Monday, February 9, 2009

New blogger on the block!!

Ha! Ha!... There goes the neighborhood, right?!!

Well, really, I am so excited to finally have my own little place on the internet, where family, old friends, new friends, and crafty crochet friends can join me for the variety of content I will posting here.... I am a very proud Mom to two kids, who are truly the greatest blessings God has ever bestowed upon me!! In my day-to-day life, my hobbies and interests include crocheting, sewing, and any crafting in general, reading, movies, baking, etc! I could be referred to as a packrat, but I much prefer the word "collector". I'm sure we'll talk more about these things later!

So, as you stop by, if at least to just keep in touch, from time to time, I do hope there will be a little something of interest for everybody!

(Wow... I DID this!! I am so proud of ME!!)