Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun 2010

There's a chill in the air, but the sun is shining on this strangely quiet day after Halloween.  Hmmm..  Still, I sit at my computer, my cup of coffee nearby, in very good spirit!  Our Halloween was very nice, all-in-all!  Being in the new apartment building we're in now, it was a little disappointing that we could not hand out candy to any little trick-or-treaters this year.  But looking out my window, I could still see a few little witches, princesses, cowboys, etc, wandering the neighborhood, with their bags full of goodies..  So cute!  I was surprised, actually, to see how many of the grownups who dressed up as well!

My Halloween started, of course, with a quick post on my blog, then a mad dash to church!  In the spirit of the holiday, I chose to dress down a bit, wearing just a t-shirt and slacks..  But it was a Charlie Brown Halloween t-shirt, and one little boy there really liked it apparently!  I had so much fun listening to my little 3-year old friend, Alec, his face so lit up in all his excitement, go on and on to me about how funny it was to him that Charlie Brown kept getting rocks when he went trick or treating!..  "Everybody got candy, and he got a ROCK!!", he kept saying.  It was like he just couldn't fathom WHY, but it was still so funny to him!!

Well, I ran a couple quick errands afterwards, then headed back home as quickly as I could.  Dear Daughter spent much of the day with us!  Her schedule is such a nightmare right now, so I was so glad she could make the time!  We got right down to business, setting out our bowls of orange frosting, and various little candies... decorate our traditional Great Pumpkin cookies!  We had fun and laughs, gabbing and catching up on the latest goings-on with each other, while decorating the 3 dozen or so cookies I'd baked!  Close by, our little "Franken-bu" was chewing away at his new Halloween spider, working his way to find the squeaker somewhere inside!!  Hmm...  This toy must be made of a much higher-quality, tougher type of material than other chew toys he's torn apart in only seconds!!  This one is a real challenge!

Having finished the cookies, the next step was to find "umpteen" containers to store them all in.  You don't want to just pile them up on top of each other, or the frosting will get all messed up, and we just cannot have that, now can we?  We worked hard on these little masterpieces!...

I love them!..  What do you think?!!

After putting the cookies away, it was time to carve our pumpkin!  The night before, I sprayed it with bleach.  They say it keeps better when you do this. I guess I'll see, but I only sprayed it on the outside of ours. (HERE is one interesting source that mentions this and other methods.)   I didn't spray or dip the inside, because I want to smell pumpkin when the candle's lit inside...  not bleach!...  Then I spread out a plastic garbage bag, and got out our big spoons to clean out all the pumpkin innards!

Darn, I forgot to save the seeds this time around, for roasting...  but it was fun carving his face anyways!  Did you know that the tradition of carving pumpkins originated from the Irish!  They carved turnips and squash to scare away the devil and any other evil demons that may have been lurking about.  As they immigrated to America, they found pumpkins to be far more plentiful, and so the tradition evolved to the Jack-O-Lanterns we know and love today!

We used vaseline on all the places that we carved out, because I think it at least helps keep the color better on those areas, if nothing else.  As you can see, his nose is a little SHINY, so we must have went a little too heavy on it there!..  Our Jack-O-Lantern came out nicely, though, I think!  After that, Dear Daughter had to head home, and I cooked up some dinner for Dear Son and myself!  Later, our candlelit pumpkin flickered and glowed, looking just perfect, as we snacked on our Halloween goodies, and watched the ball game on t.v.!  The Rangers played so well the night before, that I was sorry to see this night's final score...  Oh well, better luck to them tonight, I hope!

You know?..  the day went so fast, 
I never did get to watch any Halloween movies!... 

Maybe later today!