Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crocheted Chocolate Bunnies

One door may have closed this week, but another one opened, proving I could still find it in my heart to love again! Not a moment too soon, he is everything I could ever hope for. My heart fills with joy at the sight of him. I tip my crocheted hat, in tribute this Tuesday, to the Chocolate Bunny!

Yes, the Easter Bunny can fill our baskets with all the eggs, jellybeans, and every kind of sweet imaginable, but my "basket full of Easter joy" would never be complete without a chocolate bunny!

The very first confectionery bunnies can be traced as far back as the 1700's in Germany, where the first tales of the "Oschter Haws", or "Osterhase" (the Easter Hare) were told. If children were good, he would come to hide eggs for them to find. The Germans came to America, bringing their traditions with them, a good number of them heavily concentrated in Pennsylvania. It is said that here, sometime around the early 1900's, that the very first chocolate bunny was ever made! Automation, and increased production during WWII boosted sales, and today approximately 90 million bunnies are produced and sold each year, for the celebration of Easter!

My crocheted chocolate bunnies were made pretty much (but not to the exact letter, as I added a few rows to the body) by following a pattern, Love Bunnies, by Erika Hughes. I used 4-ply acrylic yarn in a dark chocolate brown color, with a size F hook, and found I could make 3 bunnies (approximately 9 1/2" tall) out of one 7-oz. skein. I used 1" grosgrain ribbon for bows. Next, I wanted the eyes and noses to resemble candies. I played around with buttons for a bit, but I wasn't happy with how they looked. Preferring not to pay unnecessary expenses, nor to make a field trip out of this project, I decided to go with the (9 x 6 mm) pony beads I had on hand. I found I was very happy with how they looked. This little chocolate bunny trio worked up fairly quickly, and I really did enjoy making them! Still, nothing could ever take the place of the real thing.

Chocolate Bunny, oh Chocolate Bunny.. Wherefore art thou, my Chocolate Bunny? Shall I see you on Easter morning?


Sally said...

You can't even imagine how much I like your chocolate bunnies!!! My first real job after I got married was making hand painted chocolates.....I made lotsa bunnies. What I liked about that job at the time but hate now....I ate my mistakes >:-P. Your bunnies are the only kind I would consider having in my house for Easter...I'm not likely to eat them!!! They're adorable!!!

Beansieleigh said...

Thanks Sally! The picture came out darker than I would have liked, as the color looks almost more black than the dark brown that they are.. but when I knew I wanted to make chocolate bunnies, there was a specific shape and look I knew I had in mind... and this was it! For gift giving, I may wrap it in a cellophane type bag that ties at the top, then place that in a basket with other REAL candies. In fact, it looks like I may have to make more of these, if I don't stop thinking of people I can give them to!! (0;

Sally said...

LOL.....they really are adorable.
I like their big soft heads.
Sit them on a "nest" of jelly beans and tie em up, I bet you'll have ppl in line for them next year!!

Howie said...

Beautifully-made and very clever of you to make them chocolaty! If those bunnies were near me, you would find them missing their delicious ears on easter morning :D

inkberryblue said...

Gorgeous! I love their chocolate brown colour too. =]