Saturday, December 3, 2011

'Tis The Season 2B Busy!

La..     La.....     La...........   Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Yes, that about sums it up for me, around here, lately!  Every day flies by in a blur, and when my head hits that pillow at the end of the day, I am OUT FOR THE COUNT, in no time flat!...  But aside from the usual hustle and bustle, I am determined to make time and room for all the decorating, baking, traditions and good cheer that comes with the Christmas season!

Of course, just to catch up here, first I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Ours was very nice!  I just thought I'd share this photo of our cat, Tuffy....

 who, when every time I opened the door, was VERY 
interested in that "pretty bird" sitting in my refrigerator!!!

Well, we had our dinner around 4:00, or so, and the turkey cooked up beautifully this year!  I was so proud of myself, my daughter is still laughing about it!  We sat ourselves down, ready to eat, truly blessed and grateful for a table, full of so many delicious goodies of all sorts!  We said grace, and filled our plates, warm dishes, and salt-n-peppers, being passed this way and that.  Everything seemed perfect, like straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting...

It just might have been nice if I had remembered to make one of the most traditional staples on a Thanksgiving table...  the STUFFING!!

Halfway through the meal, I realized I never even made the stuffing!  Oh well...   Nobody left the table hungry by any means, right?

Actually, to be perfectly honest, I made bacon and eggs, but I forgot the hashbrowns for our big breakfast that morning too!

(Sigh)  I really worry myself sometimes; but perhaps everything that had to be done was just a little overwhelming, you think?  Maybe I didn't have enough coffee?  Hmmm...  Let me think.  Maybe I should've remembered to take my vitamins??   Maybe I should have made a to-do list the full size of my refrigerator door, so I couldn't miss it?!  Maybe we should have ate out???...

Oh, NO WAY!  Who cares about hash browns, or one little ol' bowl of stuffing?!!  Home cookin' will always be the best, right?!...  And NOT because of the ingredients you put in, but because of the LOVE you put in, and who you're sharing it WITH!  Yes, I like that!  THAT sounds right to me!

So-oooo, we put our tree up on that following Saturday, the 26th!  Both kids were here to help, and I couldn't have enjoyed myself more!  In fact, the kids made note that I even strung up the lights without saying so much as one naughty word!

"Are you kidding?!", you ask?..  No, it's the truth!!  The lights are my LEAST favorite job to do, when putting up the tree; but I'm happy to say, not one penny was placed in the cuss jar for this event!  Not this year!  And our tree looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  My Christmas spirit is fast on the rise!

Little by little, I'm decorating the rest of the house.  A couple weeks ago, I made some snowflakes.  I want to glitter them up a bit, maybe just 'round the centers, and then I can decide where to hang them.  I'm thinking I might make more, but then I start feeling like Buddy, the Elf, who strings them all over the store, and the apartment!  So funny, but still very Christmas-sy!!!  It might be fun!

These snowflakes are made with empty, painted kitchen paper towel rolls, some pipe cleaners (or "chenille stems"...  whichever you want to call them)...  and some pony beads!   I know it's not in the cards yet, but I'm thinking this could be a very fun project to make with the grandbabies I'm dreaming of someday!!

Next, just yesterday, I whipped up a batch of cinnamon ornaments!  They're so fast and easy to do.  Even Dear Son stepped in and made a few!  He really missed not being able to lick the bowl, though!  Not with the smidgeon of GLUE in this recipe, he'd better not!

The recipe(s) for these kind of ornaments can be found all over the internet, but I'm not sure I've found one I'm commited to by any means.  Just google it, and you'll find a good number of variations.  Which is the best way, I'm not sure yet, but I think these came out nice enough!  They'll be pretty with some red and green ribbons, I think...  maybe some little buttons or jingle bells...   And my kitchen smells SO-ooooo GOOD right now!

I plan on making more cookies each weekend...  Edible ones, of course, for Christmas cookie assortments, I hope to share!..  But my biggest project going right now, is a group of recipe books I'm making.  One is for myself (and then Dear Son can have it someday), one is a gift for Dear Daughter (who requested one in the first place, and I was so happy to oblige!)...  and then one is for a friend of mine!  These will be a LOT of work, but I'm encouraged that I have the basic structure of each one put together already!  I think I will probably move on to filling the pages, before I go attaching the covers on just yet.

I'm just gathering up all my materials, tools, recipes, images, and favorite quotes, hoping I have enough of everything, and I can move ahead, at least a little bit at a time, on each of them, each night!  Let's just REALLY hope they're done BEFORE Christmas Eve, right?!!...   I can do this!

Well, that's it for today.  I hope this finds everybody enjoying the holiday season!  I can't believe the unseasonably warm weather we're having here, but I'm still dreaming of a white Christmas; if not outside the house, then IN the house, right?!..  Lots and lots of paper snowflakes!  (Here's where I'm smiling!  "Smiling's my favorite"!!)  

Thanks so much for stopping by,
and enjoy your weekend, everybody!


craftattack said...

You seem to have had an unforgettable Thanksgiving! We all forget things when there is so much to do! I hope your cat got some of that bird anyway! Enjoy your Xmas preparations, and take care of yourself! Hugs, Valerie

Andria said...

I love those snowflakes. Will you share a tutorial with us??

Kristina said...

I had to laugh. Putting lights on the tree here are the least favorite also. Ha ha ha! Loved your paper towel roll snowflakes - so pretty and simple.

Debi Y. said...

Your snowflakes are very cute - and the gingerbread ornaments look cute too. Have a great weekend. :)

Doris Sturm said...

Hello Tina,

I too enjoyed those paper snow flakes since I miss the snow so much, but more than that, I miss my boy. I'm sorry I've not blogged much lately because everything I used to do reminds me of whole life reminds me of Gizzy and now I don't have the heart to want to do what I used to. Don't even take as many photos because he was my most favorite subject. Thank you so much for your kind comments. I really appreciate them and your friendship. How's Ubu? I want Gizzy back so badly, I'd even take his clone...have a lovely Sunday!

Cathy L. Calamas said...

Hey there!! Good to hear from you today!! I'm so glad someone else forgets stuffing and such :))
Love the snowflakes too. I agree a tutorial would be fantastic!! ~Cathy

Pam said...

I feel for you! I've made dishes for holidays, etc. and put them in the refrigerator and forgot about them until dinner was over. Those snowflakes are very cute. Earlier in the year, I made a Christmas stocking for our new grandson and it called for chenille sticks. I asked at Hobby Lobby what they were, I had no idea they're pipe cleaners. LOL!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Even without the stuffing... your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful! :):):) I loveeeeeeee the photos and loving those snowflakes!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Sherry from Alabama said...

You're so funny! I know what you mean about the forgetting. I have to write everything down including the dishes I plan on making for every meal.

I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Audrey Pettit said...

Hey Tina! What a fun post! Love your stories and updates. Sounds like you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving. And yeah, who cares about some forgotten stuffing and hash browns?? You had enough on your plate to think about. I'm really smiling about your kitty and the turkey. And LOVE your paper snowflakes. What an awesome upcycling project. Love the pipe cleaners and the beads. Never seen any like that and I adore them. Need to make some. Good luck on the recipe books. Look forward to seeing photos when you are finished. :)

Linda M. said...

Hi Beansie, Thanks for your visit and comment. I really like your snowflake ornaments. We had a very nice Thanksgiving. Thank you. Linda

Leann said...

You crack me up! Sounds like a typical Thanksgiving holiday! I have a recipe for the cinnamon ornies that doesn't use glue.

Enjoy the season!

Red Couch Recipes said...

Really, there is so much to do for a Thanksgiving Dinner that it would be easy to forget to do the stuffing! Too funny! My least favorite thing (before we went fake 4 years ago) was to string the lights. I never really did a good job either. I really appreciate my fake when I don't have to do that job. My husband spent three hours taking off and restringing lights that had gone bad...ugh. I have made those cinnamon ornaments -- they smell so good. Looks like things are going well at your home. Joni

DaCraftyLady said...

it is a busy time of the year for sure...but we all go through it...DH and I spent all weekend decorating and now I am wrapping and shopping, my money sure isn't going as far as it used to.. :( Your home looks like it is going well.. Merry Christmas to you and yours