Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Good Cheer, Good Cookies

...And of course, good crochet!..  At least I try!

Busy as ever, if not more so, I feel the pressure as I run down the to-do list in my head.  Time's flying!  There is still so much to be done!...   And yet, my Christmas spirit does not waver!  I absolutely LOVE this time of year!  

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"Christmas waves a magic wand over the world, 
and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful."
(Norman Vincent Peale)

"Despite everything", as Anne Frank once said, "I believe that people are really good at heart"...  But doesn't this seem most true at Christmas time?!  "People passing, meeting smile after smile"...  I think I get the biggest kick seeing all the children everywhere, who are absolutely besides themselves with excitement!  It's contagious, bless their hearts, and just seeing and talking with them boosts my own Christmas spirit to ten times what it already was before!!  

 I try to depict that holiday spirit, as I set up my little Christmas village. At the center of "Santa's big scene", is all one piece, where you'll see and hear its lights, music, and moving parts!  I have buildings of all sizes surrounding it, and I try to add a new little something to it every year.  The little glitter houses you see, were my grandmother's.

Well, I have to admit, I almost wish I had a magic wand to get a few more things done faster around here!  Dear Son shook his head today, just watching me zipping around my kitchen, with 3 or 4 things going at the same time.  (Who's got time to count?!)...  

At one point, I spilled sugar all over the floor, and I'm sure I should have been disgusted with myself for being so sloppy... 

...but instead I felt like doing "the old soft shoe" as I listened to Perry Como and the Fontaine Sisters singing "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" on my radio!  I love hearing all the Christmas songs while I bake... 

...or cook dinner, or wash dishes...   The station has been playing them since Thanksgiving, but I never get tired of them!  "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow", I sing along with Dean Martin, as I make some Snowball Cookies!...  Then, there's this colorful batch to show you, just below!  My gosh, just a dab'll do ya, when you're mixing a Wilton brand food coloring to anything!!   Holy canoli, Batman!...  They did taste good though.  You can find the recipe HERE, at Purple Chocolate Home.

Next I did a batch of sugar cookies...  "Do you see what I see?"...  "A star, a star"...  And some more stars, and some trees too!!  They look good and were easy enough I guess... 

but I'd love to get a new cookie press sometime soon!  I've got my eye on Wolfgang Puck's at the moment!
I'm debating which, and/or how many different batches of cookies I'll want to make tomorrow.  I'd like to make a batch of gingerbread men, maybe;  but I'd also like to try this new recipe for Jam Kolaczki.  They both sound good to me, so I guess we'll see what time allows!

I've been getting some crocheting done at night, but I got even more done while watching the football games on Sunday, then on Monday night!  First I made a couple of Christmas tree ornaments...  "Baubles", to be precise!

You can find the pattern for these HERE, at Attic 24!  I was very happy with how quick and easy they were, and I thought they were fun to make!  You could easily get caught up in making a dozen of these I'm sure!

Next, I made this little mouse ornament, done in red and white, and little button eyes and nose...

...which you can find the pattern for HERE, at Clara's Crochet Room.  Again, quick and easy, but a really cute little project, don't you think?!  Here you see it on the tree that sits atop my entertainment center!  

This tree stands just a little over 3 feet tall, and it is decorated with only crochet ornaments, and a few satin balls, which I think I'll get rid of, as I gradually make more crochet ornaments for it.  So far, I really like keeping it to crocheted reds and whites, with the exception of the 3 brown reindeer! (but they DO have red noses!)...  If you like, you can find the pattern for these little guys right HERE!  

I need to make a small tree skirt for it sometime...  if not this year, then next.  I can spray all the pine scented room freshener I want, but there's no mistaking how terribly FAKE that skinny little tree trunk looks!  Still, you should see it with the lights on!  I love my little crochet tree!

Moving onto stockings, I made quite a few this year.  Mostly smaller ones, here are two I started with, just this past week... 

...based on a free pattern you can find HERE, by Maggie Weldon. I thought they looked cute, hung on my living room mirrors, like so!

I made several other stockings in the style you see below, by J.E. Davidson.  It's now my own tradition to hand out these little stockings to the younger kids at my church every year.   

While presenting an assortment for the kids to choose from, THIS particular stocking was a real hit!  (Oh, and if ever a "big kid" of any age might want one, yes, they can have one too, of course!)  You can find the pattern HERE.  The only change I made as I crocheted them, was by adding a third row on the popcorn trim!   

Well, that's about it, till next time!
..Still no snow around here! 
I'm wondering if we'll have a green Christmas! 

I hope everyone's having a great week, 
full of good cheer and wonderful memories in the making!

Thanks so much for stopping by!