Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gone With The Wind Blogland Ball!

The big day is finally here, and I really am so excited! Nikki, at The Scarlet Rose Garden, is hosting a Gone With The Wind Blogland Ball today! Please be sure to pay her a visit; and while you're there, see her listing of all the other participants who have joined in on the festivities!

As soon as I had first heard about this, I signed right up! Gone With The Wind is my favorite movie, and I have been collecting what memorabilia that I have for.. oh.. at least 20 years or so. I believe the first piece that started it all was the doll I crocheted the white ruffle dress for. Scarlett wears this dress in the opening scene of the movie, where she is on the porch talking to the Tarleton twins. "Fiddle dee dee.. War, war, war! This war talk's spoiling the fun at every party this spring!"

The book you see next to my doll is one of my favorite books. Along with a complete screenplay, it tells much of the history of the making of Gone With The Wind! It is written by Sidney Howard, and it has a copyrite date of 1980, and it is FULL of wonderful photos of everybody as the movie was being made, including still shots, and behind-the-scenes shots!

So, as it turns out, here I am.. a little underdressed for a BALL, wouldn't you agree?! I doubt my blue jeans would even get me anywhere close to the red carpet!.. It seems this little Cinderella's Fairy Godmother either had a GPS tracking device malfunction, or she forgot about our appointment altogether!

Well, I am wearing one thing that fits the style of the times. Throughout the movie you see Scarlett and other women wearing what is called a snood. A funny name for a hairpiece, I think, but this fashion accessory was very common in those days.

Since I crochet, it seemed fitting that I could easily make one to show-and-tell today. It was very quick and easy to make. I used a size G hook and some sportweight yarn, and finished it in an evening! You can find one pattern HERE. There's another one HERE.. But THIS PATTERN is the one I used, and like best!

Great balls of fire! Why, Mammy would surely tell me!.. I've got no more manners than a fieldhand! Please do come in, and make yourself comfortable! Would you like a piece of my homemade "Peachtree Street Gingerbread Cake"? I made this from a recipe in the cookbook you see below! I was THRILLED when I found this! It is in good condition, but has no date. The first page of the booklet say DOES, however, say it is "A Gift with your purchase of Pebeco Toothpaste". Anybody out there in Blogland ever hear of THIS kind of toothpaste before?

Well, anyways, this little 48-page booklet has recipes for "Gerald O'Hara Ham Steak", "Mammy's Shrimp Cakes", "Melanie's Sweet Potato Pie", and many more! The frosting recipe I used for this cake is also in this book. It is the first time I have ever made frosting like this! It was made in a double boiler, and whipped up with an electric mixer for a good 8 minutes while it was still hot! It not only tastes delicious, but I must say, even though my photo does not show it, it's the prettiest frosting I've ever made! It has a beautiful glossy shine to it that you'll never find in those plastic containers on the store shelves! Other recipes I still want to try from this little book are "Southern Sour Cream Cookies", "Aunt Pitty Pat's Coconut Pudding", and "Twelve Oaks Plum Pudding"!

Now, while we are talking books, here are the others in my collection.. Here are my 3 copies of Gone With The Wind, by Margaret Mitchell. The oldest one in this photo, is the one at the right. It has a copyrite date of 1938.

Here's one that just looks like a book!.. but then you open it up to find it's a secret hiding place for small treasure or valuables of any kinds. I got this at a Ben Franklin Craft Store.

I don't put anything in it, but in the photo you see I have a packet of Scarlett O'Hara Morning Glory Seeds! I didn't have any success growing them this year, but would like to try again next year!

Here are a set of 4 TV Guides, which featured Gone With The Wind, during the week of December 23rd-29th, 2000. My brother gave me these!

Here I have two calendars. The front orange-colored one is from 1996, and the dark teal colored one in back is for the year 1997.

Next, you see the biographies. The hard-cover for Clark Gable's has a copyrite date of 1976, while the paperback has a copyrite date of 1978. The author is Lyn Tornabene. The biography of Vivien Leigh, in paperback, is written by Anne Edwards, and has a copyrite date of 1978.

I have a copy of Scarlett, in paperback. It is written by Alexandra Ripley, and it has a copyrite date of 1992. I keep an eye out for the hard cover at yard sales and church sales.

Is anyone wondering where the musical entertainment is today? Well, you could go to my right side bar and play my Gone With The Wind selections there. But for the moment, you may want to put it on pause. As Gone With The Wind is so well known and loved everywhere, is it any wonder that so many pay tribute, or even imitate it in doing so? Yesterday, I posted Carol Burnett's comical version of the movie. Well, those who know me well, know I also collect Muppet memorabilia, and I came across this little video for those of us who are still young enough at heart to appreciate this one! Actually, do you remember this one from when you were young?

Oh, I see you've finished your cake already! Would you like a drink? Perhaps you would like a "Scarlet O'Hara"?.. or maybe a "Rhett Butler"?.. or how about some "Scarlett O'Hara Punch"? Just click the highlighted names, and you can learn how to make them! Of course, if you're not in the mood for an alcoholic beverage, than perhaps you'd like some fresh hot coffee!

While you're sipping on the beverage of your choice, here's a little something I found fascinating! I used to LOVE to draw when I was a young girl, so I liked seeing this from beginning to end! You may find the music is nice here, so you might want to put the side bar music on pause.

Call me biased, but I think I'm lucky to have an original portrait far MORE beautiful of Vivien Leigh as Scarlett! Here is the one my brother drew, matted, and framed just for me! I LOVE this picture, and I LOVE my brother for making this for me!

Having already showed you one of my dolls, here is another, from the Barbie Hollywood Legends Collection!

As stated inside the box, "In velvet and satin and feathers and fringe, Barbie charms Atlanta and Rhett Butler in her gown made from the drapes of Tara." The box is dated 1994.

While once away on vacation, I came across this in a gift shop, and my heart was absolutely aflutter! There, I saw this booklet of Clark Gable paper dolls, by Tom Tierney. It has a copyrite date of 1986. I was slightly disappointed there wasn't one with Vivien Leigh paper dolls, but still I walked out of that shop as happy as if I had just won the million dollar lottery!

Now I am a collector of many things, I admit, but I do not collect stamps in particular as a hobby. However, if I happen to be in the post office, and I see a set of collectible stamps that relate to something else I DO collect, then I'll buy them! So, when I saw these stamps with Hattie McDaniel on them, waiting in line THAT day was torture! I wanted those stamps, and I wanted them NOW! I LOVE Mammy in this movie! She has me smiling the minute I see her hanging out that second story window, hollering at Scarlett to invite the Tarleton boys to supper, and to get her shawl on while the night air is settin' in! Here is a video of Hattie McDaniel receiving her Oscar for best supporting actress! She was the FIRST black performer to win an Academy Award! No matter how many times I watch this, I can't keep from crying right along with her!

Well , I'm having fun today, and I hope you are too! I had more things to show, but just couldn't fit it all in! Maybe I can show them another time. Thank you so much for stopping by! I can't wait to see everybody else at the ball today! I hope maybe you'll be my guest, and come along!

You know?.. It's funny how only weeks before this movie was finished being made, the rumors all over Hollywood were that it was doomed to be nothing more than a big disaster. On December 15th, 1939, Gone With The Wind premiered in Atlanta, and has ever since been considered by many as the greatest motion picture ever made! Is it any wonder what I'll be doing after I'm "back home from the ball"? "Oh Rhett, What shall I do? Where shall I go?" Well, frankly, my dear friends, I think I'll just head into my living room, pop this into the DVD player, settle in with my crochet projects.. Maybe I'll have some popcorn, or another piece of that cake! Enjoy your extended holiday weekend! "Tomorrow is another day!" I'll see you then!


Jorgelina said...

Wonderful post!
A classic and unforgettable film.

Rue said...

Loved this post! I'm mighty jealous of your recipe book. I'll have to search for one :)


Debbie said...

This was wonderfully entertaining, thanks for sharing. I love the pic your brother sketched...what a neat gift! I have that mug too and the cake was delicious thank you..enjoy your day at the ball...Debbie

Yarnjeannie said...

As always an entertaining post! Enjoy your holiday!

Tammy said...

Love your GWTW post!

That "snood" is too cute! ;D

Lisa said...

WOW! You are a GWTW Fan from way back! You have it all! Really great stuff thanks for sharing!
Hugs, Lisa

Liz said...

Oh how lovely your collection is! You did a great job with the post!


Marsha said...

Super post! I LOVE your snood!!! It goes so well with your outfit, LOL!! I have that same cover/book, the one on the top left hand side. It was my aunt's and she gave it to me. Although the cover on mine is NOT in as good condition as yours :)

Have a super day!


Sares said...

What a fun post! You have lots of neat GWTW things. Your videos were a great addition to the party! Your cake was delicious too! That cookbook sounds like a keeper. It would be fun to plan a whole meal and have a party around the GWTW theme. Have a grand time at the Ball and have a beautiful day!

hpabate said...

Oh sweety what a collection. Those t.v. guides I remember when we used to get them, no days you don't see them like you used to. The barbie doll is great! I loved to collect them as a child, but got to anxious and always took them out of the box and then they were ruined. Your Gone with the wind collection is wonderful, and look absolutely adorable in your snood.

Enjoy the rest of your Gone with the wind day :0) Have a blessed day.


Valerie said...

You covered it all...

I laughed (I am with you - that is my GWTW outfit also - only I don't have a neat snood), got teary with all the memorabilia you have and yes, Hattie McDaniel (did you know the city officials would not let her attend the Atlanta premiere of GWTW?).

I got hungry (your cooked frosting turned out delightful and how neat we both did the same thing for this blog party).

And what a cookbook. Just the cover alone - food, cooking and GWTW.

And best of all I am going to make me a Scarlett O'hara drink and settle in and play all the video clips you furnished for us.

And what a drawing your brother did of Scarlett - an excellent job.

You are adorable and fun and this is definitely one of my favs of all the posts today.

Lisa said...

What a fun post! I know that cookbook has some good old fashioned southern cookin' in it!:)You have such an amazing collection!

Shana said...

Hey, I have a hardback copy of Scarlett you can have. It might take me a while to get it mailed to you because of everything going on but I will give it to you if you want it. I love Gone With The Wind and feel it is definitely one of the best movies ever. Loved your post. Thanks for the prayers also.

CC said...

How, more than a wonderful post.
I loved every word of it..I specially loved the drawing your brother made. Just a truly gorgeous posting...
p.s. Have you ever considered becoming a writer??? You sure're very good.

CC said...

Another p.s. I will be searching for the Gone With the Wind cookbook, till I find it. I just have to have one..

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Beansieleigh!
Oh my gosh I so love your collection. What a wonderful way to spend the day with Gone With the Wind. That was the best movie ever. That was when acting was really acting. Today we just see productions. Love the hat you made. You know me and my hats. I would so love to learn to crochet, but you know how some people have two left feet and can't dance? Well I have two left hands and can't crochet. I have so tried, and I would crochet myself lots of hats and scarfs if I could crochet. Not going to happen in my lifetime. Thanks for sharing sweetie, and have a wonderful day. Country hugs, Sherry

D said...

Hi, Beanie,

Great, wonderful, entertaining post. Love your snood. You have some great stuff I didn't know about. Have fun at the ball!


Keri said...

I can only reiterate what everyone else has already said . . . Fun and very informative post, as always. Your energy wears me out! :)

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

You have a great GWTW collection! I enjoyed seeing everything! Cute snood, too!


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What a terrific GWTW post! You have such a wonderful collection! That drawing that your brother did is absolutely awesome! Love that you included Hattie's speech. The paper dolls and stamps are great, too. I also have a wooden book and only 2 of the 4 TV Guides. The cookbook sounds like it has some great recipes. Hasn't this been fun?!?

Fiddle Dee Dee,
Angelic Accents

Sherri said...

Thanks for stopping by my Blog today! How lucky you are to have a portrait of Vivien done by your brother! That gingerbread sounds divine!

Lynn said...

I enjoyed your whole post!!

"Lawdy, Miss Scarlet, I don know nuthin' bout birthin no babies!"

daylily777 said...

Hi, I love your collection. The snood is great , you do look like a southern bell wearing it. great post, I enjoyed myself.
Thsnks for stopping by.

Tiffany said...

This was simply lovely! You have such a rare collection. I'm in love with your cook book! I have read the biography about Vivien Leigh, but, not about Clark Gable. Is it as good? I am reading GWTW right now, but plan to follow it with Scarlett and the others as well.I just got my post up, but, I hope you will come by for a visit! This is so much fun!

Mary said...

What a cool post and what a fantastic collection you have there! I can't believe there is more!! I love Gone with the Wind too. Whenever it comes on, I am planted in front of the tv. I really do need my own copy, but the "following" is cult-ish and part of the fun!

That cookbook sound fantastic - oh and that frosting is known as 7 minute frosting! So old fashioned, it's been around faevah! I think Miss Paula Deen still uses it sometimes.

Have a great week!!

Micki said...

I love Gone with the Wind too and your collection is wonderful! I really enjoyed the post!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Evening Beansieleigh:
I have left a message on my blog for you, please stop by and take a look. Thanks again for the wonderful award. I feel so honored. Country hugs and love, Sherry

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

So thrilled Beansieleigh to have made your day. I was just as thrilled and honored to have been given the award. You are a gem you are. I wish we were having some of your cool weather. I think we are in for a very long summer, that is why Fall is here inside. I have to celebrate something to cool this place down. It has been way to hottt, way to longgg. I need to get in the attic this weekend and get the rest of my Fall decorations down. I sure wish I could crochet with all of the wonderful things you have made. I so loved your rooster. How sweet was he, in blue no doubt? You are just so special to me, and I love to see you smiling at me. Thanks for sharing each and every time I come to visit. Country hugs and love, Sherry

Hootin' Anni said...

Hello...I'm here from Sherry's @ Country Wings in Phoenix since she passed the HUMANE award that you presented her; to me!!! And boy howdy, am I ever so glad I stopped by. This post on GWTW just sets my heart aglow! My whole master bedroom is done in GWTW memorabilia!!! Wow!!! You have a great collection. I'm so happy to meet you and will click on "Followers" as soon as I post this comment. Enjoy your Wednesday.

Marsha said...

HI! You do have quite a a collection and I agree, it was one of the all time best movies! So glad you stopped by my blog and thanks from the bottom of my heart for such a sweet sweet comment. I would be so honored if you would join me on our journey as you mentioned doing. :) I, in the meantime, will be following your sweet blog. Have a great day!

A Hint of Home said...

You have quite a collection there. I love that movie.
Thanks for your visit today. My hubby is great in helping around the house. I'm blessed.

Michelle said...

Hi Beansie, Frankly my dear..............
I loved the post! It is a wonderful movie isnt it! I will keep a look out for GWTW items for you as Im hitting the sales! Love the snood! Talk to you soon.

Denise said...

Thanks for stopping by my place. Love your GWTW collection, you know I don't think I've ever seen the movie all the way through!

Barbara said...

My favorite muppet is cookie monster, thank you for sharing. I enjoyed the visit.

Kelee Katillac said...

Hi Tina!

So wonderful to meet you and thank-you for stopping over!

I can't believe your collection! The recipes are hysterical--the hamsteak? HA!

You are soooo fun!!

love, kelee

Sue said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog for my very first TT.
I have enjoyed my visit to your blog - GWTW was my very favorite book when I was a teen. (I still love it) But when I was young I read it so many times that I could recite the first page to you ( and still can say the first few sentences perfectly and I haven't read it in 30 years or more) I have a copy of the book published in 1940 - I think it was the first or second movie edition. Such a treasure given to me by my aunt.

Kathleen said...

That was great! So many fun events out in Blogland...I remember reading that book when I was young and hating that it was ending!!
Fun post!

Chandy said...

Love this post! And thanks for visiting me on my last post. I wish I can just have time to post and visit all day like I used to. Hoping to do that soon again.

Love all the pictures!