Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wheely Busy!

Dear Daughter's graduation has certainly kept me busy, between preparing for, and then catching up after. I am so very proud of her! Watching her get her diplomas was one of the proudest, happiest moments of my life!.. But after all the rush, traveling, and crowds throughout the weekend.. My feet killing me, from hiking all over that campus in HIGH HEELS! I can't help but feel somewhat relieved to be back in my slippers or sneakers, and back to a ho-hum-routine way of things again. I was starting to miss my crochet projects.. my quiet time on the front porch to read, or feed the birds.. and of course my escapes to Blogland, whenever time allows!

Amongst my present WIPs, the one I am working most diligently on, at the moment, is a SECOND 8-Pocket Tote Bag! I have picked out darker colors for this one, and am hoping that the overall appearance will still be a stylish and pretty one. I've really enjoyed crocheting-along with Faith and Pam to make these!

In the meantime, I got to crochet-along a little with Cupy! We were "wheely busy"working on School Bus Scarves! She is, I think, making her second one now; but it was my intention only to make one, and here you see it! Displayed with it is a hanging ornament of sorts, which I made with plastic canvas. I am hoping a bus driver will like both items as a set!

Well, into the Christmas box they go, till Ho! Ho! Ho!.. that season rolls 'round our way again! Oh, but please!.. No! No! No! Let's not even THINK about THAT just yet! Let's just enjoy the spring and summer seasons while we've got them!


maidenshade said...

Good morning! How cute is that??? Gosh you are so clever!

I'm stopping by to say hello. I've posted a nice message today, IMHO anyway. Have a look.


Beverooni said...

What a great idea! Makes me wish I had kids still in school and riding the bus. Very clever indeed.

I can understand your pride in your daughter. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to see them accomplish such fantastic milestones?

Beansieleigh said...

To J, MaidenShade and Beverooni... Thanks! I would like to think I'm so clever, but I just followed the pattern! The clever one who wrote this pattern up is Amanda Rader, according to the pattern web page. As for Dear Daughter, I am just beside myself with pride and emotion. I still can hardly LOOK at that post without tearing up! She is moving on to get her Master's Degree now!!! (0: Thanks to you both for stopping by!

Florida Sue said...

...and look at your wonderful talent. I am all thumbs when it comes to that sort of thing, so I really admire your ability to craft such cool things!

Rhondi said...

I'm so glad you are going to join the porch party! It's going to be fun. Could you please just email me (my email is on my profile)to confirm it? I like to send you an email to all the particiapnts a couple days before to make sure you're still joining us. Hugs, Rhondi

Beansieleigh said...

To Florida Sue.. Thanks! It is definitely what I love!.. while there are so many new and different arts and crafts out there that any one of us could venture out and try! I am always amazed at all the beautiful new things and new places I see throughout "Blogland"!!

To Rhondi.. It is DONE! (0;

alicesg said...

Wow you are so good with your crochet. I just take up crocheting from learning from you tube. I love your little purse that looked like a cookie.

Lynn said...

Hi, Beansieleigh!
I absolutely LOVE that scarf! What a clever idea! As a retired teacher I have lots of teacher stuff but I never got anything so clever.
Oops, sorry. I didn't mean to yell.

Beansieleigh said...

To alicesg.. Thank you! I'm so happy to hear you want to learn.. but to learn off of You Tube? That's just AMAZING! Please do write me again, and let me know how you're progressing and what you've made, ok? I'd love to hear about it!

To Lynn... Thank you! Actually, I AM still debating WHO I should give it to.. a bus driver or a teacher... or, of course, I COULD just make ANOTHER one or two!! THERE'S an idea!.. As for my aching feet.. you're right.. I forgot all about THAT! Believe me, I still can hardly look at my own post again without tearing up!.. The photos we took that day came out very nice, and Dear Daughter wants to hang and frame practically EVERY one of them! But I LOVE that, because she SHOULD feel so proud of herself!!.. and it was a day that BOTH she and I will hold dear in our hearts TOGETHER!... oh.. now... I don't want to cry AGAIN!! (0; Well, she's moving on to her Master's Degree!

Luna said...

This is so beautiful....never seen something like this one before,it's so cute .I love it.Great job ! Congratulations ....!

Hugs ,


Beansieleigh said...

Hola Luna! Thank you! I have just always wanted to try this one, and Cupy gave me the nudge I needed to get started! It was really pretty easy and quick, so I just might make another one soon, to have ready for gift-giving purposes.. for either Christmas, or for a cute end-of-the-school-year "thank you" gift, for a bus driver or a teacher! ((Hugs)) and Thank you for stopping by!

Jillian said...

Your school bus scarf is adorable! I've never seen anything like it. And your daughter appearing in her cap and gown along with your description had me welling up with tears. I only hope I will get to feel the same way when Dear Bebe is graduating...in uh...about 17 years! :0)

Beansieleigh said...

To Jillian.. Thank you! I really enjoyed making this scarf! As for Dear Bebe, cherish every moment, if even it's just walking up and down the grocery aisles together.. or sitting around watching the grass grow!.. When the time comes, for Dear Bebe's graduation, I hope you feel that sense of love and pride too!.. And I'm sure you WILL! It's inevitable!.. You're the Mom! (0;

RenJac said...

oh that is so cute!