Monday, June 11, 2012

Walk The Walk

One of my most favorite pastimes is going for walk with my son!  If Dear Daughter happens to be around to join us, then the more, the merrier!...   In fact, here's a very memorable walk, I'll never forget...   Dear Daughter after her college graduation ceremony.   Yup...  There's my baby girl, walking away from me, with her boyfriend, all grown up now, but I'm so very proud of her  (sniff, sniff).....  This is definitely a walk I'll never forget...

So now, it's just me, Dear Son, and our dog. and some of our best quality time together is spent going out for a simple walk.  While this may sound dull or ordinary to some, I don't dare take it for granted.

Dear Son likes to walk EVERY day.  Everyday, he eagerly asks me, "Hey Mom, ya wanna go for a walk?"   And I confess, there are days, occasionally, when I find myself in utter disbelief at such a notion.   My every thought and emotion are silently screaming, inside my head, "WHAT?   Go for a WALK?!  Are you KIDDING?!  Do I LOOK like I have time for a WALK?!"

 As my mind absolutely races with everything I have to do around here, I think, "HOW in the world can I fit time in for a WALK?!!"  But knowing how much my son really looks forward to this, knowing how much he enjoys it, AND in fact how physically good it is FOR him, I simply do not have the heart to say no....   Even on occasional days such as these, I MAKE the time to walk.  And in the end, I'm always glad I did.

The current scrapbooking challenge at Scrapping The Music is based on the song, "Whole Wide World", sung by Mindy Gledhill, which you should be hearing in the background, from my music player on the right side bar of my blog.  You can find the video HERE.   After watching it myself, that visual image of so many people walking together stuck in my mind, apparently.....

First I grabbed a pencil, and began to sketch on a piece of scrap paper...  Nothing too fancy-schmancy, just a quick basic outline, that led to cutting out paper dolls...  the likes of which I haven't made in YEARS!

I sponge painted the background of the pages in a skyblue-ish acrylic paint. I decoupaged the paperdolls onto both sides/pages of my layout.  The photos I've included are from different walks I've gone out on with my kids.  My theory is, have that camera ready at all times, and take as many pictures as you can.  You'll never be sorry you did!

The picture of myself, walking with my new (LOVE this!!) Gone With The Wind shopping bag, from Barnes and Noble.   (*Just heard the sad news;  RIP Ann Rutherford.)

Just underneath this photo, there's an envelope pocket, in which I can keep some personal journaling tucked inside.

Over this past weekend, Dear Son and I took a good LONG walk, as a HUGE neighborhood garage sale was taking place, 'round-about our way.  Having gone last year, we definitely didn't want to miss it this year, and I do believe we would walk a "hundred miles" just to see everything and everybody during this event!...  Unfortunately, the weather wasn't entirely cooperative, and many people who would have held their garage/yard sales, now opted out; while other people only set out half of what they would have, for fear of racing to bring everything back in if it really did start raining cats and dogs.  

Still, I came home with a few goodies;  my favorites being the new set of Corelle dishes, the teapot wall hanging....

...and then this suitcase I got, with the intention to keep doll making supplies inside it.  I recently won a spot in a doll-making class at LaFioReVida.... 

And Brenda, who teaches this class, keeps all her supplies in a case like this.  So, I figured, "If it works for her, then it should work for me!"

Today, the sun was shining, and yes, we went for our daily walk.   Again, it was a very nice walk; but in the end, all I know is this...  Rain or no rain, busy or not, stressed or not, time or not, Dear Son and I ALWAYS enjoy our walks together.  I've never been sorry I got off my duff, or stopped whatever I was doing, to take this time with him.  Every venture out is truly a blessing...   And THAT'S what matters most! 

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Somethin' Fishy Goin' On!

And just in time for Father's Day!  Little more than a week away, I put a little somethin' together for Dad's big day!

My father likes sports.  His favorite football team is the Minnesota Vikings.  He loves movies, music,  and occasionally plays  the guitar..  He loves all animals and birds; and believe me when I say, every bird, bunny, chipmunk, and squirrel within a 10-mile radius knows where to go to find the smorgasbord of birdseed, breads, and peanuts that my father sets out for them everyday!

However, for today, I thought I would focus on his love for fishing!  I decided to make a Father's Day card that looks like a tackle box!

I found the original idea of making a toolbox from THIS VIDEO.  However, I found the biggest challenge in this project, was deciding how to CLOSE IT.  I first went with magnets, but the magnets were not strong enough, and I had to ditch that idea.  Then, I just put together my own homemade string closures, and I think they look and work "purrrrrrr-fectly" for my purposes.  Anyways, tool box, or tackle box..  Same thing, if you ask me.   All I'd have to do differently is fill it with different kinds of bits, baits, and bobbers, rather than hammers and wrenches!   So, I got out some paper, cardboard, paints, Stickles, and glues to start whipping up a few of these things... 

Notice the fish I used as a stamp?  That's a foam puzzle piece, about 3"x4" in size, the type of which can be found at any dollar store, or even neighborhood garage sale!  Look for such puzzle pieces to stamp all kinds of animals, letters, numbers, etc., using your choice of acrylic paints or ink pads.  In this case, I used a Tim Holtz Distress ink pad, in the color Peeled Paint.  Look at the pattern the puzzle piece even left..  I loved that!

As soon as my father opens his card..  or "tackle box", he will find these three fish inside.  I stamped and cut out each one, so that my son, daughter, and I could each sign the back of one with whatever personal message we wanted to!  On the front of each fish, I just light-washed over them with watercolor paints.  Next I used markers for scale-like detail, and then Diamond Stickles to glitter and highlight the scales.   Hmmm..  I wasn't planning on it, but should I give them eyes?..  Well, whatever the case, here's the card fully opened.

Once the fish are removed from the tackle box, (Sorry, I din't have time to make a BUCKET too!)...   THEN, you see where I added the "Happy Father's Day" message, along with the little goodies a fisherman would actually keep in his tackle box.  These bobbers and lures, were made with cardboard, metallic paint, and then either brightly-colored embroidery floss or feathers.  The hooks are actually Christmas ornament hooks!  To adhere everything, I used a combination of E6000, and a basic store-brand glue stick; and then Diamond Glaze seemed to work best to neatly stick the hooks onto the paper.

A fun project, I thought this was; and I hope my father gets a kick out of it when he sees it!

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hope you're having an awesome weekend!