Thursday, August 13, 2009

Catch Me If You Flan!

Today, the hottest day of the week so far, and what did I do? I ran that oven, and made homemade meatloaf, and then a homemade macaroni and cheese.. and then, if THAT wasn't enough, I baked a flan cake for dessert! Well, surely, you never thought the summer heat would stop ME from making my favorite snacks and desserts! I HOPE you know me better than THAT by now!

As I was making this cake, I wondered how many people have made a flan cake or not, or if some had even heard of one before. The first time I had heard of such a cake was at a Pampered Chef party. No, not Swedish Chef!.. PAMPERED Chef!.. I can't remember how many years ago that was, but I do recall the sales consultant showing everybody how to make various hors d'oeuvres, and all the kitchen tools and accessessories we'd need to make them. Well, then she showed how to make this cake. I had never seen a cake made like this before! Then, there were these special cake pans I would need to make these wonderful cakes!! Oh, I HAD to have them! While I do remember the price to be fair, I don't even recall that being an issue! I simply got out my checkbook, and placed my order right away!

Having just visited the website, only moments ago, I don't see the exact same "flan pans" I bought back then. I would still ask a consultant about it, but I do, however, still see a set of "torte pans". I am no chef, and I admit I don't know the difference between a flan and a torte!.. but they look as if you could use them for the same type of recipe! Of course, another option, if I were reading this, and if I could not/prefer not to make the expense for new pans at this time, I would probably then grab a big spoon and just scoop the indentation out of a cake layer myself! So, you see, anyone can make this, one way or another! The basic idea is to bake your layers of cake, then fill up that indentation with whatever you like from there! You could use pudding fillings, cream cheese fillings, ice cream fillings. You could add various flavored extracts or liqueurs! Oh but stop! They already had me at puddings!!.. Chocolate puddings! Be still my heart!

Well, I've been making these cakes ever since. I like that one cake mix makes 2 good sized (almost 10") layers of cake. I have one for now, and freeze the other for any surprise guests who might happen to show up! You might even be invited somewhere else for dinner at the last minute, and don't want to show up empty-handed! How easy it is to grab a layer of cake out of the freezer, and whip up a dessert like this! I LOVE it! If you think it sounds good too, here's a favorite recipe I've come up with that's been a big hit with family and company alike!

Beansie's Flan Cake:

(Read entire recipe before starting.)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray cake pans with non-stick spray.

You'll need one Duncan Hines Coconut Supreme cake mix, as shown...

You will need water, vegetable oil, and 3 eggs, as indicated on the box. Follow the directions as shown on the package, then pour batter into pans. Bake for approximately 20 to 25 minutes, using a toothpick to test if they are done yet or not. Remove cakes from oven. Cool in the pans, on wire cooling racks, for about 10 minutes, then turn cakes out onto serving plates. Here, I use one, and freeze one for later! See, up close, the indentation in this layer of cake? It's not very deep.. Just maybe a half inch..

While the cakes are cooling, I take a 3.4 oz. box of vanilla instant pudding, and prepare that according to the directions on the box. I let that set in the refrigerator for about 5 minutes, then spoon as much pudding as I can fit into the indentation on the cake. Any left over will never go to waste, of course! I finish whatever's left in that bowl right then and there!

Next, I take a small can of crushed pineapple and spoon it around the outer edge of the pudding. You may want to just cover the whole top, but that is up to you.. it's your cake!.. You just might need a bigger can of pineapple! Anyways, next, I take about a half of a 10-oz. jar of maraschino cherries. I remove the stems, cut each in half, then set on a paper towel for just a minute or two. I place these around the edge of the cake, on top of the pineapple (see photo)... And there you have my version of flan cake! I put it in the refrigerator till it's time for dessert!


Beverooni said...

If it weren't 20 minutes to midnight, I'd be baking this cake right now!

Yarnjeannie said...

Oh, yummmmmm! I'm not much for baking, so I'm jealous! That looks delicious!

Faith said...

knock,'s me your neighbor next door
(virtual neighbor) coffee in up? Got
Cake? This looks so good...never heard of a flan cake before... I know I like flan custard.....and I like cake....mmmm mmmm good... we can celebrate
the kids going back to school...mine go back in
5 beautiful days...IT IS TIME.....

Lisa said...

Super cool! Sounds like you guys are having a great dinner!
Hugs, Lisa

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Wow, does this look yummy! Thanks for the recipe! Susan