Sunday, April 29, 2012

More Rolling!

In my previous post, based on a Scrapping the Music challenge, The Time Song, you may remember the lyrics, "let it roll, roll, roll".  This time around, the challenge was based on the song, "Rolling In The Deep", by Adele.  I didn't get this posted quite as soon as I'd hoped, but here it is.

I used the colors red and orange to symbolize the colors of "fire", as Adele sings of a fire starting in her heart.  And I painted a girl's face, saddened in a way that most of us have surely felt one time or another.  I added the gold birds (perhaps doves) flying upwards from her broken heart to symbolize that she herself could turn her own sorrow into gold, perhaps forgiving..  perhaps letting go...  therefore breaking free from her pain, and moving on to find a renewed sense of peace about it all.

I've drawn faces ever since I was a kid, just in pencil, but painting is a whole new ballgame for me.  For the face on this layout, I used a combination of acrylic paints, colored pencils, and markers.  I need lots of practice in shading, proportion, technique...  in ALL that stuff, I know!  But all that considered, I'm just happy to learn as I go!..  And what a great song to work with!

Here are just a few other art journal pages I've done most recently...  For my Mind.Body.Soul journal, I made this, using paper doilies for angels!

In my Book of Days Journal, I painted and lettered this spread, as prompted by Patty, at TANGLES and STUFF.

I also did these pages, in my Book of Days, pulling myself up after a couple of days feeling the blues, and having all kinds of fun with pinks, yellows, greens...  hearts, flowers, etc., etc.!  The words are inspired from THIS POST at Mountain Rose Studio.

And that's about all I have time to show today, folks!..  I want to share more projects soon, hopefully in a day or two...  BOTH scrapbook and crochet!   Today was a busy one, and I'm just looking forward to winding down now for the evening, maybe catch some t.v., or maybe read a good book!...  Honestly, HOW does the weekend always fly by so fast as it does?!

 Wishing everybody a great week ahead,
and thanks so much for stopping by!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Let It Roll, Roll, Roll

What a wonderful Easter we had yesterday!  The Easter Bunny stopped by, of course, and left off lots of goodies! 

Off to church I went, and it was so good to see everybody there, all dressed up in their finest Easter Sunday best!...  Later, my family came by for a big Easter dinner, and I'm only sorry I didn't take more pictures than I did.  (Sigh)...   That's just how it goes when you're playing both roles of hostess, and then head chef back in the kitchen as well.  I was definitely on my toes and running, but I wouldn't have changed a thing.  I was so glad we all had this time together!

Now I face the week ahead.  Dear Son has his Spring Vacation for the entire week, and I am eager to plan out how I will use my time wisely.  I look forward to the break...  some quality rest and relaxation!  I look forward to doing a little of everything, crocheting and scrapbooking, reading, etc., etc.!  But I also hope to use this time wisely.  I have much I want to do, in the way of Spring cleaning 'round my house, and honestly it does feel overwhelming to me.  How can I manage the best of both worlds, I guess time will tell; but I refuse to let any of it stress me out!  I'll just do what I can, in the time that I've got... and just "let it roll, roll, roll"!  It's all good!  

Recently, I came across a scrapbooking website called Scrapping The Music.  I love all kinds of music, and here a specific song is chosen bi-monthly, to which you can scrapbook along with the proposed challenge(s) for that song!

So this week's challenge centered on "The Time Song", by Matt Urmy.  You can find it HERE, via YouTube video.

 Here's the two-page spread I did, Challenge 196A, for my very first Scrapping The Music entry.

Recently, Leslie, at Words of Me Project, shared how to make envelopes out of recycled materials, so I gave it a try with some old-but-colorful sales flyers.  Here you can see I added one, so that tucked inside, I could save a printed copy of the song; and then on separate sheet of paper, my own handwritten hopes and plans for the week ahead.

I used various scraps and images throughout both pages.  I particularly liked the old dashboard, car-radio image!..  And I thought the angel faces were so cute!

I made a clock out of an old juice can lid.  I used a Crafter's Workshop "Time Travel" 6x6" template to stencil some clocks in the background...  And then some punchella to border the edges and corners a bit.  All in all, it was a fun little project to play with as I wound down for the evening!

(pattern for yo-yo bunny HERE)

Thanks so much for stopping by today!
Wishing everybody a great week!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Picasso Cottontail

Just a little something I quick painted, in one of my art journals, by way of an assigned prompt that Leslie, at Words of Me Project, gave us last weekend.  The idea was to "Just Have Fun", so with the holiday in mind, this little two-page spread was my idea of fun!

I hope that the Easter Bunny's been good to all my Blogland friends and visitors today!  Wishing you all a blessed and very Happy Easter!