Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Join Me For Tea?

Oh, it is a grey and gloomy day out there today, but I'm so glad you could stop by so that we can make the best of it!  Please sit down, and make yourself comfortable, to join me and Sandi, from Rose Chintz Cottage, for Tea Time Tuesday!

I think yellow is the perfect color to set my table with today.  I mean, if Mother Nature can't provide some sunshine for us, then we'll just make our own, right?!

 Give thanks in all circumstances.
(1 Thessalonians 5:18)

I found this Melmac sugar and creamer set at a thrift sale recently.  The pieces were sitting on a 25-cent table.  While there is a wide range in values, and the companies who produced melmac, that serious collectors might be on the lookout for; what simply caught my eye was the bright and cheery color!

I've seen the pinks, blues, and browns, but never such a pretty shade of yellow before!  So pretty, I think, and they were in beautiful condition!..  Not bad for 50 cents!

So tell me...  How was your Mother's Day?!   Oh my gosh, we were so happy to find the weather was MUCH nicer than the weather forecasters originally predicted!  It was a gorgeous day, and we couldn't have asked for better!  A wonderful Mother's Day gift from God, Himself, I'd say!

I began my morning at the church, then Dear Son and I went over to Dear Daughter's new house!  They are doing what work they can manage right now, repainting and setting things up, with what time they have; but it's a beautiful place to call "Home" already!  Dear Daughter and Dear Future Son-In-Law, made both me and Dear Future Son-In-Law's mother, (following me here?) a wonderful brunch!..  Eggs, bacon, fresh fruit...  Mimosas!

 (Dear Son, Dear Daughter, and me)

I brought the muffins, and Dear Daughter liked them so much she wants the recipe! They were pretty much "now you see 'em, now you don't", the whole lot of them, but I'm so glad everyone liked them!

First gift Dear Daughter presented me with was this.  A flyer/announcement for the production of Les Miserables, coming to our area....

And while it is practically a year away from now till it comes anywhere near our neck of the woods, THIS is when you have to get the tickets to see it, or you'll never get any at all!  So, in advance, yes, my Mother's Day gift will be TICKETS!!!!  I am SO-oooo excited about this, because I LOVE the story, I LOVE the PBS production I've seen, and I LOVE the music....   Thank you Baby Girl!!

Another gift I received from both the bride-n-groom-to-be was this very pretty array of begonias!  I hope to repot them today, as I should have done so yesterday!  So pretty, they are!  My thanks for these too!

We had such a nice time visiting with everybody, but we had to head back home to make a dinner I would be serving to my own mother!

This is what my parents gave me for Mother's Day.  This beautiful head vase!  If you are not familiar with head vases, then go HERE, or HERE, to read more about them.

They're getting... or should I say they ARE...  VERY hard to find anymore, at least at the shops and sales I typically go to.  I have two head vases already, but I'm very excited to add this very pretty piece, and I believe I can NOW, officially call it a "collection"!  Thank you Mom and Dad!  Dinner and the visit were both so nice, and made the whole day all the more special!

May your mother and father be glad;
may she who gave you birth rejoice!
(Proverbs 23:25)

Last, but not least, as the night was drawing to a close, Dear Son gave me his gift...  a beautiful notebook/journal, and a new set of very pretty recipe cards!!...  He (and Grammy, wink wink!) sure know what I like!

See the pretty little teapot on my new recipe cards?!!  LOVE!...   Thank you, me Darlin' Son!

Much to do around here..  school work, housework, etc...  Creativity-wise, I'm presently working on a scrapbook layout, for a challenge over at Just A Few Designs...  And then I'm still working on some small crochet items for Dear Daughter....  I painted a couple of interesting (I hope!) backgrounds for art-journaling purposes....

...and just for fun, of course!  Not everything has to be written on plain ol' straight lines!  I wrote of my thoughts and daily events in each of the middle sections of the turtle's shell.  Did you know that the Native Americans used to use the turtles' shells as a calendar?  The 13 sections in the middle represented the 13 moons in a month's time; while the 28 smaller, outer sections represented the 28 days of a month!  Who knew?!! 

Next is a face painting, inspired by Effy Wild, at Book of Days.  Not striving for anything of portait quality, I'm still trying to get a feel for acrylic paints, and the shading and blending while using this particular medium.  I still need to purchase a certain glazing liquid that keeps your paints from drying too fast as you work with them.  Without it, acrylic paints dry VERY fast...  TOO fast, if you work slowly like I do right now.

Each section, you can see is now dated, and ready for journaling all my most special memories for the week!  (But hmmmmm...  For some reason, I want to break out into a chorus of "I'm a Barbie Girl!)

I hope, with practice, I'll get better at painting faces in time; but for now I enjoy learning, and like all my crafts, it helps me to relax and unwind at the end of a day.  Not to say I have a gift, but I love this quote from the Bible, and hope it inspires others as well, to practice, or have faith in, or to follow through with, what ever your own gifts or talents may be. (No matter how good or bad at it you may be..  ha! ha!)...   But in doing so, share your gift(s) and the word of God with others, whenever or wherever you can.

Do not neglect the gift you have,
which was given you by prophetic 
utterance when the council of elders 
laid their hands upon you.
(1 Timothy 4:14)

Well, I'm so glad you could stop by and join me for tea today!  Thanks to Sandi for hosting today's Tea Time Tuesday event!

I hope you'll head over and visit Rose Chintz Cottage and the other participants listed there, if you get the chance to!..   Till next time!


Faith said...

Lucy, such a wonderful time was had by all it seems. Lovely family pictures. That head vase is beautiful....love those pearls, mine has pearl earrings and necklace as well. You are right you don't seem them around to often..I wouldn't mind maybe one more...they are lovely....thanks for inviting me to tea...always enjoy my time with you..


craftattack said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful mothers day, I'm happy for you. Here it was cold and lonely, as always, but never mind, at least it didn't rain or snow! Hugs, Valerie

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Well, hello Tina, my friend, I'm so happy to have you join me for tea today!
Sounds like you had a fabulous Mother's Day and I must tell you that you look like your kids' sister! Seriously!
I remember the melmac well when I was a girl. Nice to find some pieces at such a great price. Pretty shade of yellow too!
Thanks for sharing and joining me for tea today and have a delightful week.


paula said...

I have missed your Tea Time Tuesdays :0}

Sharon said...

Hi Tina! Thanks for visiting my blog! Your post looks so happy and fun! TFS!!!!

Parsley said...

YES PLEASE. I'll have some tea!
I've reopened my blog and wanted to say hi.

Leann said...

What a wonderful way to spend Mother's Day - full of family and LOVE!

Love the new journal that you are creating/painting!

Enjoy your week Tina!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! LOVING the photos and how exciting about Les Miserables! LOVING the journal pages too!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

Chatty Crone said...

Very interesting to read with my cup of tea - it was gloomy here today too!


Melody said...

Hi Tina! I;m so glad you came by today. Your Melmac reminds me of an ad that is one of my vintage mags....
I'll have to make a copy and put it on my blog and you can copy it and print to keep or frame.

glor said...

I'm late, I'm late by a few days but I would still like to come by for tea ... What a wonderful Mother's Day. Just perfect. I'm hoping to start a artistic journal soon ... so far I've moved it from the shelf to a basket by my crochet chair. Maybe something will inspire me to start. Your drawing(s) are wonderful. I'm not sure I will be drawing pictures, maybe just words and doodles. You are givig me inspiration ...


I love, the fresh, sunny yellows you chose for us today to share some time and tea with you. Beautiful setting!!!

Oh.......and color me GREEN with envy on the Les Miserables!!! Lucky, lucky you.

SHADOWS AND SUMMARIES is a link to my newest post for the day! Hope you can find time to view...and, have a super glorious Sunday!!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Beautiful post, Tina! I do SO enjoy them! Glad you had such a wonderful Mother's Day! Sounds like a very special day and that you were spoiled with lots of pretty goodies. Love your new vintage pieces. And really fun art journal pages!

Kerrie said...

My Mom in law had a huge collection of head vases. I have ONE that I found at a sale and it is the head of a little girl with a hat and she is holding a ragdoll. Great post!