Wednesday, July 3, 2013

WOYWW 213 ~Big Plans!

Did you ever get that feeling, when you first embark on a project, then proceed to about midway through, hoping to see a light at the end of a tunnel, and THEN find yourself crying, "My God, WHAT have I DONE?!!"

Well, let me start off by asking if you remember this photo I posted YEARS ago...

I was so happy with my little scrapbooking/art-journaling workspace, set in a small corner of my living room.  I hung up a couple of old spice racks, added a few tools and supplies, set up a small table and chair, and I was on Cloud 9 with my sweet little set up!  I now wonder just how many of you chuckled silently, thinking "My goodness, child, you are NAIVE!"  Believe me, I am laughing at myself!

Well, today seemed like a good time to join in on What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday, because I did just recently come across a used desk someone was throwing out, and it was just what I needed!

The size was perfect, and Dear Son-In-Law was good enough to help me bring it home!  So, NOW was the time, while Dear Son is on Summer Vacation, that I could start the project I've been dreaming of for a good year or so now!  Here's just a wee little sneek-peek at my new desk, and what's actually setting on it, right this minute!

The project I'm working on, is turning a walk-in closet into a craftroom!  Now, I suppose a before-shot would have been interesting, but I was far too embarassed to go showing what it looked like before.  I suppose, instead, I could show you what my house now looks like, now that I've emptied the closet...  But no, I'm STILL too embarrassed to show you that either!  I admit I'm a very boarderline-horder type of "collector".  Yes, I have a great appreciation for many things!  Is that so bad?!..   Well, in this case, I can admit defeat when it all appears to be taking over.  This closet has been a nightmare; and clearing it out has been exhausting, especially in this heat!  But I have thrown 4 full, 30-gallon-sized trash bags out to the curb so far.  So, what a very good girl I am, yes?!!!..  I just told myself that if I have not used, nor looked at, something in as much as 3 years, then LET IT GO....

So what now?..   At the moment, I am gradually planning,cleaning and piecing the room together.  I have a grand vision in my head, which I'm afraid I can not afford all at once; but I will not get discouraged, as frankly, I don't think my all hopes and excitement will allow anyways!  I'll just try to show you my progress as I go with it...  Sound good?

In the meantime, I rolled another couple balls of denim strips for my rag rug..  And then I switched projects, crocheting a red, white, and blue skirt for my 4th of July/Summer tree!

Let me see, I forget now...  I think I see 14 rounds done here?  I got the pattern from HERE.  My tree is only a 3-footer, and sets atop my entertainment center in the living room, so there was no need to make it terribly big, and I was finished with it in just a couple of nights.  Here's a full view of the tree, although I wish I had hidden the wires better than I did for these photos...

I'd like to fill it up with more ornaments, or maybe some white garland?..  But I guess I'll save that for next year.  I'll watch for the clearance sales after Christmas!

Sitting underneath is a TY Beanie I just recently picked up at a local yard sale.  According to her tag, her name is Franny; and she says, "Hip Hip Hooray For the U.S.A!"  She looks so cute there, and just makes me smile!

Thanks to Julia for hosting WOYWW,
over at Stamping Ground...
And I want to thank YOU for stopping by today!..
AND, I wish EVERYONE a very safe and
Happy 4th of July!!


Ali H said...

Well best of luck in your big project ! Hope it all works out how you want it & can see in your mind's eye ! I am a terrible hoarder too - or maybe just too mean to throw stuff away ! I can totally understand the scary yet relieved feeling of heaving those bin bags to be taken away by the bin men !! Your tree is looking very festive ! Take care Ali #28

Kristina said...

I'd be wouldn't show my walk-in closet at all. It's packed with all of my craft stuff, and our clothes, and other items needing stored. In my last two houses, I had a room for crafting. Not here. However...he, he...I'm trying to convince Hubby to help me make the utility room (a good part of it) into my craft room. I'd need to rip out some things, and install some things, but I'm not letting go of the idea. P.S. Your red/white/blue tree would be pretty with some red/white/blue fabric yo-yo's. :)

April Story said...

Congrats on the clean out of your closet. And can't wait to see your new desk in your craft closet. Happy 4th of July.
April #128

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhh your tree looks fabulous!!!!

Debi Y. said...

Hi Beansie. Have fun setting up your craft room - I know you're going to love it when you're done. It's nice to have your own space. I really like your tree - I think you've inspired me again to see what I can come up with. :)

ike said...

YaY - good luck with your new craft room and happy WOYWW and 4th July :-)

IKE x #30

Claire said...

good luck with your emerging craft room - it will be fab when it's done!
thanks for stopping by, happy WOYWW and have a blessed week :)
no. 35
and happy 4th july to you and yours!!

MaggieC said...

Instead of saying you are a hoarder, say that you are a collector of hobbies. I think I fall headlong into that category too, always wanting to try something new - a real butterfly mind. Well done for all that clearing out. It is never easy, but I seriously need to redo my craft room - in fact, if I am truthful, I seriously need to redo the whole house. Oh dear, I think I need a lie down after that thought. Good luck with your remodelling. xx Maggie #3
PS Both our dogs are cocker spaniels, the working type - full of fun and energy.

Jacqueline said...

Hi there and lovely to 'meet' you too. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your wonderful comments. I really do appreciate them so much.

Absolutely adore that crocheted tree skirt. My skills are limited to the proverbial "granny square" I'm afraid.

I have been doing this blog hop for a couple of years but had to take time out for a college course and just didnt have the time.

It's good to be back though and I find this a great source of inspiration as well as being put to complete shame by the complete dissaray my craft space is in every week!

Take care and Happy 4th July to you.

Jackie #80

lisa said...

Your makeover sounds like it's going to be perfect, I hope you'll show us as it goes along. Love the tree too. Happy 4th July to you.
I'd love to see your rag rugging, that's something I've just discovered and am loving.
It's been lovely to meet you and thanks for stopping by earlier.
Hugs Lisax #72

Julia Dunnit said...

Yup, been there. You think a shoe box will be plenty for all your stamps. and suddenly, you're clearing out a room sized closet!! Good luck, and I know you wont giv's too exciting, too worth it and so empowering having the clear out!
Love your tree and its new skirt, how clever!

myletterstoemily said...

good luck on your renovation!
the photo of ethyl made me
feel SO old, because now she
looks young to me. :)

Mindy said...

Love the tree skirt! Have fun with your projects. ;-)

Leann said...

LOL - yes, I started with a tackle box and now have an entire bedroom devoted to my studio!

It did make me smile when you shared your spice racks:)

Good Luck with the re-purposing!


Sandy said...

Your 4th of July tree is so cute! Nicely done. Looking forward to your closet re-do...your own craft space will be awesome.

Sandy's Space

Katie D said...

Sounds like you really worked hard! *claps* Great job! We've had to scale down as we turned 2 "guest" bedrooms into rooms suitable for our/foster children. Empty out those closets...remove breakables/objects we like/possible more canvases under the bed. Quite a mess! Keep at it :) Thanks for sharing!

Katie (134)

butlersabroad said...

Loved your little write up, I think we all started your way with just a few bits and pieces and most of us have taken over the house!! Will look forward to seeing the transformation in the coming weeks.

Brenda 1

Helen said...

Oh, I can't wait to see your new craft room.