Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dolled Up 4 Irish Coffee!

Why here I am! While I'm busy working on some St. Patrick's Day projects for THIS year, here are a couple of crochet dolls I did in years passed! The bigger laddie, done with crochet yo-yo's, stands about 12" tall, while the wee one sits at about 6" high. I have been wanting to do a new Irish doll of some kind, but have not yet had the time. I'm thinkin' on it a wee bit more now though; and it looks like I'll be makin' a new doll of some kind very soon!

Check out "Blithe and Blonde", for a blog event I couldn't resist signing up for! I do love my dollies, and this sounds like fun to me! Maybe you can join the fun, and sign up too! Then, on March 21st, maybe we can all get out our new dolls and have one big Tea Party in Blogland together!!

Today, I leave ya with this wee bit o' wisdom:
Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and fat!... Aye, that sure sounds good to me!!


Faith said...

These are tooooooo cute...crochet yo-yo huh?
do you have a pattern or did you make it up yourself? If your like me you don't write anything down, crochet as you go....these are real cute....I am partial to the little guy...I like miniatures...can't wait to see what you've got for this year....may do the dolly thing,,,,have to look into it..looks like a good basic pattern...and I do have amterial...I'll give it a look see...


Faith said...

ps...what time is cofee....I'll bring the Irish Soda Bread.....homemade of course....he heeeeee....

Beansieleigh said...

Well, honestly, I have no PRINTER at the moment in which I sign up for this!!... so I have to have someone else print that up for me! After 'puter problems arose, some time ago, our printer was never set back up, and in fact still needs ink as well. So-ooo..

Coffee and Soda Bread? Divine!! Sounds good to me!.. I want to make some soda bread here, but think I'll wait till Monday to whip that up fresh for St. Pat's Day! I might do St Pat's Sugar cookies today or tomorrow though!