Monday, July 19, 2010

My Cookie Jar Runneth Over!

The temperatures have come down a little, around my way, at least averaging into the lower 90s and upper 80s these days.  However, low fronts, cold fronts, and pressure systems all seem to be at war, and it now feels more like thunder storm season, than just the lazy days of Summer!...  This past Saturday night brought us quite a show in the skies, with thunder and lightening like I don't think I've ever seen before!  It certainly made for interesting conversation at church the next morning, and I just wish I could have caught it on camera!  We are supposed to get more tonight, so I thought I'd try to catch up a bit here, before I have to shut the computer down again!

Once we finally escaped our high-90s heatwave, I still keep a tall glass of iced tea close by; but at least the mornings, and our most recent rainy days, are cool enough to bake again!

In the past week, I made banana bread...

Wish I had a timer that worked, but I DO have a new mixer!..  No, it's not a KitchenAid, but I'm just happy to have one that works at ALL!  I can get away with mixing brownies by hand, but not much else!!

My last batch of banana bread, without a mixer, did NOT come out well.  The whole batch ended up being a total waste!...

 Nope.. I was NOT happy about this...

But THIS batch came out just right!...  I was feeling better already!  One delicious loaf  for now, and one for the freezer!

Then, just this morning, Dear Son woke up to find me making peanut butter cookies!  He even helped me with them!!  I tried a new recipe this time...   In fact, I doubled it, and was very happy with how they came out!

Again, some for now, and some for the freezer!

Meanwhile I've still been reading, whenever I can fit it in; and I am enjoying the book, The Heart Mender, a great deal!  In fact, I see a wee bit of myself in one of the characters, so the book definitely has my attention, the subject and plot is very well written and interesting, and I'm looking forward to reading at least another chapter today, to see where this story goes.

There has been a lot of buzz about Christmas, in Blogland lately, and it has reminded me to look at my own list of gifts ready and made ahead of time.  Unfortunately, I find I am a little behind schedule, as I've been dipping into my Christmas reserves for birthday gifts instead.  I like to be as prepared as possible come December, so now I have to play Catch-Up!  

Well, Crochet Soiree put out a crochet challenge to get me back on track, so I started with these So Simple Slippers!  Here are the first 3 pairs I made, one in small (dark green), one in medium (burgundy), and one in large (sage green).  I love the pattern, but I wanted just a little more ruffle around the edge, where the ties are woven through, so I added one more row, with a (sc, ch 3, sc in next st) pattern all around. 

I proceeded to make a fourth pair in pink, but got thinking I might like to make gift baskets/bags, each with an assortment of goodies, crocheted, sewn, baked and store-bought combined...  maybe some pretty matching pajamas?..  perfumes, powders, and lotions?...  All that fun girly kinda stuff!!  Well, I decided to make some fancy crochet covered hangers too!  I added a crochet rose and leaves, with a little bit of pearly strung beads, and tiny silk roses along the bottom ruffle, and am very happy with them...  

I will be making more today and tomorrow, I'm sure!  Dear Daughter thought a set of these would be nice as a wedding gift, either for the bride, or from the bride to her bridesmaids!  In the right colors and embellishments, I have to agree!  They would be beautiful for that kind of a thing!..  But for now, for Christmas, I may make a set of two or three hangers, to go with each pair of slippers..  or each two pairs of slippers.  I'll see how far I can go with both patterns, and how these gift sets will all pull together eventually!!

Gosh, it feels good to climb out of my over-heated slump!  I'm feeling inspired, I'm getting things done and  accomplished...   And my cookie jar runneth over!  It's a good day, and I'm wishing the same for everybody!  Thanks for stopping by, and I hope your enjoyed your visit!

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