Tuesday, November 11, 2014

7 in 7; Day Four

It took me some time to consider my next artistic element/technique for Day 4, for Jennibellie's 7 Backgrounds in 7 Days challenge.  I looked at my pages, walked away, looked at them again, over and over again; and I kept at this, continuously thinking through what might be best for this stage of the game.  And I puzzled and puzzled till my puzzler was sore.. And then I realized that I was not only way ahead of myself, over-thinking the process, but I found myself in a kind of scrapbooking mode, rather than more of an artistic mode!

Well, oh NO!!  Here I am, and I've only got 4 more days to get myself back on track!!!  In my mind, as I interpreted the rules of the challenge, I really couldn't just resort to paint, swiping my brush all over the pages, because I had already used the technique of basic painting for Day One.  I can see using it in some other way/technique, like I did with stenciling; but now I felt I had to add plain color in some other way.  I felt I needed more room.. solid, untouched space..  another LAYER to add more design, details, and/interest to my pages without creating an utter MESS! So, I decided to add the element of TAGS to my pages, in various sizes and colors!

First page...
(STILL don't know about this one!)

Second page...
(Patience is a virtue on this one too!)

Third page...  O.K..

Fourth page...  Hmmm...

Fifth page...  Best I could do!

Sixth page...  Another "Hmmmm.."

Seventh page...  O.K...

They say there is no right or wrong when making art journal backgrounds.  I admit adding the tags seems to be a scrapbooking kind of technique, which I had just implied that I didn't want to DO!  I must also confess this seems to be one of those awkward stages where I could get discouraged, but I'm really NOT!  I know I just have to keep on going!  

Honestly, though, I'm a little excited, because with all this added space to artistically "play" with, I think I've NOW just stepped up my options for Day Five!

Thanks for stopping by!