Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All Fired Up 4 Earth Day!

Well, I may have gotten to bed "A Little Too Late" last night. I guess "I Need A Lover" to tell me when to put the craft projects down, and get some sleep!.. But today is Earth Day, and I'm "All Fired Up" to show you the recycle project I was working on!

I've said it before. I LOVE purses; and if you ask me, a girl can never have too many of them! I have always wanted to make a record album purse! There was always the "Temptation" as I saw a multitude of them all over the internet, but I just never seemed to find the "Precious Time" to make one. Well, I FINALLY got around to it! I mentioned yesterday, how I was gathering up my materials. I had most everything except one item. With the weather as it was, I did indeed "Run Between The Raindrops" to pick it up at my local Walmarts. Having gotten that out of the way, I was ready to start my project! I did some research on the internet for tutorials and ideas, but isn't it "Just Like Me" to go on some "Helter Skelter" tangent to make it in just a certain way that I specifically want it to be! Well, if you're interested, "Don't Walk Away"! I'll tell you how I did mine!

First, I had to pick out two vinyl "33" record albums.. Ones which I could muster up the courage to poke holes into! I can't deny that I did "Get Nervous" about it! Finally, I decided to go with two of my Pat Benatar albums. I just LOVED her during my High School days! There she was , from the very first days of MTV. She was pretty. She was cool. She's an awsome singer who helped to bring this shy teenage girl out of her shell, with a little bit of attitude to boot! With her music blaring from my little turntable, I was definitely starting to feel "Invincible"!

Anyways, I still have several other albums by her, and a best-of CD too.. And it wasn't like I was tossing them away. Heaven KNOWS I never could master "The Art of Letting Go"! I just said "I'll Do It", as I reassured myself that Pat would probably LOVE that I was making something like this!.. Well, I certainly HOPE so at least! The next step in this project was to make holes around the edges of these albums. While I read that other crafters have used thick metal nails, I felt much safer using a plastic-handled awl to work best for me! I held the point over a lit candle then poked the holes, each spaced about 1/4" apart. It doesn't take long for the awl to heat up. If you're feeling any "Anxiety", and you find you have an urge to grab a hammer to tap the hole in easier, then DON'T! If the awl is hot enough, it will go through the vinyl album like melting butter! I would advise that you put your phone on speaker.. or put on a good movie.. "In A Crazy World Like This", Take the time to sit back and relax.. Just get comfortable, because this step will take between approximately 30 to 45 minutes, each album. Next I found a fabric I thought would be nice for a lining, and then I got out some scrap quilt batting. I traced an album on to each so that I had two circular pieces on lining, and two circular pieces of batting. Now I layered one fabric circle (right side down on the table), then the one circular piece of batting, then an album, and I hand sewed the three layers together, using a thick, heavy-duty black thread. I did the same with the remaining pieces for the other side of my purse. It is here, where I hand sewed a second time around, to also layer a piece of table cloth clear vinyl on top of each album, as I know how rough I can be on a purse! While I'm sure some girls are very graceful and careful.. I can only imagine all the scratches MY purse would have if I had skipped this step!

I decided to recycle a pair of jeans for the side piece and handles. I first cut a piece approximately 30"x 6". Now we have fraying edges on the two shorter sides of this piece, but "Don't Let It Show". Just neatly iron and machine sew these edges down, same as you might to hem a skirt or pants. (*Note: I chose not to line this piece, but that IS an option.) I then folded and ironed down, I'd say almost 1/2", the long edges of this piece; I did NOT machine sew this part. I eyed the center of this fabric with the bottom-center of one of the record albums, and began to hand sew the two together, this time using clear fishing line. Hand sew the other album to the other side of the fabric, the same way, but this time taking more care to be sure that placement is accurately well-fit together. I'm sure there are a few readers saying "MORE hand sewing?!" I'm sure it may be "Hard To Believe", but once you've gotten beyond melting holes into the vinyl, the hand sewing really shouldn't bother you, and it goes pretty quickly! Finally, I cut two 3" x 19"strips of my denim jeans, and I sewed up the handles/straps of my purse. You, of course can adjust that lengthen or shorten these to your own preference. From here, it's all up to you! Make a closure of some sort if that's what you prefer. Embellish to your heart's desire! And you're done! Take your purses, "Lift 'Em On Up", and sing the "Ooh Ooh Song" while doing a little happy dance! Look at what you just made!

Enjoy!.. And Happy Earth Day!


lyn said...

Love that purse, Girl!
AND your clever writing with all the song titles.
I'm impressed!!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Lynn! Thank you!! I was HOPING there would be at least a few out there, in Blogland, who would know who Pat Benatar is, and know what I'm TALKING about!! I'm so glad you liked it! (0:

Ghost said...

Its neat ( showing my age) how you put this all together. I love the items you have you displayed.

Beansieleigh said...

To Ghost... Yes, I've definitely let the cat out of the bag about my age to any newcomers, but I'm guessing a good percentage of readers here may already remember my being "meanie-pausal" in a past post, so it's no surprise to them! Just the same, I'm glad you liked reading my entry today! Thank you for stopping by!.. Oh, one more thing! Let's not fall "OUT-A-TOUCH"! Please do stop by again! (0;

Sally said...

LOL.....holy moley.......jumpin jack flashbacks!!! Love your purse and your post Beansie....what fun...great job!!!!

Beansieleigh said...

Hey!! How R U? Wondering how you did and if you had fun with that bowling tournament!!

THANKS! I don't know if this style is everyone's cup of tea, but I'm having fun running out and about with it on my shoulder!! (0: Thanks for stopping by!!

Sally said...

I'm good.......I did good at the bowling tournament, won a little money and was over my average for 8 of the 9 games. Lots of work to do last week and had to replace puter parts over the weekend. Lost my hard drive and my keyboard, found a locked up fan and installed some high speed hubs while it was open. I'm back up and running today though....all is well!!!

Beansieleigh said...

Wow!! Good for you!!.. with the bowling AND the 'puter!! Good to see you back, Sally! (0: