Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, here it is, Valentine's Day, but it's so cold outside; and it's very quiet around here, considering it's a holiday.  I was just sitting here, having some tea, but am so glad you could join me today!...   Would you like a cup too?

I've decorated the house some, here and there, keeping everything in the holiday spirit!  

My dining room table is set up very simply, and I've kept my medium-sized Christmas tree out for the year, like I said I would!

I'm afraid it needs a few more Valentine decorations to cover up the white wire that comes with the strand of heart lights.  Thanks to Debi, at Dly's Hooks and Yarns, who sent me a few heart shaped bangle bracelets.  With those, and her pattern, which you can find HERE, I made three of these ornaments to hang on it!

I skipped rows to get the size I wanted, and then just added a ribbon and rose, but I love them, Debbie!  Thank you so much for sharing your pattern!

At the center of the tree, there hangs a tag I received in a swap from Jane, at Anything but.. Plain Jane.  A very pretty collage of pretty things on this one..  I love it Jane!  Thank you!

Of course I couldn't forget to decorate without at least a couple of my favorite dollies...

..so here they set at the bottom of my tree.  Next year, maybe I'll have a little heart shaped box of chocolates held in the larger dolls hands!

Moving to the kitchen, you see my window, always kept closed, for the view I'd rather not see outside it. Still, I do my best to keep it cheery looking.

The dollies and animals may not be everybody's cup of tea, but they are my cup of tea!  They make me smile!  The cafe curtain look is new, though!  I bought three table runners at the dollar store, and used them for curtains instead!  The decoupaged vase in the center of the sill is one I made last year.  The pinwheel was made by and given to me by one of my nieces!  The doll in red gingham was once a good friend's, who is no longer with us.  So you see, sometimes my style of decor holds more sentiment than the eye can see. 

I've been so busy with schooling, keeping house, an irregular work schedule, errands, wedding planning with Dear Daughter, etc., etc...   Occasionally, I try to paint, collage, or doodle something into my Book of Days journal, like this one, I most recently did...

Still, at night, I kick up my feet, light a candle, watch some t.v., or a movie, and work away at the wool-eater afghan I'm making!  I will show how that's coming along tomorrow, hopefully.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day today, 
and remember....

"If you have only one smile in you, 
give it to the people you love."
(Maya Angelou)

Thanks so much for having tea with me today!


paula said...

I LOVE the cat in your kitchen window . . and your Valentine Tree.

Charlotte said...

Happy valentines day! It's cold here also but at least it's not snowing!

Ruby's said...

Thank you for having us with you for tea. I loved your post for one simple reason that it was lovely.
Warmest regards,

Debi Y. said...

Everything is so pretty - and your heart ornaments came out great. Happy Valentine's Day. :)

craftattack said...

Sending you a big, big smile! Hugs, Valerie

Mary said...

It's all so pretty, Tina <3 I love your Valentine's tablescape with the red plate and clear glass compote and the pink and red placemats. Your crocheted hearts ornaments are lovely! And your pretty dolls in their satin finery - you've surrounded yourself with beauty. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Leann said...

Hey Tina

Love the new header - cute. So glad that you have love in your life my friend. Enjoy all the gifts you have.

Love the sentiment in your style - that's big to me too!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Gorgeous decor! I love love love all your special touches!! And Loveeeeeee your journal page and tag!! Beautiful!

Shana said...

Hi!! I made it here to see you finally! I am so sorry I haven't been around. It has been nuts here for a while. I am really hoping all this simplifying will help with that. I always love coming here though because you have such pretty stuff for me to see. I love your Valentine's decorations. Adorable as always. Blaze says hi by the way. He is getting so big it is crazy.I will do my best to get around here more often too. I miss chatting with you friend.


What a lovely idea to have a Valentine tree. Marion x

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Love all of your V Day decor, Tina!!
And you know that i would especially love that sweet little tree!!


Doris Sturm said...

I love all your decorations, especially your Valentine's Day Tree...guess what? I have my Christmas tree still up only I call it my Winter tree now since it's all in white with snowflakes, white Poinsettias and silver icicles...since we get no snow in Georgia, I love to look at it and pretend!

...thanks for the tea! It was lovely :-)