Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Own Little Hutch

In my own little corner, in my own little hutch,
My collection of milk glass, for you to see!

In the corner of my dining room, on a wall adjacent to the much larger china cabinet I have, you'll see this simple little hutch.  Some years ago, I'd say 10, give or take, a neighbor was going to throw this out, as she was preparing to move to a new home; but I saw potential in the perfectly sized, but battered old piece of furniture!  I took it home and cleaned it up. I thought maybe, when you came by for tea today, that I'd show it to you!

Happy with the color that it already was, I just touched up a couple of spots with a paint mixed to as close to the original color as I could get.  Then I added the darker green to border around the upper shelf area, and around the bottom cabinet doors.  After that I further embellished it with a wallpaper boarder at the middle and on the cabinet doors.  

The biggest problem, however, was the issue of the warped shelves, where they bowed slightly, from whatever weight the previous owner must have set on them. 

Well, I'm not handy with a saw, and I certainly don't have a carpenter awaiting my every beck and call, so the only way I knew to fix this was to conceal it...  And all it took was a couple yards of lace!

I didn't want to use glue, as I figure I will probably have to take it down occasionally to clean it up, or replace it, when it gets too dusty-dirty looking...  So, I used thumbtacks.  What do you think?  TACKY??!!..  Well, I hope not.  I used white ones at least, so that they wouldn't stand out too much! 

It's a little on the shabby looking side, I suppose, but that's all the rage now anyways, right?!  Well, regardless, I threw in some shelf liner, and I finally had a pretty little place to display my milk glass collection!  In the bottom cupboards, I store curtains and a few linens.

At the top I display some milk glass vases, and a couple of my porcelain dolls.  On the wall you see a quilted flag I made some time ago, inspired by a couple that Debbie had made, over at Ribbonwood Cottage!  You can still find her tutorial right HERE!

I 'm glad I finally found the time to show you my little hutch with all my milk glass treasures!  I have been wanting to show it here, for quite some time, but just never got around to it.

I'm very happy I could finally share it with you today!  It's simple, and not worth much in an appraiser's eyes I'm sure,  but I love it!  You could say "It's just my cup of tea"!!

Have another cup with me?  I'm so glad you could stop by!

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