Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wish Upon A Star!

Today I'm excited to join Heidi, at Fairy Footprints In The Sand, for this first week of Magical Disney Sunday! When Heidi invited others to participate, right away, I knew I wanted to be a part of this! I love all the Disney movies and fairy tales! What little girl at heart doesn't?! There are so many wonderful Disney movies, stories, and characters, that it is impossible to pick only one favorite!

It was a coincidence, in fact, that right around the time Heidi proposed the idea of this weekly event, that I had just found this picture in a box at the tail end of a church sale. I loved it as soon as I saw it, snapped it out of that box, and claimed it as my own! The lucky thing was that the vendor then told me I could HAVE it!.. No charge!

I love Jiminy Cricket, and the lyrics to "When You Wish Upon A Star" are dear to my heart. Life may not always play out exactly the way you planned, but this beautiful song reminds you that "if your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme". It's a song of hope, even assurance, and it is all the more reason this picture means so much to me!

In the story, Jiminy is appointed as Pinocchio's Official Conscience. It was his job to help and look out for Pinocchio, to teach and guide him to do what was right. It wasn't necessarily an easy job, but whenever Pinocchio needed him, all he had to do was "give a little whistle"... once he learned how to whistle, of course! Can you imagine? It makes me want to wish upon a star for Jiminy Cricket to be MY official conscience!.. "But Jiminy, I really, really, really LOVE that beautiful pair of earrings that are on QVC right now!.. Well, no, I don't NEED them, but.. but.. Oh alright.. FINE! Let's just watch THIS instead!"

Another great song!.. Well, back to my picture.. When I first got it, it was just a piece of paper in an old frame I didn't really like. I set it on some pink tissue paper, glittered it up just a bit, added a couple of sparkly stars, then set it in a nicer looking frame. It now hangs among a growing collection of pictures, near to my stereo and entertainment center. I find myself now calling it my Wall of Fame!

As I got thinking more about the story of Pinocchio, the movie, and the songs, I went to look for the book. Much to my own surprise, it turned out I had THREE Little Golden Books!

I then wondered more about the history and making of the movie, and here is what I found.

Isn't that fascinating? I always LOVE to hear the history, and all the behind-the-scenes makings of a movie!.. Oh, hold on.. My phone's ringing!.. It turns out Dear Daughter wants to go apple picking today! The weather is perfect too!

Well, I couldn't see any reason why Jiminy couldn't come along for the fun, and I'm so glad he did! Just look at one of the beautiful apples he picked today!

Here's a picture of me, up in a tree! I am not terribly fond of heights, but I just HAD to reach for those nicer apples, towards the top!

O.K.. Umm.. Might there be a nice strong handsome fireman around somewhere, to help me get OUT of this tree now?!.. Anyone?.. No?.. (sigh).. Oh, fine. Never mind. I'll just try to get down by myself!

Gosh, I've eaten two apples already! I just hope the witch from Snow White hasn't been hangin' around this orchard! Now that our bushels are picked, and paid for, I guess it's time to head home. It looks like I've got some baking to do! I hope you had fun joining me today! Thank you so much for stopping by! Please be sure to pay Heidi a visit! I'm sure she's looking forward to seeing you!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Beansie, I just love it sweetie, I just love it. Thank you for sharing and for being so supportive of this dream for Heidi. She will be so pleased to know that some wanted to participate. I did too ofcourse, so you will have to come and check out my blog. Love it. Jiminy Cricket is just so sweet. Disney Sunday is going to be fun for us ones that will always be young at heart. Now get out of the tree, what in the Sam Hill are you thinking? Ha!Ha!Ha!

I will be leaving early Wednesday morning for Oklahoma. It is time to go home and be with Debbie. She needs me. I will be driving straight through. At least 19+ hours, depending on how many times I have to stop along the way. Heidi will be posting any updates as I will be checking with her daily and sometimes more. She will post what I share with her. So keep an eye on her blog. I am passing the torch while I am gone.

Have a wonderful blessed day sweet friend. Country hugs and love always, Sherry

Heidi said...

Hiya Tina, great great post today, I am so excited I can't wait to see how many people we can get to participate, we will have many wishes and dreams going on every Sunday. I love it. Wow and how neat is that is was definately a sign that you found that Jiminy Cricket scripture and picture that is awesome :0) I love your post today. Oh and if I see any firemen I will send em your way ;0)

Have a great Sunday, I am afraid of heights too lol.


Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Tina, this is just too much fun. I love Disney and of course, I live right here with all the fun in Orlando. Great post!

Barb ♥

Keri said...

Love your Disney post, Tina! I love Disney, but it's my husband who is truly the Disney Afficionado in our family. He's creates TV commercials for our NBC affiliate here in OKC, but his dream has always been to work for Disney. I'll have to forward your posts to him . . . he will enjoy the history lessons, just as I do! Thanks for going to all the trouble. - Keri

Sares said...

Jiminy Cricket is one classy insect for sure! I love his voice, so it was interesting to see the actor behind the animation. I think I appreciate Pinocchio more as an adult than when I first saw it. I think maybe I was in Jr.High, believe it or not. The whole Pinocchio nose growing when you lie theme is certainly something that has withstood the test of time! I think he's adorable now!

Too bad about those firemen not showing up during your apple picking excursion, you can't find a good man when you need one!
Thanks for sharing and have a great Sunday!

Heidi said...

Tina, a three day weekend? Woohoo you will have plenty of time to think up the next post :0) if you need any help with html I know a little bit let me know what you were thinking of doing and I will help ya out if it's something I know about. is my email just shoot me an email let me know what your looking for most of the html I created I have in my gadgests so its really easy to use. Have a great three days off girl. I am so happy that you joined me, I was afraid everyone would think I lost my marbles.


Lisa said...

Oh you are a Pinocchio fan! I love it too! Figaro is a great little kitty! This was a fun party! I guess I missed the sign up!
Hugs, Lisa

Micki said...

I wrote Heidi and want to join, so if she takes me in, this Mickey fan(thus my name) will join in too. I love Pinocchio and really most of Disney stuff.