I saved from the Olympiad.  The medals, painted in gold, silver and  bronze, all hold journal spots where I wrote of my favorite/most vivid memories of it all.

Here's a "scribble scrabble" page I made, based on an art prompt from Jamilola, whom you can find HERE.  (Her YouTube channel is "Poetspice")...   All you had to do was scribble all over the page.  Sounds pretty simple enough, right?... 

But THEN (see HERE) you had to create pictures/art of some kind from the scribble you just threw all over your page!  To color everything in...  Nope I did not require a $100.00 set of magic markers.  I just used my 64-count assortment of CRAYOLA CRAYONS!  Yup, that's right!   As I got going on it, turning it left, right, up and down, it would seem I sure had animals on the brain more than anything else!  Can you find them all?  Actually, there's an angel in there too, dressed in blue!  (Well, that's what it looked like to ME anyway!)

I recently learned how to make washi tape (HERE)...  "What is washi tape", you might ask?  It is a decorative adhesive tape, originating from Japan, made from bamboo, tree bark, or hemp, but with a feel much like our basic, pick-it-up-anywhere-for-cheap masking tape.  I can use it in scrapbooking, recipe keeping, or as an embellishment when making cards, tags, or for wrapping packages, etc., etc...  So, I was all for making my own!  I had so much fun making it, in fact, that I was starting to feel addicted, and thought I might need intervention!  Here's just a sample.....

...of the 26 designs of washi tape I made; and I still want to make MORE!  Here's the book I made...

...which, if you're interested, Jennibellie also shows you how to make (HERE).  It stores my entire collection of new homemade washi tapes!

I've recently ran across another video that shared how to make soda/plastic bottle beads!  So pretty and recycled!! YAY!!!

Did you notice them dangling off the upper spine of my new art/junque journal?  You can find the video tutorial to make these beads HERE.

Now I keep a ready supply of plastic bottle strips, in a recycled spice jar, so that I can make more, in any color I want, at any given moment!  Here's another example where I used my new beads...  I recently made some mermaid ATC cards, embellished with these very same beads...

Here's another mermaid ATC card I made, using a clear rubber stamp, "Awashed", from the Gorjuss collection...

The shell was made with just a dollar-store chunky stamp, which I just fussy cut and glued to the card.  Then I added a flower to her hair, and of course, I HAD to add glitter!

I started an afghan for Dear Daughter.  She picked out her color, but I picked out the pattern....

...appropriately named "Wedding Bells".  The pattern comes from a book I picked up at a garage sale, called "Annie's Favorite Quick and Easy Projects".  (copyrite 1999, Annie's Attic, LLC, Big Sandy, Texas)  It's much bigger than this already, and I'll show another picture of my progress soon, where you'll better see the pattern of "wedding bells".

In the kitchen, I most recently tried my hand at a new recipe that Shana (from Blaze-in On: Life On A Wanna-Be Farm) shared with everyone on Facebook! (I'm not sure if she ever shared it on her blog, but I'm sure if you asked her, she'd point you in the right direction!)

Following Shana's recipe, I made a nice big batch of Homemade Pay Day bars...  And oh my gosh, is this recipe a keeper!!  In fact, my daughter and son-in-law came over yesterday, and Dear SIL ate FOUR!  Despite my encouragement to him to eat as many as he wanted, he said he had to make himself stop!   I was just so glad that all the kids liked them so much!  I know I have to stop MYSELF from eating too many at once!  (Thank you Shana!)

Finally, barring I haven't forgotten anything else, here are the biggest, most time-consuming projects I've been working on in the past month.  Here is Dear Daughter's Maid of Honor, and two bridesmaids, holding the mini albums I made each of them.  (This photo taken at the rehearsal dinner.)

And then next, you see the album I made for myself. The flowers on the front cover are from the corsage I wore on the day of the wedding.

It is still very much a work in progress, and I actually just picked up the MANY photos, processed, printed, and paid for, which I plan on packing into it, as many as it will hold!   I hope to show the album in it's entirety (not necessarily every photo, but the basic construction and design/embellishment of it), on video, eventually.

So-oooo, I think this about covers everything, and should explain my absence for so long a time.  I guess I wasn't too good at keep the babbling down to the minimal, like I meant to, so if some of you just skimmed through this one, that's o.k.!  I've just missed keeping in touch with my blogging friends, and hope to keep up the pace a little better, now that things have calmed down and returned to normal around here.

I couldn't be happier about the weather lately.  The sun is shining, but the temperatures seem to finally be cooling down some!  I'm actually turning OFF the fans around here, because I'm COLD!...  I think I'll leave you with one last photo of a big, beautiful sunflower, hanging from over a neighbor's fence, which brightens my day every time I see it!

Thanks so much for stopping by today,
and hope everybody is enjoying the weekend!