Thursday, December 6, 2012

Turning 50 (Exhale)

Just wanted to quickly post a couple of art journal pages I've made recently.  My birthday is fast approaching, and this year I turn the "big 5-0".

Yup.  Fifty....  I'll say it again. "FIF-TY"...  

Play it again Sam!!  FIFTY!...


Hmmm...  So what are my thoughts about that?

It's funny to me that I now can remember 40 as being a big dirty f-word!  I didn't like it, and I was determined to rebel all the way, "kicking and screaming", as they say!  But now my feelings are mixed.

pink and purple when I was young; currently turquoise and black if you
could even pin me down to any favorites.  I love ALL colors!  

As I turn 50, the next dirty f-word, I think I still have some very legitimate reasons/issues to be a little dissatisfied with; but what I've really discovered is that "kicking and screaming" never worked for me...   not one little bit... hard as I tried!  It didn't turn back time.  No magicians, fairy godmothers, or genies from a lamp appeared to grant my wishes for an instant facelift or a renewed metabolism... And frankly, now I was a little ANGRY!  In fact, forget what the numbers are, or how many fine-lines or wrinkles I have, or what my present weight is at the moment!!!  I'd bet my way of thinking has been my worst enemy EVER for the past ten years!  It never did me any favors!  It never flattered or enhanced my true self in any way at all!  Nor do I imagine anyone else was ever remotely impressed by it!  Such rebellious and contemptible thinking is poisonous really.  Here I had kicked the habit of smoking, but now running through my veins was this vile attitude about nothing but numbers!  (Wait a minute...  Is this one of those "a-ha moments"?!)

Well, here you see what I've found most wonderful about art journaling.  While I get to play with everything from papers and paints to markers and crayons, for even so little as just 15 minutes to half an hour a night, my thoughts and feelings have a way of sorting themselves out.  I wind down.  My mind seems to clear itself of stress, confusion, frustration, etc., while then, oftentimes, makes way for illumination, freedom, and absolute joy!

I like how Joan Rivers says, "Don't Count The Candles"!  What for?!...  "Yesterday is history.  Tomorrow is a mystery.  Today is God's gift.  That's why we call it the present."  If I'm gonna AGE, I'd like to do it gracefully!...   And HAPPILY!..   While doing my best, to put my best foot forward!

"There is a fountain of youth:  It is your mind, 
your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and 
the lives of people you love.  When you learn to tap 
this source, you will truly have defeated age."  
~Sophia Loren

Ask me how I'll feel when I turn 60, God willing?...   and I think I will probably, again, just thank my heavenly Father for getting me there, and for blessing me so greatly as He does!

Thank YOU so much for stopping by today!



Parsley said...

I hope your birthday is WONDERFUL!

myletterstoemily said...

in addition being beautiful, sophia is wise!
last night at our strenuous choir rehearsal,
the 25-30 year olds would sag with fatigue
into their chairs. i felt younger than them,
because i was so grateful at 54 to be doing
something i love!

Chatty Crone said...

You can do it - 50 is the new 30 (and honestly - it is better then the alternative). Happy Birthday to you. sandie

craftattack said...

Great post, and hope you will have a good birthday, and enjoy being 50! Hugs, Valerie


Age is just a number.... I keep telling myself. I hope you have a lovely birthday. Marion x

Happy Crocheter said...


I just love your blog posts and I hope you have a wonderful 50th birthday.

Love and Hugs,

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You are a better woman than me... I am still very mad that I turned 41 on Monday ... still hate the FOUR numbers... seriously!! LOL! :)

Lorraine said...

Sending wishes for a very happy birthday. :)

Ruby Manchanda said...

Happy birthday. may God bless you always. And this is a lovely thoughtful post.

Tracy said...

Your art pages are beautiful.
I am planning on making a art journal myself :)
Fifty is nifty, teehee.
I have never thought of my age as a number.. Why think about it you can't change it so embrace it :)

glor said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!! The 50's were wonderful, the mindset has been perfected and seasoned. I'm finding the 60's a hoot as well. Its fun and I hope you have fun too. Blessings to you.

Luna said...

Happy Birthday sweetheart,,,,I'm behind you ....soon....:0)

Best weekend for you and your family.

Audrey Pettit said...

I can so relate, Tina! I just had my birthday, and I feel like I think waaaaaaay too much about the fact that I'm almost 50.......dwell on the number and try to wrap my head around it, in total denial all the time. I should just be rejoicing instead. :) Happy early birthday, my friend! Love your art journal pages, and love that you are finding some peace within yourself!

Debi Y. said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Beansie
Happy Birthday to you!

I hope you have a great birthday celebration. :)

Red Couch Recipes said...

Someone said to me today, "How did my children get older than me." She said her father used to say that all the time and that cracked me up. I guess there is no use fighting it, and every reason to be thankful that you are alive and kicking! Happy Birthday to be. Joni

June said...

Happy Birthday...and hope you have many more!

Marcia said...

Happy Birthday! Age is just a number :)

vicki said...

Hi Tina - your blog is loaded in and ready for the Grow Your Blog party - you are all set girlfriend! See you there on the 19th!