Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Since I've Been Gone

For anyone still checking in, or at least still subscribed, I can only explain my absence from Blogland as time and various circumstances flying by, side-tracking me elsewhere.  I wish I could have kept in touch with Blogland friends better than I did..  as I visited now and then, but I confess I did not find, or should I say " make", the time to comment..  to at least say "Hello"...  So for this, I hope you'll forgive me. I've missed you, and all that Blogland has blessed me with since first starting my own blog in 2009.

So WHAT, at least in part, has kept me away so long?..  There have been two, most distinct, changes in my life, in these last 6 months; one, a new job, and two, a new man in my life.  Long and personal details aside,  I've said my prayers, I've made some adjustments, and things have been looking up! Do I feel absolutely sure and secure about everything?..  Well, I can't say I'm absolutely fearless, and completely worry-free, but I have discovered new sources of hope, faith, and confidence that I didn't necessarily have before!

Today, it is my hope to play catch-up with you; in as much a condensed way as possible, sharing what I've been up to all this time.  My last post was in April, so I'll start there.  We celebrated my father's 75th birthday!..  And as of April 30th, 2014, I've been smoke-free for six years! 

In July, I had the great privilege to go see Paul McCartney in concert! Here, with my boyfriend, I had the BEST time!!  We had awesome seats!..  And performing both old songs and new songs to a sold-out crowd of 13,500 fans, Paul looked and sounded as awesome as he ever has!

Summer was great..  No big trips or vacations to speak of, but nice just the same.  My son turned 21, so hard to believe!..  I saw the movie, Maleficent, and LOVED it!!.. My boyfriend introduced me to the t.v. series, The Walking Dead; and I'm completely hooked!..  When weather permits, I always love to stop at the garage/estate sales! Here, you see my greatest new-found treasure for the season..  Be still, my heart; a beautiful Dooney and Bourke bag, I bought for only $10.00!!!! 

Come August, it broke my heart to hear the passing of Robin Williams..  So terribly sad that such a talented man could make everyone else so happy, and yet...

Well, by mid-August, I began training for my new job; again, working with children..  And soon thereafter, my daughter treated me to an art class session, where we could enjoy glasses of wine while we painted folk art trees!!  I couldn't finish mine till I got home (no flowers on the ground yet).  I must have been doing more drinking than painting!  Ha! Ha!..  But this was SO-oooo much fun!  I'd LOVE to do it again sometime!  

(Dear Daugher's work on the left, mine on the right)

By end of August, my wonderful son-in-law bought me a new bike!  I love it, and am hopeful it will help keep me slim and trim!

Come September, I was sorry to hear of the passing of Joan Rivers; another great talent gone from us now...   But..  Dear Son and I are thrilled for a new season of pro football!!!  While I've been a loyal fan of the Miami Dolphins, since I was a kid, I am most hopeful to see Peyton Manning and the Denver Bronco make it to the Super Bowl again!  (Wishing him much better luck this time around!).. As the weather cools down, I've begun working on afghans in (slow..  very slow) progress, and I'm continuously writing, painting, and scrapping in both my planner and my art journals..

Here are some stencils I made myself,
with hot glue!

These were addicting...

Now, I need more hot glue!
But here's what I made with them..

Come October, the temperatures continue to drop here in the "Great Northeast", so I'm not bike riding as much as I'd like now..  But now I'm baking again!  Cookies, breads; I love it!..  My job, as with any job, has had its ups and downs, but gradually, it is growing on me. Conditions are improving, and my plans are to stick with it...  I went out-of-town, to a quilt show and craft fair with friends from church one weekend!  The fall foliage was gorgeous!!!  We were lucky to catch a parade too!..  Have you ever seen a pink cow?!!

(What do you think?  Strawberry milk?)

I've been a member to several online art-journaling groups; but for the first time, I've found a Christian-based, online, art journaling group to participate with.  His Kingdom Come can be found HERE, and on facebook.  Here is one page I made..

(a sure and steadfast anchor; Hebrews 6:19-20)

And here is another..

(Praise Him!)

The growing number of members, at last count, have reached 524; and I look forward to all I'll learn and create there, in the coming months!

With Halloween on its way, I of course 
was inspired to paint accordingly. First here..

and then here.

We carved our pumpkins, baked and decorated our pumpkin cookies, and took lots of pictures.. (with some editing some just for fun!)...

And finally, here we are at November!..

...with some October decorations 
still lurking about!  (gasp!)

(Look what we found, walking the dog recently!..  YIKES!)

If you've read/skimmed through today's post
this far, then I thank you for sticking with me, 
and I hope you've enjoyed stopping by!


Pammy Sue said...

And here you are!! Was happy to see your comment last night. Thanks for the update on your life. A new MAN! Yay! Love the picture you painted with your daughter. It looks great! So do your art journal pages. This is something totally new and different for me, and although I'm not the greatest at it -- okay, I suck -- it's still fun for me! Sounds like you are happy, and I am so happy for you. Byeee!

Debi Y. said...

I have thought about you and wondered where you were. I understand that real life takes precedence - it does with me and I really don't do that much. Congrats on your new love. :)

Faith said...

Lucy! Fred & I have been concerned, but am so thrilled to hear from you, it made my day to be sure. I knew it had to be "somthin" as Ricky would say to keep you away from from the blogosphere. Heaven had stored up blessings, and it is raining down on you all at once. How wonderful. You sound happy,I am happy for you. Looking forward to more " splaining" when you have the time dear friend.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You have been busy!!!! LOVING your pages and CONGRATS on the new man and new job!!!!!!

Kristina said...

So glad to see you again. Congrats on all the "new" in your life and God Bless.

Mindy said...

Great to hear an update! Clearly I've lagged behind on catching up with posts a little, too. =)