Saturday, May 14, 2011


By definition...

smorgasbord:  noun... a wide range of something;  
a variety.

...And that's just what I have here today!  A "smorgasbord" for a post!...  But after the little Blogger Botch-Up most of us have had to endure for over..  what?..  20 to 30-something hours now?... 

I can think of a few MORE special words 
for the day, boys and girls!

  (Can you hear my imitation of Mr. Robinson, from SNL?)
I can't believe how long it took the "maintenance team" to fix this.  I think I was starting to suffer withdrawal symptoms!..  But wait..  What do I see?  What do I hear?  Here it is, Saturday morning, and YES!

Oh, HAPPY DAY!!  We're finally up and running again!...  And I can finally PUBLISH this post!  I think I hear angels singing!  Do you?

Well, I guess I'll start with Mother's Day.  It was wonderful!  I went to church in the morning, where every Mom there got a flower just like this one!  

Isn't it pretty?  It's still hangin' in there, just as pretty as it was on Sunday!

We've really been enjoying the gorgeous weather throughout the week. I'm afraid my allergies are kicking in, though, and I'm paying the price!  It's definitely slowing me down, and my voice is not sounding too good at the moment, but it's not knocking me down completely...   at least not yet

I participated in the Blissful ATC swap for April, and am finally able to post pictures of that.  The theme for the month was "steampunk", and I gotta tell ya.  I have a hard time wrapping my head around what that's about at all!  I've seen it everywhere, and I think it looks great, but to call upon myself to come up with something of the sort??...  It was a real challenge, and I wondered if my results were more punk, than steampunk;  but this is what I came up with, for my swap partner, Toni, at Time 2 B Creative.   This is the front of the card I made for her...

...and this is the back of the card. 

In the meantime, here is what Toni sent me.
This is the front...  I love the colors already,
and just look at this butterfly!

...and this is the inside, when you open it!!

How AWSOME is THIS?!..  I LOVE it!
Thank you so much, Toni!

After finishing up on this swap, I then finished up a TP Roll Spring mini-album I made for another swap I was in (and for which I am still waiting for one back... 

My swap partner seems to be running VERY late with mine, so we'll see what happens there, I guess.)

Missing my crochet hooks, as I've mentioned, I began working on a throw pillow for my room.  If you remember, I bought a new bed set, and I LOVE it, but the color is a real challenge to work with. 

I wanted to crochet a throw pillow.  Walmart did not carry an assortment of colors that I could even hope to make due with, so I had to special-order my yarn from elsewhere...   Hobby Lobby, to be specific.  The pattern I used was "Grandma's Garden Cushion", found at The Royal Sisters.

The colors I used were, Antique Teal, by "I Love This Yarn!";  Dusty Blue, by "Vannah's Choice";  Paradise Blue, by "TLC Essentials"; and Black, by Red Heart Super Saver.

I'm thinking I might make my Goody Two Shoes dolly a new dress using the left over yarns I still have.  Maybe done in white to break up all the dark colors, with touches of teals in it?  What do you think?

Well, soon after making the pillow, I bounced right back to my scrapbooking supplies, and made this vintage-looking oval plaque...

..which was inspired by Fiona's, HERE.  After making this, I paper-crafted another little something I've always wanted to try...

C'est une chaussure en papier!   

It's a paper shoe, done in a Marie Antionette style!  I finally got around to making one, after seeing a UStream tutorial, made by Kimi, at Unique Scrappiness.  You can find a number of tutorials to make various styles, at YouTube, such as this one HERE.

Onto my next project, I most recently discovered a new take on crocheted flowers!

This "extreme" flower may look small in the picture, but the hook is actually a size Q hook, and my flower actually measures to just over a FOOT wide!  You can find more about this HERE.  It is suggested that you use 5 or 6 strands of yarn, but I chose to use 4.  I will be pinning mine to a styrofoam circle, and hanging it up on the wall, but this was so much fun...  very quick and easy to do, that I think I might make another to top another throw pillow!  Wouldn't that be cute for the Spring and Summer seasons?!

Well, I'm already moving on to my next projects, both crochet and scrapping.   I have plans to reorganize my little craft/scrapbooking corner too.  As one could have guessed, a few more tools and supplies, and already I need to reorganize!...   Remember this little peek?

Yup..  That was about IT!  Just a couple of spice racks and a small table to work on.  It's only a 3' x 3' space, so it's a real challenge, making it into a functional little corner to work in, while still catching my favorite t.v. shows or movies in my living room.  Maybe I can show you more of how this comes together in my next post...  We'll see...

Anyways, I'm so glad Blogger is finally up and running again, and that we could spend some time together today!  What a nice way to start the weekend! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Chatty Crone said...

It is a smorgasbord. But is is a great smorgasbord.

You missed blogger as much as I did.

I liked everything - especially the blue shoe.

Doris Sturm said...

My goodness, Tina, you have been a very busy lady...I looked at that link for the extreme crocheted flower and it's indeed extremely large! That's what I need to do is to get organized so I can find things.

I think I remember when you did those froggies - do you still have the link for that pattern?

Your scrapbooking projects come out so lovely - it's almost as if this craft was made for you. I forgot why you call it a tp roll photo album? I'd like to be able to recycle empty tp rolls...but probably should not start one more project without using up some of my yarn first.

I'm glad you

I really like your ACT swap gift and the project you made...that theme would have been difficult for me to figure out, but it's nice to be challenged now and again.

Your crocheted pillow with the roses is so pretty. That's one thing I've not done yet, a granny square pillow cover... nor a granny square afghan. Maybe some day!

How's UBU? I hope he's doing well.

Wishing you a blessed and enjoyable weekend, Tina, and keep on creating :-)

With kind regards,
Doris and Gizzy

Beansieleigh said...

To Doris, and anyone else who might be interested.. The crochet pattern, for the "Happy Frogs" you see in the last photo, can be found at the following webpage...

Yarnjeannie said...

Love your post, as always! I especially love the crocheted pillow - what a wonderful job you did! I also was quite upset with the Blogger problems. Had to save my last post to a word document until I was back in blogland again.

Keep up the nice work! You always have such nice projects posted.

Werna Gail said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I really like the crochet pillow you made. And I think a matching dress for the baby doll would be perfect. You are so talented with the hook and yarn. BE BLESSED

Ghost said...

Your blog is always a plethora of items to peruse. I love to come and see what is new. I love the floral pillow, the shoe and I also watched that video on the Extreme flower making. Been trying to decide where I could use one. It is huge.

Tracy said...

Wow you have been so busy.
Love your tag, its perfect.
Your pillow is beautiful. Those colours are stunning.

Janis said...

Love your smorgasbord! I think your crochet pillow is my fav. Hugs! :) Janis

crochetwithtamara said...


I love to see all the things that you're working on. They all make me happy. I especially love the crochet flower pillow!!! Thanks for sharing.

Love and Hugs,

Audrey Pettit said...

What a fun smorgasbord of goodies, Tina! Can't believe all the beautiful things you've created in such a short time........and you do it all! I so wish I knew how to crochet. Love your pillow and your awesome jumbo flower. think you did a great job with your Steampunk card, and love the shoe and oval frame. Really great stuff, girl!

Micki said...

Your pillow is just so romantic and so stunning! Of course everything you showed us is out of this world.

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Ok...I have got to ask....what is a TP Roll collage? I haven't heard of that one. Do you show somewhere how to make one?

Mary said...

How fun, custom-ordered yarn for your new bedroom set. I love the pillow you crocheted with the yarns. What a nice color combo. Love the lace-framed lady you made, too. Always enjoy looking at your creations, Beansie.