Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Christmas Gift To You!

Still baking cookies, and making the last final adjustments to decorations around the house, I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  I tried a new recipe out yesterday, called Jam Kolaczki.  Don't ask me to pronounce them, but I can tell you they are delicious!!  Dear Son thought they looked so good, he even helped make them with me, so that made this batch of Christmas cookies all the more fun! 

Oh, would you just LOOK at the mountains of sugar I piled on them!!  My Grampy would be proud!!  He would have had to sneak one, but I'm sure he would have loved these!

You can find the recipe HERE, at Pam's Midwest Kitchen Korner.  I was a little intimidated at the looks of them, worrying how much I would have to play with the dough, to get these to come out right...  Actually, I was pleasantly surprised to find the recipe to be very easy!  The directions called for you to chill the dough, but I found after doing so, that the warmer the dough got, the easier it was to work with...  So I guess you'll just have to get a feel for that yourself, if you try them.  I suggest you DO!  I like them MUCH better than the jam thumbprints I used to make, so this recipe is a keeper!

Well speaking of thumbprints, one visitor who stopped by to read yesterday's post, asked about one of the batches of cookies she saw...   This one...

The ones you see on top are called Chocolate Cherry Thumbprints.  I looked and looked all over the internet for a similar recipe, but I could not find a single one that showed how to make them like I do.  So here is my Christmas gift to all my followers and visitors who may stop here today...   Just click on the picture, then click to save.

It does not make a big batch.  You could start by following it as written, and judge for yourself, but it would not be too late to double it, if you find it's not enough.  These cookies are a family favorite, and my kids ask for them EVERY year!...  By the way, if you like the cute little recipe card I've used, you can find more like it HERE, at  Rainbow Row Graphics.  I think you're gonna love the assortment they have!

Going all out, we'll move from thumbprints to handprints!  Here is one of my favorite Christmas tree ornaments...  It's one my son made when he was in preschool...

...and while you won't find any glitter, bling, or sparkle on this one, my tree would not be near as dear to me without it!

Recently, I showed the light bulb ornaments I've made.  So now I thought I'd share another kind of ornament, made by way of recycling old CDs!  This one is Dear Daughter's...

And this one is Dear Son's!  

I simply painted them with acrylic paints, added felt hats, scarves, noses, and whatever other little embellishments you see, and voila!

Today I'm linking with Carrie with Children, as she hosts her "Show Me Your Christmas Tree" blog hop.

I've taken several pics of my tree, trying to get just the right look...  After one batch I noticed my window sill needed a cleaning...  O.K., next batch!  Oh no, all my 50 thousand cable and internet wires are showing in the picture!  Better fix THAT...  Now let's try with flash, without flash, with the lights on, with the lights off...  I love my new camera, but I ask your patience and understanding as I learn!  Here are two shots that I liked the best for now...

My tree is an artificial one, IF you were wondering...   It just got too hard to go chopping, dragging, paying for, and discarding them when I was done.  Still I spray some pine scented room freshener around the room...  Believe it or not, I still have needles dropping to the floor (uh-oh)...  and it stands 7 feet tall!  I LOVE it, and with much reluctance, I'm always the last one around to take my tree down.  Apparently, I'm not the only one who loves it...  I am surprised this year at how much Tuffy seems to love it too!

He will either sleep underneath it, or sit just close enough to it, so that he can look at the lights (I assume), for lengths of time that I wasn't even aware his attention span would allow!  I think that this is so cute!  Some cats love watching birds and squirrels from the window, but my cat loves looking at the Christmas tree!

Thanks again for visiting...