Sunday, November 9, 2014

No Day Four Yet

Been busy this weekend, with birthday party preparations and celebrations, so I've only had a little time, here and there, to think, "So, exactly what element or technique would I like to use for Day Four?"  As I decide, seeing as the rule is to stick to seven days, I've got to plan what elements might be most versatile? Which would allow for the most creativity, or make the biggest impact on my finished works of art. (And, of course, what might help doctor anything I don't like!)  Hmmm.... Decisions. Decisions.

Well..  I've done paint, paper, and stenciling.  What are my choices?

I decide to start a list...
and then I'll have to narrow the list to FOUR!

  1. Doodles/Drawing/Outlining...  It's all one and the same, in my mind, using pens, pencils, markers, gelatos, crayons, etc.
  2. Picture(s)...   photos, stamped images, magazine/catalog pics, etc.
  3. Words...   text, journaling, creative lettering, quotes, etc.
  4. Fabrics
  5. Tissue papers/Crepe papers
  6. Gesso (as a base or a wash)
  7. Ink sprays or splatters
  8. Glitter/Sparkle
  9. Tags/Journaling cards/Tickets  
  10. Pockets
  11. Punches/Die cuts
  12. Embellishments: flowers, buttons, stickers, puzzle pieces, postage stamps, etc..
  13. Recycled items:  How many ways can I create/alter each page, by way of recycling?  What can I find, just around the house, to use in/for my artwork?
  14. Texture...  Many choices to choose from here; such as burlap, drywall tape, ribbon, lace, fibers, feathers, corrugated cardboard, modeling paste, drywall joint compound, etc., etc.
  15. Stamping..  So many options and techniques!  Because, by definition, stamping means to impress a pattern, or mark, on a surface, object, or document, using an engraved/inked block, die, or other type of instrument. Imagine all the ways one can interpret and create based on that!
Well, narrowing things down like this is definitely feeling like a bigger challenge than I expected..  But I'm still enjoying the process!  

Thanks for stopping by, and I will share 
what I've done for Day Four as soon as I can!