Thursday, August 20, 2009

O.K.... Places Everyone!

Here's a project I've been long wanting to do! I finally found the time and motivation to make my own crochet placemats. It's a good time to, I think, as I now begin to plan ahead for Fall decorating, and even the holidays! My first inspirations to do these, however, originally came from two sources. One, from all the beautiful Thursday Tablescapes I see from week to week; and then, more recently, from HERE, when I saw Pammy Sue's very pretty crochet work in her July 29th post!

When I came to that stall on my pink granny square afghan, and as I STILL ever so *patiently* WAIT for Walmart to simply restock on the yarn I need.. I decided to start on some rectangular granny placemats! So far, I have done two sets of 4.. One set in Windsor Blue and the other in Burgundy. At first, I did consider making them multi-colored, but I decided I preferred to keep them solid, thus making them more versatile for my own various table settings and purposes. I find these to work up quickly, while I think the very simple design that it is still looks very pretty! I crocheted mine in eleven rounds, with a size H hook. The size of each one comes out to be approximately 12" x 15". One 7-oz. skein made 2 placemats, with a bit of yarn left over. A pretty edging is optional, and might be very nice, but I decided just to keep it simple for now.

I really LOVE making these, and am not too sure when it will all stop! While I'll be starting a set of green today, I am still deciding on what fall color I'd like to make a set in! I may make more of certain colors for bigger crowds, or I may just mix and match what I have. For example, I may use BOTH the burgundy and the green for a larger Christmas Dinner crowd.

When not in use, these will all be stored in either my dining room hutch or my kitchen hutch, I'm not sure which yet, but they will be ready for any table setting I wish to throw together for whatever the season or occasion may be! I'm thinking of doing these for Christmas gifts as well! I'll show you those if and when I get a couple of sets done!

Well, I finished two more mice! Again, you'll find the sweet pattern for them at Caroline's blog, The Kansas Hooker. If you remember, my daughter wanted one, and then I still wanted to make one for a friend of hers too. I used RHSS acrylic yarn, this time both in light grey. These little ones have no names as of yet. I decided to leave that up to the girls! Meanwhile, CC's mouse was brought to the post office, and is indeed on that mail truck by now, officially on its way!

Along with what crocheting I can fit in today, I hope to get a little baking done too. My most recent check of cookie jars around here has alerted me to the dangerously low supply!.. And my gosh, we just cannot have THAT, now can we?!


Faith said...

These are what got me started, when I saw
Pammy's, and ended up with oval ruffled
one..I couldn't get these many
did you chain to start the pattern? Very pretty, and now I want to make these again....I have the pattern Pammy sent me, I have to look in my craft binder.. I have not crocheted in about 2 weeks, uninspired..and I miss my hook and yarn...

CC said...

Oooooo, I love your placemats. They're beautiful. I can't wait to see more of them.
And sweet little mouses, how wonderful. They have to be the cutest mouses I've ever seen.

susan said...

I am in awe of your talent--love those placemats! Thanks for stopping by--Our daughter and new son in law dated four years also--they will know when it right!

D said...

I'm glad I found your blog. I just love "mice" things. Especially Christmas mice. And I have always loved the story of the City and Country Mouse. I signed on as a follower.
And Thanks for stopping by my place. :)

Florida Sue said...

Tina do you sell your beautiful things? Maybe I am looking in the wrong spot. I have some friends who would just love work as gifts. Email me if you get a chance.. Yes, Tuesday Morning is my new favorite store after TJMaxx!

hpabate said...

Hi Tina my friend, you are so right about the trip with my dad. I never know what the future holds for me and this is definately a time to cherish with my dad. I am sorry you don't have a tight family and I know what you mean about being very close to your children. I am very close to mine, I felt as thought punishment would not be by my hand but by talking. I dont believe in spankings, I know everyone all has different ways of raising their children, but for me this is mine. I admire your closeness to your children. Thank you for visiting me today.

I love your table setting on your blog today, its so beautiful.


Lisa said...

Lots of great stuff! Love the bears and the jar!!
Hugs, Lisa

Shana said...

I really need to make me some placemats. See now you will get me in trouble because I would just HAVE to buy more yarn so it they will be just I still adore those mice. Too cute!

Neabear said...

Your new placemats look great. Thanks for the tip on how you made them. I should do that too. Making them a solid color is a good idea too.

Keri said...

Beeee-uuuu-tiiii-ful placemats!! :) I for darn sure need that pattern. What a great gift a set (or two) of those would make! As always, I love reading your blog 'cause it always brings a smile to my world. Thanks for that.

Also, thanks for the tip about the sewing machine. I talked to my husband about it, and he agrees that we could use some kind of sewing contraption around here. My gift certificate is through, so I've been reviewing what they have. Their reviews look quite positive for the "Brother" machine. Do you know anything about them? I thought I might put a post on my blog and see if I can get some "educated" opinions, since I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination!

Anyway, I wanted to thank you for the tip and let you know that I dropped in! - Keri -

CC said...

Little Suri arrived safely today..I've done my Pink Saturday post of her...she is safe,and happy with her new friends here..I just love her.