Friday, November 14, 2014

7 in 7; Day Six

For Day Six of Jennibellie's 7 Backgrounds In 7 Days, I chose DOODLING!  The tools I used included pens, pencils, markers, and gelatos.  Some pages went through bigger changes than others, but here they are...

Page One...

(Just white pen to add more lacy looking edging on the doilies)

Page Two...

(Used black pen to outline flowers, and gelato to darken edges of page)

Page Three...

(White pen for border snowflakes; blue & gold pens for snowflake atop the tree)

Page Four...

(I just didn't want an Easter-egg look! But I like how it looks almost tribal now!)

Page Five...

(Outlining and detailed leaves on the left; and a shoelace effect on the right)

Page Six...

(wanted to add the zig-zag/ric-rac look, like Charlie Brown's shirt!)

Page Seven...

(outlined tag & inside doily; fancy-schmancy doodles on bottom-left corner)

Once again, I enjoyed the process, but I still feel very stiff about mixed media in general.  I absolutely LOVE the idea of it, but I really need to learn to throw caution to the wind.  I KNOW I'm being much too neat and orderly about it.  

While I like how these are coming along, it's my hope to keep practicing more with it...   to keep LEARNING...   In the meantime, there looks to be just one more day left for these pages!  

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

7 in 7; Day Five

For Day Five of Jennibellie's 7 Backgrounds In 7 Days challenge, I decided it was time to get out the stamps.  So many to choose from between store-bought, handmade, and/or items just found round the house, I decided to limit myself to using up to just two different stamps per page.  Here are the results....

Page one...

(done with teapot and teacup rubber stamps)

Page two...

(Done with two different foam snowflake stamps)

Page three:  I decided that I needed 
another color, so I stamped with the color pink 
to soften things up a bit on this one.
Again...   Hmmmmm....

(Here I used a foam flower stamp, and a pencil eraser for the centers)

Page four...
Looking o.k.?..  or a little too busy?

(Done with a bottle cap and a cookie cutter!)

Page five...

(Done with clear stamps and a pencil eraser)

Page six...

(Done with a rubber stamp and a pencil eraser)

Page seven...

(With limited space left, I used just ONE clear stamp on this page.)

Oh, if I'd only had bigger pages to work with, I would have liked using a much wider array of stamps!  They really are fun to play with, I think!

I'm feeling happier with how these are coming along now; and as I go, I'm beginning to get a sense of what subjects/themes I might want to base my pages on....   Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you'll join me again soon to see what Day Six brings!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

7 in 7; Day Four

It took me some time to consider my next artistic element/technique for Day 4, for Jennibellie's 7 Backgrounds in 7 Days challenge.  I looked at my pages, walked away, looked at them again, over and over again; and I kept at this, continuously thinking through what might be best for this stage of the game.  And I puzzled and puzzled till my puzzler was sore.. And then I realized that I was not only way ahead of myself, over-thinking the process, but I found myself in a kind of scrapbooking mode, rather than more of an artistic mode!

Well, oh NO!!  Here I am, and I've only got 4 more days to get myself back on track!!!  In my mind, as I interpreted the rules of the challenge, I really couldn't just resort to paint, swiping my brush all over the pages, because I had already used the technique of basic painting for Day One.  I can see using it in some other way/technique, like I did with stenciling; but now I felt I had to add plain color in some other way.  I felt I needed more room.. solid, untouched space..  another LAYER to add more design, details, and/interest to my pages without creating an utter MESS! So, I decided to add the element of TAGS to my pages, in various sizes and colors!

First page...
(STILL don't know about this one!)

Second page...
(Patience is a virtue on this one too!)

Third page...  O.K..

Fourth page...  Hmmm...

Fifth page...  Best I could do!

Sixth page...  Another "Hmmmm.."

Seventh page...  O.K...

They say there is no right or wrong when making art journal backgrounds.  I admit adding the tags seems to be a scrapbooking kind of technique, which I had just implied that I didn't want to DO!  I must also confess this seems to be one of those awkward stages where I could get discouraged, but I'm really NOT!  I know I just have to keep on going!  

Honestly, though, I'm a little excited, because with all this added space to artistically "play" with, I think I've NOW just stepped up my options for Day Five!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

No Day Four Yet

Been busy this weekend, with birthday party preparations and celebrations, so I've only had a little time, here and there, to think, "So, exactly what element or technique would I like to use for Day Four?"  As I decide, seeing as the rule is to stick to seven days, I've got to plan what elements might be most versatile? Which would allow for the most creativity, or make the biggest impact on my finished works of art. (And, of course, what might help doctor anything I don't like!)  Hmmm.... Decisions. Decisions.

Well..  I've done paint, paper, and stenciling.  What are my choices?

I decide to start a list...
and then I'll have to narrow the list to FOUR!

  1. Doodles/Drawing/Outlining...  It's all one and the same, in my mind, using pens, pencils, markers, gelatos, crayons, etc.
  2. Picture(s)...   photos, stamped images, magazine/catalog pics, etc.
  3. Words...   text, journaling, creative lettering, quotes, etc.
  4. Fabrics
  5. Tissue papers/Crepe papers
  6. Gesso (as a base or a wash)
  7. Ink sprays or splatters
  8. Glitter/Sparkle
  9. Tags/Journaling cards/Tickets  
  10. Pockets
  11. Punches/Die cuts
  12. Embellishments: flowers, buttons, stickers, puzzle pieces, postage stamps, etc..
  13. Recycled items:  How many ways can I create/alter each page, by way of recycling?  What can I find, just around the house, to use in/for my artwork?
  14. Texture...  Many choices to choose from here; such as burlap, drywall tape, ribbon, lace, fibers, feathers, corrugated cardboard, modeling paste, drywall joint compound, etc., etc.
  15. Stamping..  So many options and techniques!  Because, by definition, stamping means to impress a pattern, or mark, on a surface, object, or document, using an engraved/inked block, die, or other type of instrument. Imagine all the ways one can interpret and create based on that!
Well, narrowing things down like this is definitely feeling like a bigger challenge than I expected..  But I'm still enjoying the process!  

Thanks for stopping by, and I will share 
what I've done for Day Four as soon as I can!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

7 in 7; Day Three

Day Three for Jennibellie's 7 Backgrounds in 7 Days was fun, I thought!  The element, or should I say technique, I chose for this day was STENCILING.

Page one...

Page two...

Page three...

Page four...
Ugh...  I don't know about this one!

All of the above pages were done with
store-bought stencils.

I used different kinds of stencils
for the other pages...  

Page five is done
with a plastic doily.

Page six is simply done with leftover paper 
where hearts had already been punched for some 
other project.  I now have a recycled stencil!  

Here I used another kind of recycled stencil.
Page seven was done with the leftover
pre-cut chipboard, after using the trees 
for other projects.

So...  Hmmmmmm..  These are coming along, one way and another.  I think I'm happy with them for the most part. 

Honestly, my brain is just racing, and wondering what I can or should do next!  At this stage, what might work for one page, might not work for another...   Right???  But where mixed media is concerned, should I be giving this much time to this much thought?..  A whole day?  Well, chances are I won't have that much time.  I have a big birthday party to prepare for, and attend..   So, again, I guess we'll just see what tomorrow brings...

Thanks again for stopping by!

Friday, November 7, 2014

7 in 7; Day Two

For my second day of the 7 Backgrounds In 7 Days monthly challenge, at Journal Workshops by Jennibellie, I chose PAPER as my second element.  The types of paper I chose for each page varied as follows...

For my first page, I tore pages from a book,
and then punched a few circles.

For my second page I recycled some ink-sprayed 
paper towels... (and used another paper punch)

For my third page of paper, I used
paper doilies.

On my fourth page, I used
ink-sprayed paper coffee filters...

On my fifth page, I used
scrapbook paper.

On my sixth page, I used 

And finally, for my seventh page...

I chose a few of my favorite Peanuts 
comic strips from the newspapers.

Hmmm...  Patience is not one of my best virtues, so really, this art challenge is exercising more than I thought it would!!  I want to do MORE to these pages RIGHT NOW!..   But that's o.k., I guess.  I'll be patient.  I'll be good.  I'll wait!..  And I must admit, I find this "curiouser and curiouser", how my train of thought, inspiration, and creativity might change from day to day, in a challenge like this one!

"That explains the trouble I'm always 
in.  Be patient is very good advice,
but the waiting makes me curious...
And I'd love the change.  Should 
something strange begin?"
(Alice, from the Disney production of Alice In Wonderland)

I'm not sure what to think of these, now..   at this point;  but I'm looking forward to what Day Three brings.  

Thanks for stopping by!