Thursday, November 6, 2014

7 in 7; Day One

Jennibellie's Journal Workshops is hosting an art journaling challenge for the month, named 7 Backgrounds In 7 Days.

Now, typically, I like to draw, paint, scrapbook, and journal; but mixed media is a technique in itself, and it's an area where I definitely lack in experience.  I've tried it, but I don't always feel good, or should I say "comfortable", with it.  A lot of thought or definite planning is not how this game is played.

In mixed media, you just keep slapping things onto the paper, layer, upon layer, upon layer..  Just keep going, and if you think it's enough, it probably isn't!  As you go along with it, you have to expect awkward, or even ugly stages in the process..   And yet, many of the experts out there will tell you to feel good about it!...  "Just enjoy the process", they say!

Well, I have to admit I can be a little OCD, as I do tend to like things matching just so, and all lined up just the way I want them, etc., etc..  If I think something looks good enough, I don't want to cover it with some other layer!!!..

So, on something like this, what I'll really be exercising here, is my ability to artistically throw all caution to the wind, just to see what happens!  Jennie tells all about it right  HERE, if you'd like to try your hand at it.  One nice thing about mixed media, is that really, no fancy-schmancy tools and supplies are necessary!  (Sure, they're nice to have, but they're definitely not necessary!  The more you research it, the more you'll understand this to be true!)

Anyways...  the ground rule for this project is basically to start with seven pages of paper, to make seven backgrounds.  These backgrounds, once completed will be saved/displayed just as they are; or I might add them to the larger art journals I'm presently working in...  Or, I may later choose to add more to them, much like scrapbooking, maybe adding some favorite photos, news articles, poems, or whatever...  I may even try pulling them all together, to make a separate journal all its own!  Who knows?  Time (and the looks of these things when they're done) will tell...  I wonder if Jennibellie might even have further plans/instruction up her sleeve, herself, for all these artistic little masterpieces!

Well, I ended up choosing watercolor paper to start with, 9 x 7 1/2" in size.  From there, the object of the game is to choose just ONE color, design, technique, or element for all seven pages, for EACH day; such as paint, more papers, stamping, or stenciling, doodling, journaling, etc., etc...  So I've decided to start with paint.  PAINT will be my first element.  I will use several colors, but only one color of paint for each page...   Nothing else yet.  JUST PAINT.

So, I just slapped one color of cheap, 
50-cent, acrylic paint onto each page...

And I'm DONE for Day One!  
Simple enough?...  So far, so good, I think!  

Thanks for stopping by...
And I hope you'll stop by tomorrow for Day 2!