Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chim Chim Cherr-y

Oh, what a title..   I guess I've still got Mary Poppins on the brain, from a previous post!

Well, just like I thought it would, the weekend flew right by.  Not even June yet, and I couldn't believe the summer-like temperatures we've been getting here already!  After last year, I already knew to double our stock of ice cubes in the freezer, for not only ourselves, but for the pets as well.

When the weather gets this uncomfortable, our only relief is a tall icy beverage, as we sit no further than directly 2 feet from a fan running at it's highest setting!...  The problem is, I'm not very good at sitting in one spot, with nothing to do.  So the majority of my weekend was watching t.v., reading, and crocheting.

Here's what I crocheted...

The pattern is actually designed to be a dishcloth, but I just can't see washing dirty dishes with this!  So I decided I liked it better as a potholder, and simply added a back side, and a ring at the top!

Not comfortable with the holes in the pattern, though, and not wanting anyone to be burned if and when using it, I also sewed a thinly-padded insert to it before attaching the two sides together.

As you can see, while I was working on it...

my cat enjoyed sitting close by.
He loves playing with yarn just as much as I do!

I'm happy with how it came out, and it was just the right kind of quick, simple project to pick up and put down as I pleased over the holiday weekend.  If you'd like to see the pattern, to try it out yourself, HERE'S where you can find it!

I was glad to find some leisure time for reading.  I finally finished the book Gracie, A Love Story.  It's an older book, published in 1988, but I LOVED it!  Of course, written by George Burns, you could EXPECT it to be funny...   

But I found it very interesting too, reading about the old days of Vaudeville and Radio.  Best of all though, was a side of George Burns you didn't necessarily see in his comedy routines, or in his roles playing (Oh) God...   While reading this book, there was no mistaking how much George Burns loved his wife, known to the public as Gracie Allen!  I don't know that I've EVER heard any husband speak so highly and lovingly as did he in this book.  I loved reading every word of it, but not surprisingly, I was crying my eyes out at the end, when Gracie died, after a long battle with heart disease.  32 years later, George Burns passed away, just 49 days after his 100th birthday..   He was laid to rest at Gracie's side..  the marker at Forest Lawn Memorial Park reading, "Gracie Allen and George Burns-  Together Again."

I'm onto my next book now,  Three Cups of Tea, by Greg Mortenson.  

A friend of mine, from church, loved the book, and lent it to me, so I'll be starting this one today.

We spent a little time poolside over the weekend, just about an hour or so...  not any longer than that really...  But already I've got a little bit of a sunburn to show for it.  Next time I'll put the lotion on!...  We did a little shopping too, and I came across the tote bag you see here...

My daughter is a teacher, so I couldn't resist!  I'm SURE I'll make good use of it, with yarns or crafty supplies of some sort, right?!  Speaking of Dear Daughter, she's coming over for dinner tonight.  It's much too hot to run the oven, so I'm thinking submarine sandwiches might be a very good idea!...   maybe some cherry pie and ice cream for dessert?

Hope you're keeping cool,
and enjoying your day, whatever you're doing!
...And thanks for stopping by!


Linda in New Mexico said...

Your crochet potholder is wonderful. That is one thing I miss doing because of my wrist. I used to crochet everyday alas, no more.
I loved Three Cups of Tea...... I also borrowed it from a friend. And now I am reading a very funny and sad book written by a man who has Asperger's like Ry does and it has helped me understand my grand better.
Hey, if you haven't already, come and register for my 2nd anniversary giveaway. Happy Day, Oma Linda

Beverooni said...

What a great idea on the potholder. Such a simple solution -- why didn't I think of it??? It's the perfect summer potholder.

I had a hard time reading Three Cups of Tea but loved the book about George Burns. I too cried when Gracie died. He was obviously very lonesome without her and to last so much longer. Very sad.

D said...

Hi, Beansie,
What a cute pot holder. You did a great job.
Your blog background is so pretty.

Faith said...

Pretty potholder...you did good...it looks so vintage...hot here too, great minds think alike we are having sub sangwhiches too..homemade ones with pasta salad...it's almost 90 whew....
stay cool....


Parsley said...

Now all I can think of is Mary Poppins with your post title. haha

Melody said...

what a great potholder!Of course we witnessed that. It was so sad:(So glad you stoppeds by today. Love the Mary Poppins!

Leann said...

Tina you amaze me! This so reminds me of my Nan's kitchen. How sweet and kitch-y!

Stay cool my friend. Hey just heard the cherry pie music:)


Audrey Pettit said...

Hi Tina!! Sounds like you've been having the same heat we are. It's just awful, isn't it? Can't stand to go outside or do hardly anything, and it's only the beginning of June.
Love your crocheted potholder! Wish I knew how to knit or crochet. The cherries are really adorable. And the books sound wonderful, too. Very touching to hear of a love story like that.

Mary said...

Hi Tina,
I L-O-V-E your cherry potholder! Absolutely fabulous. And I totally agree about not wanting to ruin it using it to do dishes. You are so clever making that up. And your kitty is adrooable (as my Mom used to say ;). I've seen that 2nd book around - Three Cups of Tea - it looks interesting as does the Burns and Allen book.
Already too hot where you are? Uh-oh, it's not quite Summer yet either ;( Keep thee cool!

Fran. said...

Oh Beansie I LOVE that cherry potholder you made. I LOVE anything cherry! Your right about it being to pretty to do dishes with but so cool. I have alot of cherry items in my kitchen. I even LOVE to eat anything cherry it's my most favorite fruit!! I have an older friend who calls me Gracie cuz I am very flighty and kinda of a airhead like her. My friend is older and she just laughs at me. God bless my family and friends who really know me!! LOL They understand! LOL My husband is very understanding too!! You are very talented Beansie!! XO Fran.