Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rush.. Who Me?!

And here she comes, round the bend, closer..  getting closer!..  She's almost at the finish line!!..  (ahem)  Well, o.k...  Fine..  She's about TEN DAYS behind everybody else in the big Bloggerette Sorority "Rush" event...  But ya gotta hand it to her.  She sure has heart and determination!  

Ha! Ha!  I'd like to think so anyway!  My daughter tells me that if you miss "Rush" on campus, you're DONE!..  You're OUT!  But luckily, Karen, at Some Days Are Diamonds, has a heart to still let me play along!  So I'm still in, and I'm still a "sister"!  Thanks Karen!!

Well, the problem all the long was that I didn't have a running printer; and in order to be initiated, we had to take this photo, as shown below, and simply make something with it!  It's a long story that makes no difference now, but I finally got a few copies of the photo, thanks to Dear Daughter, and she even laminated one for me too!

Running so late as I was, I thought I would just make a fancy-schmancy bookmark, but I didn't have the exact materials I wanted to use.  Then I used what materials I had; but I didn't like how it was coming out, and it was becoming too bulky to fit nicely between the pages of a book.   From there, I don't know how I jumped from the one idea to another, the way I did; but I ran a trip to the nearest store, and here's what I ended up with...

A new hobo-style handbag!...  Everybody who knows me well, knows I LOVE handbags and totes of all kinds!  Well, the color of this bag is what caught my eye first, for this project.  It's metallic, but it didn't scream disco to me; and for all intents and purposes, it wasn't terribly expensive.  It just seemed right! 

So I took it home, and played around a little bit with all my buttons and laces... even a vintage pin!  Then I simply hand sewed everything onto the bag with a good sturdy thread.  I really was having fun throwing this together!

But now that I was done with the bag, could I simply stop there?  Of course not!  I knew all the long that I wanted to frame one of my printed copies too!

Well, the second part of our initiation was to post a photo of ourselves with our new creations!  I'll be wearing my new bag tonight, as we head off to see the movie, Eclipse!  So here I am!

Note: I'm also wearing my new Eclipse t-shirt, just for the occasion!

I can't wait!!!  I'm still reading the book, Breaking Dawn, and love it!  I'm on Chapter 27 now, so I'm almost finished with it!...  And already I'm hoping Stephanie Meyer will continue the story someday!

Thanks again to Karen for hosting such a fun event, and I look forward to participating, on time, in future events with all my new "sisters" from the Bloggerette Sorority! 

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  I hope everyone's enjoying the holiday weekend so far!