Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Day!

If you can read this, thank a teacher!
Oh my gosh.. I almost forgot it was Teacher Appreciation Day! A good teacher is a true hero in my eyes, and I don't know how anyone can thank one enough! Here are two apple potholders and a couple of plastic canvas magnets I am putting together in a gift bag for my son's teacher today. In addition to these, I will throw in some pens, book marks, purse tissues, an eyeglass case, etc. I hope that she will have fun finding all the little surprises I put together for her! If you like, there is a nice website HERE, with some helpful ideas for teacher gifts!

My daughter is studying to be a Spanish teacher! I am so VERY proud of her! This past weekend, with what limited time she had, she asked me to help her throw together a Spring Bulletin Board. We really did have fun putting this together!

And now, in thinking back on MY favorite teacher, I remember Patricia Carman. I am sorry to say, she has passed away since she taught to me in 9th grade Algebra. I was NOT one of her easier or more dedicated students back then. I was shy.. I was withdrawn.. and frankly I did not care one bit about algebra. But she was the one teacher who, as I remember, approached me like a kindly mother or grandmother, giving me the care and the confidence to WANT to do better. While every student reacts differently to various approaches and tactics, I remember trying much harder, for not only myself, but also for her.. Gosh, I need a tissue just typing this! Wherever in Heaven she is, I do hope she knows how much I still love and appreciate her, and everything she did for me!


peppermint said...

What wonderful gifts you made for your son's teacher! She will love them!

Beansieleigh said...

To Peppermint.. My daughter is student teaching, and I asked what she, her mentor, or any other teacher got for the big day, and she said the principal brought in some cookies. Wow... that's IT?!! I never feel like I send enough! I always think, "oh I should have added this, or I should have given that"... but I'm feeling better now, knowing at least I gave SOMETHING! These teachers work harder than we realize! They deserve every pat on the back and thank you we can give!.. Anyways, I do hope she will like them!.. Thank you so much for your nice message, and for stopping by!!

Lynn said...

What ever is done for teachers is appreciated, let me tell you!!
Yes, they do work hard. I never got home before 5:00 and sometimes it was 7:00.
I used to make me SO mad when someone said, "Teachers are so lucky! They get off at 3 and have the summer off!" Um, excuse me. We were LAID OFF in the summer and didn't get paid!!!!
Your son's teacher is lucky to have such a good parent in her class! You! I had many many appreciative parents and I loved then!

Lynn said...

them. I meant to write, THEM!

Ghost said...

Nice job once again,

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Lynn! I think you should be very very proud of the job you took on and the job you did then!! What's nice is a good teacher is never forgotten. You've made a positive difference in many lives. That's just awsome! I tip my crocheted hat to YOU!! (0;

Beansieleigh said...

To Ghost.. Thank you!! I went to deliver them to her after school today, but had just missed her. I felt bad, but I left the gift bag there at the main office for her, to be pleasantly surprised in the morning at least. (0;