Sunday, January 3, 2010

My first pattern for 2010!

Oh my goodness, if you are a fellow resident of the Great Northeast, then you know as well as I do how brutal the temperatures are feeling right now! Baby, it's COLD outside! With wind gusts possibly as high as 50 mph, and wind chills feeling as low as 10-below, one has to bundle up in layers, complete with all necessary accessories!

I remember one day, while shopping just before Christmas, a woman coming up to me in the store, with an expression of what looked like amazement at the time, and I wondered whatever for! It turns out that she loved my HAT! I don't know how many women can relate, but I often wear my longer hair in a ponytail in the winter time, because of the static electricity. The fly-away hair that results from the season's low humidity, then gets in my face, my eyes, my lip gloss.. You get the picture! AT it's worst, it can really bother the dickens out of me! So I have a couple of ponytail hats I've made; because that bumpy look, from wearing any other kind of hat, I think, just looks AWFUL!.. Anyways, "I LOVE your hat!" this woman in the store said. "My gosh, you should SELL those!" Oh, how often do I get told THAT?! Well, I was very flattered, and I did thank her for her kindness. I remember leaving that store purchasing very little, but I was feeling like a million bucks!

Now recently, I did see (HERE) a very pretty ponytail type of hat on another person's blog; but I have done another version of a ponytail hat, my own way, for years now, and this has raised yet another blogger's curiosity as to how I make mine. Feeling the weather conditions as they are right now, and then still wanting to make a hat to match a new pocketbook I got for Christmas.. THEN, all the while, having been missing my yarns and crochet hooks ever since the big-bad move!!.. Well... NOW just seems the perfect time to share my way to make a ponytail hat for this cold winter season!.. So, I'm happy to now share with you my first crochet pattern for 2010! Here you can see a couple of views of the one I just finished, made to match "Mama's new bag"!

I have made myself a few of these hats in different colors. For the hat shown, I used Red Heart Super Saver acrylic yarn, in color 0406, Med Thyme. It doesn't take terribly long to make one, and the rolled-up cuff is nice for keeping your ears extra warm!

My Pretty Ponytail Hat:

(c) Pattern designed by (TLS) Beansieleigh; then written and posted on January 4, 2010, at

Materials needed:
4-ply acrylic yarn, such as Red Heart Super Saver (approx. 3 to 4 oz., as I had plenty left over from a 7 oz. skein)
1 ponytail elastic (preferably with no metal, but in whatever color you choose)
Crochet hook size G
Yarn needle for weaving in yarn ends

Level of Experience: Some experience may be helpful on this project, perhaps; but for the most part, this should be fairly easy enough even for a beginner!

Gauge: Every two rows = approximately 1/2".

Abbreviations used:
ch = chain
sc = single crochet
sl st = slit stitch
BLO = back loops only
sc dec = single crochet decrease (How to HERE)


*Note: It is always a good idea to read the directions, in their entirety, before beginning your project.

Chain 39.

Row 1: Sc in second chain from hook, and in each chain across. (38 sc) Chain 1, turn.

Rows 2-82: In BLO, sc in each sc across. Ch 1, turn.

After completing Row 82, and turning, keep hook in place and bring bottom row up behind the row you are at, so that you can now crochet the two edges together, to form a tube. To make a nice, neat seam as you go, make sure you go through both loops on the front edge closest to you, while going through the one loop from the back (Row 1) edge. Through all 3 loops, sl st across, to the ends of the rows. (38 sl st) Do NOT finish off.

*Note: Now is the time to try this onto your head to check for size. You may want to add/decrease stitches per row, for length.. OR, you may want to add/decrease rows, whichever may be necessary for circumference around the head. Remember, you will be folding a cuff up, so you should decide on preference and any changes for this too. (I made the folded cuff on my hat approx. 2 and 1/2".) If all is well and fitted at this point, then you may proceed with pattern.

Turn piece, keeping your hook and work in place, so that inside is now the proper outside of your hat. Now, grasping your hair elastic in place, where you left off, sc dec around the elastic and into the middle stitches of the end of every two rows, till you meet back at the beginning. Sl st to connect this round. (This may sound complicated, but you are merely trying to sc around, while decreasing stitches to end up with a proper-sized opening for a ponytail.) You should end up with approx. 21 sc in all, around and now covering your hair elastic.)

*Note: You now have the opening for your ponytail! If you have thin hair, or are making this hat for a child, you may want to weave your yarn through and around the opening, then tighten this yarn before fastening off, so to make the opening even smaller. As I have baby-fine hair, it is necessary for me to do so on my OWN hat. From here, weave in any yarn ends, then just turn the opposite side of your hat to form a folded cuff.

You are now finished! You may of course choose to style or embellish this hat in a number of ways. You can add decorative edging around the cuff, and/or at the ponytail opening. You may want to add ear flaps, and/or ties! I have used variegated colors for hats that came out very pretty! Have fun, enjoy, and may you always wear this in good health!



Susie Jefferson said...

Wow, Tina - I'm in AWE! What a clever idea - you should be sending this pattern in to one of the knitting/crochet magazines for publication! Perfect for the ski season. (not that I ski, or have long hair - but I can certainly appreciate those who do).

And Happy New Year, if I didn't say it before.

Sherry said...

What a great idea, how nice of you to post the pattern. Like Susie i don't have long hair, but i did at one time in my life and i would've loved a hat like that!

Claudia said...

Hello my friend! What an amazing pattern and such a great idea! I do the same thing - wear my hair in a ponytail because of all th static electricity. You are so smart!

I hope you are well and ready for a wonderful 2010. I am going to catch up on your blog.


Beverooni said...

Tina, the lady was right. It is very very clever and I appreciate you sharing your pattern. My daughter-in-law will love one of these.

And on a separate note, I'm lovin' that BAG!

Happy Happy New Year!

Suzie Button said...

Hi Tina, I have good news for you, you're the winner of my snowflakes! Please let me know which colors out of all of them you'd like and I'll get them in the mail right away! My email is purrpage3[at]verizon[dot]net. Suzie

Ghost said...

This hat is really getting around. Thanks for the new pattern.

Shana said...

Ooh Beansie, Ilove that. Now if I had enough hair to put in a ponytail that would be I am glad youa re crocheting again!! I am also glad youa re blogging again! I have missed you lady!

Nancy M. said...

I love it too, it looks awesome! What a neat idea!

LemonyRenee' said...

WHY have I not been to your blog before??? I think I have been thinking your blog was what I now realize is someone else's! Sometimes it's tough being . . . well . . . me.

Anyway, great hat idea! Awfully generous of you to share it this way, too. You could sell it over on Ravelry. (Not that I'm promoting Ravelry . . . the creeps kicked me off there for, honestly, no reason. They mistook me for some of the people who had "friended" me. I'm still not over it, as you can tell.)

I'm joining, so I don't lose track of you again!

Happy New Year!

The Garden Bell said...

That's too cute. Now I just need to find a ponytail.

The Garden Bell said...

Forgot to tell you I"m dyed yarn today for my next ripple.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh my dear, thank you for sharing that pattern! I want to try that myself, even tho I am just an awful beginner and have no innate talent with a crochet hook...but the hat just looks so wonderful and fun!!!

CC said...

Tina..You need your pattern published. I am a crocheter, and your pattern is so well written,that I think an absolute beginner could do this. I just love the hat and it looks so cute on you. No wonder the lady stopped you. You're gorgeous with your hat.
p.s. Congratulations on winning the sparkling snowflakes. They're so pretty, I know you will enjoy them.

Nancy said...

Sell this pattern on etsy! Or, better yet, the hat!!! Or both!

This is just the greatest. Love it. I have a reader that is up in the northeast, too. I hope she stops by to see this because she will be in LOVE!

I cannot thank you enough for sharing with me. I think if I just keep that little MckLinky up each day, it will keep me going, and a share here and there will give me a boost.

This is the third crochet/knitting reference in as many days I have seen on blogs. I want to put the paper away and dig out the yarn! :-) Soon. I'll go really fast on this paper now.

Molly said...

My dear, this is fantastic ! As everyone else has said you either need to get it published or sell the hats. They are super. I have 2 daughters with long hair and I will make each one of these....or maybe two of these 8>) Great work, keep it up, and you are so pretty !!

3anklebiters said...

fantastic idea!

Micki said...

This is a gret pattern..Thanks so much for showing it to us!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I love it! I have been crocheting like crazy lately. Thanks for sharing the pattern. I loved seeing the picture of you! Twyla

Yarnjeannie said...

Your hat's cute! Makes me wish I had a ponytail! My hair's very short and any hat I put on flattens it down!

Caroline said...

I absolutely love the hat!!!! Thanks for the pattern. Now that my hair is past my shoulders I'll have to gove it a go......that is after I finish the in-laws CBN jack Russell afghan (bain of my exsistence! LOL).

Oliva said...

Love your hat!!!...and the best thing is that I can make one!!! What a great ponytail hat for my MN family!!!! TFS!

Lisa said...

I should so learn to knit. I am not good with my hands. But I have never tried Knitting and I guess I should at least try! love the Hat you trend setter!!
Hugs, Lisa

Lynn said...

Wow, Tina! That makes me wish I could crochet!
Waaay cute!

Kerrie said...

Hi! What a great pattern! It certainly would make a great gift for the grandchildren! Makes me wish I did have long hair-ha! My Monster skein of yarn is 32 ounces in answer to your question and I bought it at A.C. Moore Craft store. I had never seen one that big before either! Yes, I know what those winters are like as we are orig. from Auburn, NY! That's why we live in SC these past 21 yrs.-ha! hugs, Kerrie

Kerrie said...

I have featured your links on my blogs this morning, I so love your site! Kerrie

RootsAndWingsCo said...

What a great idea! We don't get really cold here in Phoenix, but it is still cold to us. I've been thinking of making a hat. This might be a fun one to try!
Rebecca of the R&W Gals

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Dang that's soooo cute and CLEVER..... I so wish I could wear's just not a pretty picture. And, my hair is ponytail sticking out...just maybe a little bit of fluff!

Happy, Happy New Year! May 2010 be filled with blessings for you and yours....

Spencer SHOULD sell those hats! :-)