Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Own Cat In A Hat

Just a quick post today, to share "What's On My Easel".  

I've always loved drawing, ever since I was a kid, but life took its course, and somewhere soon after my high school years, I lost confidence, and I lost touch with it.  But since trying my hand at scrapbooking, that in turn lead me to junk-journaling, which then lead to mixed media and art journaling.  So, whether it's a scrapbook layout I'm working on, or a painting I'm feeling inspired to start, it oftentimes starts with a drawing.

It feels good to draw again, when I find the time to.  Most often, this is sometime later in the evening, after dinner....   maybe while watching some t.v...   Being an ex-smoker, I really appreciate having something to do with my hands.  Even though I may already feel relaxed just kicking my feet up for the night, I still need something to do with my hands...  Anyways, I think I like my drawing better than the painting, but hey...  I'm just learning here!

(The brick background comes from using a 
Crafter's Workshop "brick" template.)

I'm just getting a feel for acrylic paints..  how to mix and blend them, how much to load my brush and not load my brush, and remembering how fast acrylic paints dry as you blend and shade, TRYING to create a the tiniest spec of dimension! Oh, and remember, there's no erasing here.  You can try to paint over a mistake, but you can't erase it...  A little scary, but I want to learn!  I like to think, at least I've got style, and at least I'm having fun with it!

So, what do you think?  Should I pursue this interest, or stick to drawing?..  Maybe go back to crocheting?  Ha! Ha!...   Well, you KNOW I like to do it all!  But how about YOU?  Do you think it's something you'd like to try?  It never has to be anything fancy; and it's YOUR art, which means it can be as simple or as elaborate as YOU want it to be.  You can keep it to yourself, as private as you want, or be dumb brave, like me, and share it with EVERYBODY!  The important thing is just to enjoy it!  Have fun with it! 

Each week, The Artistic Biker shares his ideas, paintings, journals, and even music, as he travels his own artistic journey.  You can find him on his YouTube channel, or at his blog, The Artistic Biker.

Thanks to all for visiting today!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Remembering Jim

O.K...  I admit I didn't know him personally, let alone on any first name basis, but I feel like Jim Henson was probably the kind of guy who would have much preferred "Jim" over "Mr. Henson".

From my youngest memories of Sesame Street, to the latest productions still made in his name, I've ALWAYS been a big fan!

And as you can see, that tends to show up in some of the crafts (or recipes, LOL!) I've made, and then shared with you here!

Of course, while I may be a bigger kid at heart than most people might be, I still hope that my visitors see the fun in it, and that my enthusiasm and antics still at least cause them to smile!

I think people can act any way they want on the outside, for the sake of appearances, and/or due to the grown up responsibilities that tend to dominate and overshadow what's really still alive deep down in all our hearts; so I believe Jim Henson had it right when he said... 

"The most sophisticated people I know...  
Inside they're all children."

"My hope still is to leave the world a little better 
than when I got here."
(James Maury Henson, Sept. 24, 1936 - May 16, 1990)

Today would have been Jim Henson's 75th birthday, if he were still with us today;  but in my heart and mind, it's still his birthday in Heaven, and I hope they're celebrating big!

So in fond remembrance, from the big girl now, 
who's definitely still a "kid inside",
this one's especially for you!  Happy Birthday Jim!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Come to the Cabernet

During the weekdays, time is such a crunch, jam-packed with so many things to do; but for this evening, I'm going to try to catch up and share some of the highlights of the past week.
First, we did our weekly grocery shopping...  Nothing so exciting about that, I know, but I was happy to find these two movies in the bargain bin while we were there! 

Unfortunately, I have not YET had the chance to watch them, but soon, I hope!  We were much too busy this weekend!  The kids and I went to a fair on Saturday.  The weather was gorgeous..  We ran into family and friends while we were there, and I came home with all kinds of goodies from the tables there, full of used and antique items up for sale!

Same deal on Sunday..  I put down my crocheting, my scrapbooking, and broom, "Old Chum", and off we went to a big Wine Testing Festival!  I don't suppose I need to say how much fun that was!  While we were there, there were free apples, a car show, a quilt show, a haunted house, a craft fair, live entertainment, etc., etc., etc.!  Here is a picture of a Mama Chicken and her babies we met as we toured the grounds!..  Of course, I HAD to take a picture of them!!

Oh, and who could this be here, peeking through that apple?
Can you see?...   Look close!

There were several areas set up specifically for taking photos, so I figured my hair and makeup were done..  Why not?!

Beyond all the sites and exhibits, we finally made our way to the wine tasting fest!  Special tickets and wristbands were being distributed at the entrance, and the line was long!  But the wait wasn't so bad as it looked.  (I've suffered way worse lines just waiting to pay for my groceries at Walmart!)..  Anyways, I've never been to anything like this before, so I was excited!

There were tables, and displays, inside and outside, with bartenders pouring up the goods at every one!  We made the rounds, table to table, tasting all kinds of wines and cheeses!  What an awesome time we had!  The weather was nice, the people were friendly.  By the end of it all, I finally chose a little somethin' to take home with me!  It called to me..  Come to the Cabernet..  Buy me.  Take me home!

(Hence the title of this post!..  Cute, huh?!)

So now, let me see...  focusing back home again....   Since I last posted, it was nice to find the mailman had brought me some more happy mail!  In one package I received the New Moon tags, from the Twilight tag swap group I'm in, at Mini Album Scraps!

The one on the bottom left is the one I made, with an excerpt from the book on the back; but oh my gosh, just look at the ones that other participating "Twi-hards" sent me!  Photos could never do these tags justice.  They are absolutely beautiful!...  This swap is so much FUN!!  Next up, we'll be working on our Eclipse tags!

Now this next package I got was from a potholder swap I was in, hosted by Faith, at Crochet By The Sea.  I forgot to take a photo of the potholder I sent, but I'm making another, so I'll show that sometime soon, hopefully.  Here's the one I received from Mary, at Here's Home.

I LOVE this little crocheted dress potholder!  Done in crochet thread, it's absolutely darling, and Mary did a beautiful job making this!  Thank you Mary!  ((Big Hugs!))

Well, as I wind this rather lengthy post up, and I hope you're still with me here...  This week's tag challenge at Blog Challenge Garden, was "Recycle The Trash"!  With all the fun we had this weekend, I made my tag in remembrance of the Wine Fest!

The tag itself is cut out from a cereal box.  Part of the paper is from a wine/price list handed out by one of the vendors at the fest.  The other part of the background paper is from the dyed paper towels I've mentioned in a previous post.  The hole reinforcement and bottom border are made from corrugated cardboard, from a coffee-on-the-go.  I added an old wine bottle cork by first taking a thin slice for the center of my dryer-sheet flower, then I cut the rest of the cork in half and glued it onto the tag.  I added a piece of that plastic non-slip netting they include with your wine bottle, when you purchase it. I used old pages from a book for the leaves on the flower.  And finally, the wine glass, the grapes/wine inside the glass, and the little "blingies" along the top and left sides, are all cut out from an empty, washed-and-dried grape Kool-Aid Jammers drink pouch!  Oh, and that tie at the top?..  That's a tie, recycled from an old bathing suit, that for some reason..  ahem..  seems to have shrunk in the wash this year...  NOT too happy about that, but life is too short to sweat the small stuff, right?!   Like the song says...

"Start by admitting
from cradle to tomb
isn't that long a stay.
Life is a Cabaret old chum,
only a Cabaret old chum,
and I love a Cabaret!" 

Thanks so much to Rebecca for hosting the tag challenge every week at Blog Challenge Garden!

And another big thanks to all for stopping by today!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tags, Pins and Pie, Oh My!

I don't know why or how, but I've been seriously sidetracked from one of my favorite Blogland events lately...  that being Tag Tuesday...

 ...hosted by Rebecca, at Blog Challenge GardenThis week's theme is a flower pot!  Well, as I am just beginning my Fall Junque Journal, I thought a Fall-looking flower would be best, so here's what I came up with.

I love making flowers by recycling dryer sheets!  After my laundry is washed and dried, and as I begin my ironing, I save all the dryer sheets I've used, and then I use them AGAIN!  One sheet makes two flowers for me.  I color them in various ways, depending upon what color I want.  Sometimes I die them in tea overnight.  Sometimes I use ink/glimmer sprays of whatever sort or brand.  In this case I colored my flower in Candy Apple Red glimmer mist, then coated it with Red Distress Stickles.  I played with various buttons, but for a Fall look, the two-toned brown button looked best to me.  I cut out the pot myself, by hand.

I thought this tag would look cute in a window kind of setting, so here it is, as I set up my next junque journal page.  Each window pane will be a spot for journaling what's happening 'round our house for the week.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive some "Happy Mail" today!  Diana, a friend from YouTube, sent me a set of stick pins, after I won a giveaway she was hosting!  As my morning did not start out as well as I would have liked, this package...  all the way from Australia...

 ..along with some of my own homemade coffee cake...

 ...both certainly made up for what ailed me at the time! 

Inside was this little pouch Diana made herself...   And inside the pouch were these three very beautiful stick pins, which she also made herself!

I was so happy to receive this!  It really made my day!  You should check out her YouTube channel, dianadiana1262, if you're interested in learning how to make various hand-crafted items like what you see here!  Thank you so much, Diana!

Well, our session of home-schooling is done for the day.

It's not easy readjusting from those lazy days of Summer, back to a full routine of daily lessons, but both Dear Son and I are off to a very good start!

I'm so happy to be firing up the oven again too, now that the weather is cooling down.  I'm looking forward to apple picking, making homemade apple pies, and baking all kinds of homemade goodies again!  Dear Daughter wants me to show her how to make homemade apple crisp sometime soon!  But my first pie, for the season, was the chicken pot pie I made for dinner last night!  Delicious!  We'll be polishing off this plate tonight, I'm sure!  Mmmmm..  I think I'll start making some biscuits to go with it!

Thanks so much to Rebecca for hosting Tag Tuesday
and thanks to everybody for visiting with me today!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Remembrance and Joy

I've been doing some scrapbooking, and in remembrance of Sept 11, 2001, I gathered up all my reds, whites, and blues.

And of course, when you look back in remembrance of heroes and lost loved ones, flowers are customary.  Here's a red, white, and denim blue lollipop flower I made.

Scrapbooking is a very creative and relaxing outlet for me, and I felt compelled to scrap and journal about the 10th anniversary of  9-11.  I clipped and saved articles I found from our local newspapers.

Of course, I feel a terrible sadness when looking back, and seeing the images on t.v. again; but I also find joy, and pride, in remembering how our nation pulled together like I've never seen before, and like I hope we'll never forget. 

As we move into the new week ahead of us, and upon finishing what responsibilities Mondays typically require of me, and of Dear Son...

we will find one of our greatest joys, when tuning into Monday Night Football tonight!  We are very happy to see the new season begin, and yes, WE ARE READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!

Be sure to visit Faith, at Crochet By The Sea,

 to see what simple joys she shares today!