Monday, March 23, 2009

What's REALLY On My Bookshelf

What a beautiful weekend we had!! The temps were much warmer on Saturday, as if teasing us that Old Man Winter is gone, no longer to be seen till his rightful turn is due again for the year! Well, our hopes were set a little too high, we should have known, and the mercury dropped quite a bit on Sunday. Still, Mother Nature was kind, letting the sun shine brightly all the way through to the first hint of dusk on Sunday evening! For mid March, in "the Great Northeast", we were thrilled, and enjoying every bit of it!

The kids and I decided to go for a drive and do some shopping. One of us wanted to shop for clothes, while one of us wanted to check out the pet store, and then ONE of us wanted to check for a certain shade of yarn she can't find closer to home!.. Hmm, wonder who that was!
Anyways, terribly frustrated and disappointed in not finding the color I'm desperately searching for, my spirit was consoled.. no, ELATED, forever just the kid at heart that I am, to at least bring a little something.. or somebody home with me!! While checking out of Kohl's Department Store, we found this plush Cat in the Hat for sale, for a very reasonable price! Any profit made from my purchase of him would go towards children's charities too! So, certainly, all the MORE reason I HAD to bring him home with me!

I knew where he belonged as soon as we got home. One of my bookshelves has the all the cherished Dr. Seuss storybooks I read as a kid, and then the many more books I had since read to my OWN kids. Bedtime stories with my kids are amongst the fondest of memories dear to my heart, reminding me to again and again thank God for my greatest blessings! My Cat in the Hat now holds a prominent spot on this shelf with the Harry Potter crochet doll I made some years back! Now, doesn't this look nice? Looking at it, I just LOVE this little corner of my home! My heart is full, and I smile from ear to ear. Life has it's ups and downs, but God is good to me.


Luna said...

That's beautiful....he is so cute Good job.....! I Love it !


Beansieleigh said...

¡Hola Luna! Estoy pensando sobre una muñeca de crochet de "Alice in Wonderland". Es una buena idea ¿no? Ella es para mis estantes y ella puede hablar con mi muñeca de Harry Potter.
Hi, Luna! I WISH I could speak the language, but I'm afraid I can hardly remember my FRENCH from High School! My daughter wrote this for me! She is studying to be a Spanish teacher! I am so very proud of her! The Spanish words I know best are Hola, and Mamasita! (0:
Thank you, Luna, for stopping by, and for the nice comment!

Luna said...

Thank You ...Thank You ....Thanks so much ...langauge is not a barrier.We will comunicate on any language , I will try to translate it with tha translator or a Dictionary.My friends are very Important for me.That's why I have a translator for all of my visitors ( my Friends ) it's locate it right down of the left side under my "perfill" after the maps for all can translate the page if you don't understand something in my page....Also if you need any help on anything from my blog ,PLEASE feel fre to ask...I'll be glad to help you......You are so Nice...Thank You for your comment.....Thanks to your daughter for been so helpful with mom ( with you ) that's it tells you a lot from her , very nice and proud of her....Blessings !
About the doll you are planning to make , that would be a perfect idea.I want to see it when you finished it....Thanks !


Sherry said...

Beansie, Thanks for stopping by my blog. On your shopping trip did you make any significant purchases resembling the topic of Sister Myotis' video? ;o)

In the earlier post...did you make Kermit? I made one for my son when he was small...he's in a box around here somewhere...Kermit - not son!

Beansieleigh said...

Ha!Ha!HA!!.. NO!.. and Hey! I was shopping with the KIDS!! No shopping of THAT sort when I'm with the KIDS!

No, Kemit was purchased; but gosh, I think it might have been at a garage/church sale, if I remember right.

Now, somewhere on the internet, there is a pattern for Elmo, though, and I have been wanting to make him soon.. We'll see with Easter projects now rushing and butting in line to be done! But it seems to me, that you could follow that pattern, with just a few minor adjustments maybe??... and make a crochet-Kermit?... I've thought about that too!