Monday, December 20, 2010

Goodness and Light Bulbs

Thought I'd share some of my painted lightbulb Christmas ornaments today!  I've gotten inspiration and how-to's from all over the internet in previous years.  No time to make new ones this year, but maybe next! 

Here is a Raggedy Ann ornament that I made for myself!

The next two are ones I made for Dear Daughter..

Betty Boop was fun to make!

...and so was this little penguin!

These last two are Dear Son's ornaments!

A gingerbread man...  

The hats you see on these last 4 ornaments are made simply by snipping the fingertips off of an old pair of red knit gloves!  Add a little fake fur trim, and there you go!  I used E6000 for all these ornaments... LOVE that stuff!

Last one...   The Grinch.  
(at least as best as I could get it to look like him!)

If you'd like to try making one like these yourself, I would suggest starting HERE, or just Google "light bulb ornaments", and you'll be well on your way to countless ideas, inspirations, and tutorials!  They're really very easy, and lots of fun!

Well, that's it for today.
My computer's undergoing some reconstruction right now...  

I am having lots of fun with my new camera though,
so I hope to share more pics, projects, 
and Christmas preparations soon, 
when things are back in order again!