Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Today Debi, at Bloggerette Sorority, is hosting a Garden Party!  All participating Bloggerettes are called upon to show their gardens, no matter how big or how small.

Of course, in MY case, the issue is more a question of real or faux!   When moving to the home which I now reside, I waved a sad good bye to what little lawn I had as it was, to come to an apartment building that sets on nothing but black tar.  I have never been happy about it, but then I don't like to waste much time pouting about it either.  There's a quote that's become one of my favorites, and this is how it goes...

"Become a possibilitarian.  
No matter how dark things seem to be, or actually are,
raise your sights and see possibilities.
Always see them, for they are always there."
(Norman Vincent Peale)

I've been referred to as tenacious.  Where there's a will, there's a way; and no doubt, I can certainly be strong-willed, depending upon the challenge.  But I love the word "possibilitarian".  It tells me I'm not a quitter.  It tells me I'm tougher than I think, and I won't let anything or anyone drag me down.  It tells me there's hope.  It tells me if life hands me lemons, then make lemonade!...

And it says to me, if I can't grow a garden, then I'll just make my own!  The Christmas Cactus on the left is real.  It never flowers, but I just keep hoping maybe someday it will.  The smaller plant on the right is an African Violet, and it too is real.  It does flower occasionally, but one of our dear kitties knocked it over one day; and while it still looks fairly healthy, I fear it will be some time before it flowers again. The flowers in the middle are fake, but they still brighten up my tiny little window sill.  

I crocheted the cozy for the jar that these flowers set in.  It was a very quick and simple pattern, but it makes for a very pretty vase, in this case!  If you'd like to try to make one yourself, you can find the pattern HERE.  The only thing I did differently, was to crochet more rounds, so that I could gather a more ruffled looking top.  The holes were already in the pattern, so it was easy to weave some satin ribbon and tie a bow.  I added my flowers, and I can hardly remember even thinking about black tar!

My kitchen window gets absolutely no sun at all, let alone ANY kind of scenic view anyone would want to look at, but remember...   I'm a possibilitarian now!   

I went ahead and planted this little trio; and looking at them, they make me smile instantly!  You can find the crochet pattern for the flowers HERE, and the crochet pattern for the ladybug HERE.

Another set of flowers can be made by recycling the bottoms of old plastic bottles!  

You can find out how to make your own right HERE.  Once I had the flowers painted, I just added some button centers, some wooden skewers, covered with florist tape, for stems, and voila!...  I had another painted pot full of bright and cheery blooms!  I love the little red bird who plays on my window sill, and keeps me company as I wash dishes! By the way, do you see that cute little butterfly?  Debbie made that for me, when I first joined the Blissful ATC Swap!  I think he looks very sweet in my kitchen window!

"Things turn out best for the people
who make the best out of the way things turn out."
(Art Linkletter)

Well, speaking of butterflies, I've found making them to be very addicting!  

I made a third one recently, by crocheting some fun fur around the edge of its wings! 

I just think they're so much fun, I'd love to make MORE!  I may not find a lot of butterflies flitting about the pavement outside my door, but they certainly add a most welcome element of whimsy, I think, as they flit about the inside of my home!

Well, last but not least, I may not grow my own fresh tomatoes, but a true possibilitarian can still bake the store bought ones into one delicious Creamy Burrito Casserole!  

I made this for the family, for dinner the other night, and it was agreed by all this recipe blew my old recipe right out of the water!  We've found another family-favorite recipe that's a keeper!  If it looks good to you too, you can find the recipe HERE, at One Crazy Cookie!

Special thanks to Debi,
for hosting our Sorority Garden Party!

I hope you enjoyed your visit here today,
and thanks for stopping by!



craftattack said...

My great Auntie used to say, you can plant a graden in your heart, and you will always have it with you! Hugs, Valerie

Jo said...

Debi I think this is perfect,love these little froggies, and I very appropriate song on the playlist,I never promised you a rose garden,LOVE IT!!
The cassorole looks fantastic, wish I had some now.

I am tore completely down in a good way though, Alan Jackson singing "In the Garden" THAT WAS MY MAMA'S FAVORITE SONG!!! I miss her every day!

Love your blog!
Come have some fruit and watch the butterfly's with me on Loblolly.

Faith said...

as usual Lucy...ever so crafty lovely special little garden...I'm going to try that recipe too...my visits with you are also so special...

bj said...

I love your spunk and personality, Beansie.
I hope your day is fabulous.
Your sister friend, bj

cmoh said...

I love your aditude about your lack of a garden and life in general, it is so refreshing!

What a wonderful way to mix your lack of a garden with your love of crocheting. I'm so glad you created a space to have your very own garden!

Pammy Sue said...

Your window sills are so pretty. All of mine are completely bare! Your froggies made me smile. I still have the one you sent me sitting here on my desk, and I still just adore her and her little yellow dress.

Thanks for the recipe. I will give this one a try soon.


Mindy said...

For your violet--put in some used coffee grounds, or a bit of leftover (cold) coffee. Do that every couple weeks or so, and it could potentially bloom non-stop. Also, keep it in the same window because they adapt to the way the sun beats through the specific waves of its window.

That's all I've got for you! =D Ha!! The only thing I know about plants, and now I get to pretend like I'm competent or something! ;-)

Love all your cheery crochet creations!

Paula said...

Yummo on the casserole . . . and, isn't it amazing how creative you can be to make your house a home :0D

Eileen said...

What a beautiful sentiment! I think you have created a lovely little garden - I especially love the crocheted daisies. They're like a little batch of happiness. Stop by The Pink Home if you get a chance.

Chatty Crone said...

Now you have MY kind of garden - you did a great job.

Bloom where you are planted.

Tracy said...

I think your indoor garden is perfect. No pesky bugs and slugs to worry about. No weeding and you don't have to worry about frost ;)

Amy P said...

Very creative! Love those soda bottle flowers :)

*The Old Geezer said...

You have one of the best low maintenance gardens I've seen in a long time :-)

sissie said...

Who says you have to have a yard and ground with soil to plant a garden. To me a garden can be anywhere you like. I love how you've created pretty floral vingettes. A little imagination goes a long way.


DaCraftyLady said...

Loved your window shelf with the cute foggy...along with your song its perfect...gardens put smiles where frowns were....pretty... :) Debb

Leann said...

Well Tina I think that any flower faux or "real" can make your heart smile:)

Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend!


Fran. said...

Hi Beansie! Such cuteness in your handmade flowers!! Love the cute flowers you crocheted and the soda pop bottom upcycled flowers!! So cute!! I think that yarn you put around the butterflies is so whimsical and looks great. I really like your garden you've made it look so whimsical and cute. Take care, XO Fran.

Kelly_Deal said...

What a cute, sweet little garden! Those knitted flowers are just too cute!

Doris Sturm said...

Did you ever plant those Impatience seeds? I was just reminded about that when I read your post.

I've never heard of a burrito casserole, but the picture reminds me of the enchiladas I make and now I want some. I love Mexican food.

You are so crafty and creative, you can make your own flowers and butterflies without dealing with the sun and mosquitoes out there ;-)

Happy first day of summer and keep cool!

Love to you and Ubu from
Doris and Gizzy (woof)