Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WIP Wednesday?

Hmmm...  I would think a more appropriate title for today's post might be "Where've You Been Wednesday"!

Well, for one, homeschooling has consumed much of my time.  There is always teaching, studying, note taking, researching...  and then still, in my own spare time, planning ahead!  But Dear Son is doing well, and I'm continually and increasingly encouraged by his progress!

When our studies are done, we've been working together on a little art project!  Inspired by Jen's Tea Light Jars, at Craft-O-Maniac, I decided to get out some clean, empty jars I've saved, along with some paint brushes, tissue papers, old magazines, and Mod Podge.

I started a witch, while Dear Son decided he wanted to help make the ghostly little friends that hang out with her!  We're still working on the ghosts, but I think my witch is done now!  I tried putting hair made of yarn on her, but didn't like it.  I could try making the hair with paper, as suggested, but I think I like her just the way she is!..   Maybe we'll put some eyes and mouths on the ghosts tonight, before the 106th World Series comes on t.v. tonight..  the Rangers vs. the Giants!

It's the Rangers' first time playing in the World Series, 
so I'm routing for the Texas Rangers

At night, while watching t.v., is when I get most of my crocheting done.  I most recently finished my 1918 doily, in a crochet-along with Glor, at Crochet Galore!  

I haven't made a doily in quite some time, so I really enjoyed making this one, and can't wait to make another!

I'll be working on my latest project, tonight, while watching the game...  but I'm only giving you a little peek!

It's been taking me some time, this one, and all the while, I'm just HOPING it will look nice when I'm done!  Right now, I couldn't tell you when it might be done.  I'd like to think, certainly by next WIP Wednesday, but we'll see...  I've got other little projects going on the side, of course, with Christmas only...   what is it??..
 58 days away?!!

Well, at least my Halloween decorations are up, all around the house, which is nice, since we didn't really get to celebrate last year, with "the big bad move". 

I love the holidays, and that really was a disappointment at the time.  We don't have anything big planned, but we're going to enjoy it this time around, if even we just pig out on candy while watching "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"!!

I've got all my Halloween potholders and towels out...

Hmm..  Can you tell which crocheted towel is begging to be put to rest?  I hope Cynthia, at Home Matters 1st, is seeing my pretty quilted potholder on the left, all pretty on display!  She's the one who made it for me!..  The stripe quilted potholder on the right is one that I made myself with Halloween fabric scraps!

Here are some painted terra cotta pots I've made...
(a few years ago, that is!)

  I have these set in my hutch in the kitchen!
They were fun to paint!

I wish I could be getting more baking done than I am right now, but I did get some pumpkin muffins made.

I found the recipe, thanks to Pammy Sue, HERE, over at Scotty's Place!  I used a spice cake mix to make them, and I remember Dear Son saying "Man, these are good"!!..  Now he's asking me to make MORE!  Tradition, however, calls for me to get baking my Great Pumpkin Cookies, as Dear Daughter has recently reminded me.  Time is always such a crunch!..  I may at least mix the batter tonight, and see if I can get baking them tomorrow sometime.  You can find the recipe HERE...  I always get out all the fixin's, so that I can frost and decorate them with little pumpkin faces!  They're the best!

Finally, I settle down to read...
whenever and wherever I can fit it in.

I am almost done with the mystery story "Murder On The Prowl", by Rita Mae Brown, and am sure I will be starting a new book by the weekend!  In the meantime, Dear Son and I are up to Chapter 7 in "The Lightening Thief", the story of Percy Jackson, written by Rick Riordan.   The story's good so far! 

I'm just seeing the commercials/trailers coming out about the movie, "Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 1", released to theaters on November 19th!...  Oh my gosh, I can NOT WAIT!  I loved every book in the series!!..  The only part I dread, is seeing if and when any of my favorite characters get killed in this part of the movies.  Call me a baby..  a big sap, if you must...  But I just KNOW I'm going to need to bring my tissues, for sure, for those parts!..  Still, I'm counting down the days!!..  Only what?..  23?..  22 days?...  I've got to get the widget for this!

Well, that's it for now.  I've got to start dinner!

Thanks for stopping by!